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Oahu Travel Guide | What to See, Do and Eat

Oahu Travel Guide | What to See, Do and Eat
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Updated: 4/22/2024 | Oahu Travel Guide 

Waikiki Walkway Honolulu Oahu Prana Wallaroo Vivaia

About Oahu

Oahu is home to the largest Hawaiian city and capital, Honolulu. It’s a huge melting pot with many sights to see and amazing food to eat. It’s also a great starting point if it’s your first time visiting the islands.

Below in our Oahu travel guide, we’ll share our favorite things to see, do, and eat in this beautiful destination. Aloha!

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Surfer boy and seal statue in waikiki honolulu oahu

Where to Stay in Oahu

Here are places we’ve stayed and highly recommend:

  • Hyatt Place – We were able to book this hotel for 12,000 points a night. There is a required $35 resort fee that gives you access to a breakfast buffet, daily $5 resort credit, free activities and rentals, and a water bottle for you to keep. It’s close to many of our favorite restaurants and just two blocks from the beach. Parking across the street is only $30 a day with unlimited ins and outs.
  • Park Shore Waikiki – We were able to stay at this hotel for three nights! Breakfast is not included but they do have a nice pool area with beach views and free beach rentals. Watch our hotel review below for more details.
  • Hyatt Regency – For a luxurious experience, we highly recommend Hyatt Regency. You can also book for only 20,000 points an evening. They have a swanky pool with beach views and many shops and restaurants onsite. 


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ALOHA Mural by Jeff Gress Honolulu Coffee Company Waikiki

ALOHA Mural by Jeff Gress @ Honolulu Coffee Company in Waikiki

What to See and Do

#1 Take a Hike!

There is nothing better than exploring Oahu on foot. It’s a great way to stay fit and see the island from many viewpoints.

