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6 Tips to Planning the Perfect Engagement Proposal

6 Tips to Planning the Perfect Engagement Proposal
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Getting engaged is a huge deal in someone’s life. Most women have a picture in their mind of what their perfect engagement would look like since they were kids. Is it during a romantic dinner at the restaurant where your first date was, with the ring at the bottom of a champagne glass? Or, is something grander, like on a billboard or a scoreboard during a sport’s game?

We imagine how we will be proposed to almost as much as we imagine our actual wedding day. And whether or not your partner is into elaborate romantic gestures or not, deep down, everyone wants to have a meaningful proposal. If you are planning on popping the question sometime soon, follow these 6 tips to planning the perfect engagement proposal:

#1 Choose a Special Location

Do not just pick any old restaurant or park to ask the most important question of your life, you want to choose a location that is special for both of you. It can be the place where you had your first date or first said “I love you”, any place where a meaningful moment of your relationship occurred is ideal. The fact that you choose a special location will mean the world to her.

#2 Invite Close Friends and Family

I mean, she is probably just going to call all her friends and family right after you pop the question anyway, so why not just invite them to the occasion? Tell everyone to hide until after she says yes, and then everyone can come out and join in on the celebration. She will want to show off her engagement ring, so make sure it’s a nice one.

#3 Commemorate the Moment With A Gift

If you really want to impress your future wife, do not just stop at an engagement ring, get her an engagement gift as well. There is nothing more meaningful than custom gifts for engagements, like personalized engagement photos that you can hang on your bedroom wall. It will serve as a sweet memory of your perfect proposal.

With that said, it isn’t like the ring isn’t one of the most important parts of your engagement proposal. If you’re in the market for sapphire rings, you should get them at Diamondère. You’ll find a wide variety of sets, sizes, and styles, including square, round, and heart cuts.

#4 Hire a Professional Photographer

How else are you going to get a personalized engagement photo unless you hire professional photographers to take pictures during the event? Having professional photos taken of your engagement is definitely going to be worth it when you have high-quality photos to send to friends and family to announce the news. 

You can also create a slideshow with the photos and add visual effects to make it more attractive and memorable.

#5 Practice What You Are Going to Say

Even if you swear you do not need any practice, there is still a chance that when the moment comes, your mind will suddenly draw a blank and you won’t be able to get any words out. To avoid this from happening, always practice what you are going to say. Say it in front of a mirror, say it to a friend, say it to your mom, whatever it is that is going to help you nail your speech. Even the most confident of people should practice what they are going to say in their marriage proposal.

#6 Include a Sentimental Aspect from Your Relationship

The more heartfelt you can be during your engagement, the more special it is going to be for her. In order to do that, include a sentimental aspect from your relationship in the engagement proposal as well. If you had chocolate cake on the night you first told her you loved her, have some chocolate cake during your proposal. If you gave her a bouquet of roses the day you asked her out, give her some roses when you ask her to marry her. Going above and beyond will make her realize just how much you love her (if it wasn’t clear enough already).

Planning out the perfect engagement for your significant other is a stressful process, but following these tips should make the experience a little less scary. At the end of the day, plan something special that showcases your love for her and lives up to those long-awaited childhood dreams.

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