    • The HaʻIkū Stairs or Stairway to Heaven Hike (Temporarily Closed) – This steep hike leads up to stairs that you can walk to get to a high point in Oahu. It includes 3,922 steps and spans along O‘ahu’s Ko’olau mountain range. Legal access to this hike is has been impossible for a few years now because of land use rights issues, but it remains a popular “forbidden” hike regardless. If you attempt to hike here, expect to be turned away or cited by Honolulu Police. While the state is working on a way to make this hike a public attraction again, we ask that, for now, you don’t put this hike on your to-do list, but choose one of the other stunning hikes we list below. While you may have heard about the Stairway to Heaven hike on Oahu (which is illegal), the Lanikai Pillbox is a lesser known but just as beautiful spot to see the sunrise. It takes about 40 minutes to drive to the beginning of the trail and about an hour by bus. Once you get to the base of the trail, it’s a short yet steep hike up to the lookout point.
    • Makapuʻu Point Lighthouse Trail – A very well-maintained trail that leads to a view of the lighthouse. It tends to be less crowded and the incline is not strenuous. From here you’ll also be able to spot whales in the ocean. There are also some tide pools a bit lower on the water’s edge that are worth checking out.
    • Lanikai Pillbox (1.8 miles) – Also known as the Kaiwa Ridge Trail, the Pillbox hike gets its name from the leftover army bunkers that sit atop the hillside. The short but sweet trail gives you an overlook of Lanikai beach, Kailua Beach, Waimanalo beach, and the Koʻolau coast. From the Lanikai Pillbox, you get 360-degree views of Lanikai (left), Waimanalo Beach (right), Kailua (not pictured here), the Mokulua Islands, and the Ko`olau Mountains. Park in the Lanikai neighborhood (follow parking signs, as it is strictly enforced) and find the trailhead across from the Mid Pacific Country Club on Kaelepulu Driver.
    • Manoa Falls Trail (1.7 miles): An easy out and back trail that ends at the 150-foot Manoa Falls waterfall in the heart of the lush Manoa Valley. Right after Diamond Head Crater, this is one of the best hikes on Oahu and is another place in Hawaii that has been the set for Jurassic Park and Lost. The highlight of the hike is at the very end where you’ll find the incredible Manoa Falls, a 150-foot waterfall with a stunning pool. The trailhead is located at the end of Manoa Road adjacent to the Lyon Arboretum. Pay a $5 parking fee.
    • Diamond Head Crater/Lê’ Ahi (1.6 miles): This iconic, heavily trafficked route goes to the top of Diamond Head on a paved road. Near the top, stair climbing is required. The payoff is sweeping views of the Koʻolau Range, the south shore, and a fantastic overlook of Waikīkī and Honolulu. Though it is paved and often completed by kids and families, the end is a steep climb and the temperature tends to be warm (no shade – Bring your Wallaroo hat!). Enjoy the postcard-worthy views of Waikīkī Beach and Honolulu. The Diamond Head trailhead is located inside the Diamond Head State Monument. Entry fee required.
    • Maunawili Falls (2.4 miles): The Maunawili Falls Trailhead will be closed for 2 years for a long-term management and improvement project. The Maunawili Falls are still accessible through other, more strenuous, trails. This hike winds its way through the Windward side jungles to a small waterfall with a swimming pool. It is typically wet, soggy, and muddy, so dress accordingly. Wear a bathing suit to swim at the falls. Because you get to take a dip in a secluded swimming hole at the bottom of a small waterfall. The trail begins in a residential neighborhood in Maunawili Valley at the end of Maunawili Road.
    • Ehukai Pillboxes AKA The Peace Hike (2.1 miles): The North Shore trail is short but steep, gaining almost 700 feet in about a mile. It’s named for the big peace sign painted on the pillbox at the summit. You’ll get an overlook view of the beaches from the top and it’s impressive to see the huge waves roll in from this vantage point! From the two pillboxes or old war bunkers, you get a great view of the North Shore as well as the Banzai Pipeline and Sunset Beach surf breaks. The trailhead is located adjacent to the Sunset Beach Elementary School, across from Ehukai Beach Park.
    • Waimano Falls (2.8 miles): This trail is unique in that it starts at the top of a ridge and you hike down to the waterfall, which has deep pools and a rope swing. The return is where you’ll work your legs, climbing back up the steep hill. Because it is a challenging hike to a hidden waterfall and several swimming holes. The trail begins at the end of Komo Mai Drive above Pacific Palisades.
    • Koko Head (1.8 miles): Don’t let the distance fool you. This short but beautiful hike goes straight up with a gain of nearly 1,000 feet in less than a mile. And what makes it more difficult is the trail is composed of old railway planks. The trail is very popular with locals as an evening workout. Walking at a leisurely pace, you could reach the top of the steep trail in about 30-40 minutes. From there, you can follow the trail to another stellar lookout which will give you an amazing view of the Koolau Mountain Range. We recommend avoiding hiking in the middle of the day as there is no shade. The trailhead is located in Koko Head District Park. Note that the park parking lot is closed overnight, so check the hours before arriving.

Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail

#2 Check out the Hālona Blowhole

Blowholes are fairly common on the islands due to the development of lava tubes from volcanic eruptions. This one, in particular, is a hugely popular attraction on Oahu and worth a visit.

As the waves crash against the lava tubes, they fill up with water and then shoot the water into the sky with incredible force! You might even get sprayed if you’re close enough. And if you’re lucky, you may even spot a rainbow.

They call these formations blowholes because they resemble the action that whales take to expel water from their bodies, by pushing it through their blowholes!

If you have time to hang out, you can walk down to the Hālona Beach Cove located just to the right of the blowhole. 


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Halona Beach Cove Oahu Hawaii

Hālona Beach Cove

#3 Spend the day at Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay on Oahu is one of the best places to snorkel and even has a Marine Education Center where you can learn about the area’s marine life before seeing it in real life.

The beaches are typically very crowded but it’s still a great place to snorkel and swim due to its shallow waters. If you’re lucky, you may even see sea turtles while snorkeling. You’re bound to see a lot of colorful fish and coral!

#4 Check Out the China Walls

China Walls Hanapepe Oahu Hawaii

Just to the west of Hanauma Bay is a magical place called the China Walls. We love the Pahoehoe lava formation which has eroded over the years to create a marble wave-like design along the rocks. 

This small section of the island is free to enter and is marked as Koko Kai Mini Beach Park. You’ll see many cliff divers along with a view of Diamond Head. It’s one of the best places to catch an unobstructed and semi-secluded sunset. 

Street parking is free. Bring a towel, and picnic supplies and enjoy your time there.

Pahoehoe Lava Formation China Walls Hanapepe Oahu Hawaii


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#5 Snorkel with Sea Turtles

Oahu’s Turtle Canyon is one of the top spots to snorkel because of how many green sea turtles there are. You can catch a catamaran from Waikiki out into the sea where you can swim alongside these amazing animals while also enjoying the other marine life around. This 2-hour tour comes highly recommended.

Turtle Canyon is a great place to start if you’ve never snorkeled before, especially if you’re preparing for longer snorkeling adventures around the islands. Please keep a 6-foot distance at least, and never touch or try to “ride” the turtles.

#6 Zipline through Jurassic Park

Alright, so you won’t be literally ziplining through a dinosaur-filled Jurassic Park. You can however zipline through Kualoa Ranch, which has some amazing scenes that have been featured in the mega popular movies. I can’t think of a better way to get the adrenaline pumping than to be hundreds of feet in the air and imagine a pterodactyl could collide with me at any moment.

Obviously, if that isn’t your thing, simply taking in the gorgeous views as you zipline is great, too. Book this zip line tour that focuses on exploring the north shore.

#7 Swim with Sharks

I have been obsessed with sharks for as long as I can remember. After all, they are essential to the ocean’s survival! If you want to get up close and personal with these incredible animals, consider getting in the water with them and a guide.

You can choose to do it with or without the cage. Yes, you can actually safely swim with sharks, cage-free. There are plenty of options to choose from, so I recommend taking a look and deciding which experience is right for you. This shark dive experience is a superb and safe option.

#8 Spot Dolphins and Whales in Waianae

If swimming with sharks is a bit much for you, consider heading out to look for dolphins and whales instead. There are plenty of options for tours and many of them have awesome sustainability initiatives. Waianae is one place in particular that is known for having the most dolphins and whales to see in all of Oahu.

#9 Stroll through Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden

Another great place to take in the impressive plant life is the Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden on Oahu, which is situated along a 32-acre freshwater lake. This area is huge and has plenty to explore and is one of the many beautiful places to visit around the islands.

We recommend taking a guided tour of the Botanical Garden, which will give you a more in-depth experience. If you fall in love with the garden, you can camp there overnight. Just make sure you make a reservation ahead of time.

If you decide to drive through the garden, you’ll find multiple parking lots with amazing views. The drive in and out of the garden takes about 25 minutes and longer with stops. Bring a rain jacket just in case it pours.

Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden view from the freshwater lake

Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden wallaroo sydney hat quay reina sunglasses bohio playa gallo shirt alternative apparel shorts

Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden quay sunglasses bohio playa gallo shirt oka b bristol sandals what to wear in 80 degree weather

#10 Parasail at Waikiki beach

One of the best ways to see the island is from above. A parasail will take you hundreds of feet up where you can get a 360-degree view of Oahu’s beauty. This adventure is definitely something you won’t forget.

There are a few options for parasailing at Waikiki Beach, but this one from Hawaii Activities comes highly recommended.

#11 Learn How to Surf

Waikiki Beach on Oahu is a great spot to take a surf lesson, as the waves tend to be calmer there compared to other beaches. Even if you don’t find yourself achieving pro levels after the first couple of attempts, it can be a lot of fun to simply get out onto the water and enjoy the process.

Ohana Surf Project is one of the top-rated places to go for a lesson.

#12 Watch the Pro Surfers

Not into surfing? You can also head over to the North Shore’s Waimea Bay to watch pro surfers. They are most active during the winter season (November through January).

During this season, the waves are so big that the beach isn’t even swimmable. This makes great conditions for surf competitions, which you might be able to catch while you’re there.

#13 Explore Chinatown!

Every Sunday you can find the large open-air Oahu Market in Honolulu’s Chinatown on the west side of the financial district downtown. There you can find local produce and a large selection of Asian groceries. This area is far less touristy than other places on the island and you’ll also find a ton of great Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, and other Asian restaurants.

Chinatown also hosts First Friday, in an effort to get families and visitors to visit Chinatown. There are multiple open galleries including tattoo artists. 

Tattoo culture in Hawaii is huge. Sailor Jerry was an infamous American tattoo artist who went to Japan and revolutionized contemporary American tattooing by infusing it with Asian techniques and perspectives. He was a resident of Chinatown for the last 20 or 30 years of his life, and the Sailor Jerry’s Original Tattoo Shop (now called Old Ironside Tattoo) is still there!

Bars like Bar 35Tchin Tchin! Bar, and the Dragon Upstairs are also collaborating on First Fridays to make Hotel Street pedestrian-only and invite the public over for live mural painting, live music, and other performances.

The Hawaii Heritage Center also offers tours every Wednesday and Friday from 9 AM to 12 PM. Contact them to find out more.

#14 Visit the Dole Pineapple Plantation

The Dole Pineapple Plantation is a great half-day adventure. You arrive at the plantation and can complete the maze or just peruse through their beautifully maintained garden. Afterward, visit the gift shop for a plethora of pineapple-themed and flavored goods.

And DO NOT forget to grab a cup of their pineapple soft serve! It’s out of this world!

Dole Pineapple Plantation colorful garden with palm trees

#15 Go out to Chinaman’s Hat

Also known as Mokolii Island, this small islet can be accessed via kayak over the serene Kaneohe waters. And if you want to test your stamina and skill, you can try swimming over from Kualoa Regional Park. Once you get there, you can hike around the island and explore its caves and amazing views.

#16 See the Island From Above

Helicopter tours are popular all over the Hawaiian islands. Seeing the islands from above is the experience of a lifetime and from the helicopter, you can catch a glimpse of Oahu’s best waterfalls, rocky cliffs, craters and so much more.

#17 Swim Under the Lulumahu Waterfall

Werkshop Bee Skirt APL Chelsea Sneakers Lulumahu Waterfall Oahu Hawaii.jpg

This serene waterfall is in the middle of the forest and can be hiked to from the Pali Highway. It only takes about 30 minutes to reach the waterfall from the highway. Just follow the pink ribbons used to mark the trail. But fair warning, there’s a chance you can get lost, so just stay along the river until you get to the base of the 110 ft waterfall.

The trail is very muddy, so we recommend wearing proper hiking gear and bringing a change of clothing.

Lulumahu is less popular than many of the other waterfalls, so there is a good chance you can enjoy this all to yourself if you come early enough.

It’s also an unsanctioned hike on private property, so try the other hikes before committing to this one. You’ll need to purchase a $2.50 permit (good for up to 5 persons) online to hike to Lulumahu Falls.

Lulumahu Waterfall Oahu Hawaii

#18 Visit the Byodo-In Temple

A UNESCO World Heritage site, this temple is a highly detailed replica of the 1,000-year-old Byodo-In Temple in Uji, Japan. The site itself is serene and boasts some ornate gardens which are worth seeing.

#19 Kayak to Mokulua

Mokulua consists of two small islands that are right off the coast of Oahu. You can get there from either Kailua or Lanikai by kayak, which is a wonderful way to get out onto the water and explore the islands while also getting some exercise. Another option is to rent a paddleboard and paddle over.

Kailua Beach Adventures has both kayaks and paddleboards available to rent from Kailua. Only one of the two islands is open to the public–Mokulua Nui. There, you can hike the trails and even go cliff jumping!

#20 Visit the Costco in Honolulu

If you have a Costco membership, it’s worth making a visit to the Honolulu warehouse. They have so many goodies that you’ll never see on the mainland.

We were able to grab some fresh pressed POG juice, frozen durian, and fresh spicy ahi poke (only $20.99 a pound!). Watch our video down below to see what else you can get at a Hawaiian Costco warehouse.


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mural hunting in kakaako honolulu hawaii street art schimiggy reviews

Graffiti art and murals in Kaka’ako neighborhood

Best Places to Eat

Here are our most favorite restaurants that we think are worth noting in our Oahu travel guide. We also sectioned them by the sides of the island where they are located.

South Side/Waikiki

  • 7 Eleven – We come here for the manapua (filled bao buns) and spam musubi (rice sushi made with spam slices). There is no better place to get these snacks. They’re also located everywhere on the island.
  • Diamond Head Market & Grill
  • Eating House 1849 – We stumbled into this place and discovered it is another restaurant owned by Roy Yamaguchi of Roy’s. They have nightly specials and even a prix fixe menu for $50 which is enough to feed two people!
  • Eggs ‘n Things Saratoga – Great breakfast place. They have pineapple syrup for their pancakes!
  • Fresh Catch Kapahulu
  • Highway Inn Kaka’ako – Amazing Hawaiian eats! You can get a sampler plate and try all the traditional Hawaiian dishes like laulau pork (porked wrapped in taro leaves and steamed), kahlua pork (underground slow style smoked pork). lomi lomi (salmon poke) and poi (mashed taro paste). Our favorite location is in Kaka’ako because of the colorful street art that you can check out throughout the area.
  • Kyung’s Seafood Inc
  • Maguro Brothers – This is one of the most recommended places to get poke bowls and can be found in Waikiki. It started as a fish counter in Chinatown and became so popular they had to expand. They are open a short period between 5-8 PM, so make sure you plan a visit while you’re in Oahu.
  • Musubi Cafe IYASUME – This is one of the best places to get Masubi. You can get all types here including some vegan and vegetarian-friendly options. We also love their udon soups! Everything is very affordable and tasty. They have multiple locations throughout Hawaii.
  • Merriman’s – For a fine dining experience, we highly recommend Merriman’s. They have a rotating menu and the cocktails are delicious. We ordered the pork chop here and it was so tender and juicy.
  • Marukame Udon – We were blown away by the udon here. The lines are long but it’s worth the wait. If you don’t want to wait, you can order takeout and have your udon noodles by the beach.
  • Matcha Stand Maiko – For a delicious treat, head over here for some green tea soft serve topped with beans and mochi!
  • Ono Seafood – Award for the freshest fish goes to Ono! Their fish is super tender and the flavors are on point.
  • Rainbow Drive-In – Great place for Hawaiian food, but I would not say it’s the best. If you go here, we highly recommend their daily specials. The curry was phenomenal!
  • Restaurant 604 – Great place to dine and take in the views of Pearl Harbor.
  • Side Street Inn On Da Strip – Amazing traditional Hawaiian eats!
  • Sweet E’s Café – Great place for brunch and breakfast.
  • Tamura’s Fine Wines – Come here for THE BEST POKE! You can order poke by itself or as a poke bowl, which I highly recommend. Their booze is often much cheaper than grocery stores. There are multiple locations around the island. You’ll need a car to get here, but trust me, it’s worth it.
  • Uncle Bo’s Pupu Bar & Grill
  • Vintage Island Coffee – Their acai bowls are the best on the island. But their brunch menu is insane. You can also order a taro bagel sandwich!
Tamuras Fine Wines fresh Poke Selection

Fresh Poke from Tamura’s Fine Wines

East Side

  • Ahi Assasins
  • Boots & Kimo’s Homestyle Kitchen
  • Cinnamon’s – A great place for brunch and breakfast. They have red velvet pancakes!
  • Ono Steaks and Shrimp Shack
  • Kalapawai Cafe & Deli
  • Waiahole Poi Factory

West Side

  • Longhi’s Ko Olina
  • Monkeypod by Merriman’s – Hands down our favorite happy hour! They also have a mai tai topped with lilikoi foam!

North Shore

  • Fumi’s Shrimp Truck – Less busy than Giovanni’s and I personally think the flavor is way better! You can try both and let us know what your favorite is.
  • Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck – I prefer Fumi’s but Giovanni’s is the crowd favorite. There is typically a VERY long line to this food truck because this truck was made famous on TV and by many travel guides.
  • Kono’s Northshore – Kailua
  • Matusumoto’s Hawaiian Shave Ice – Matsumoto’s is a great place to get a yummy shave ice treat! They have tons of flavors to choose from. Oh and it’s always pronounced “shave ice” and never “shaved ice.”
  • Maui Mike’s Fire-Roasted Chicken
Giovannis shrimp truck in north shore hawaii

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

schimiggy on beach in waikiki dippin daisys euphoria swimsuit

Oahu Travel Guide Map

Use our Oahu travel guide map to help plan your next visit to the island.

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Oahu Travel Guide

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