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Namastay Towel Review and GIVEAWAY!

Namastay Towel Review and GIVEAWAY!
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This holiday season has been super busy for me! Even when we’re all preparing for the holidays, there’s always time for yoga!

To gear up for the holiday season, I’d like to present a quick review and GIVEAWAY with Namastay Yoga Towel!

The Baptiste studio that I recently joined, conducts all their Vinyasa courses in 85-degree heated rooms. The heat is perfect for promoting stretching and for loosening your joints and muscles. There are beginner to advance courses but you can always make the practice your own! Afterward, you can count on the floor being a sweaty mess!

I recently had a chance to review Namastay Yoga Towel‘s awesome hot yoga towel in Sky Blue ($54) (pictured here)!

Here’s how it went:

I received a size MEDIUM towel. The towel fits snugly around my Lululemon Tapis Mat. I was very pleased with the fit as it looked very snug and clean as if it were made for my mat! I found it best to fit the towel over your mat prior to the beginning of class. Oftentimes when I use other mats (i.e. Yogitoes or Manduka), I have to lay the towel out later because it is too slippery for the start of my practice). Namastay seems to work from beginning to end!

As we started our practice in downward dog, I could feel how secure my hands and feet were gripping to the towel. I did not need to pre-soak the towel like I usually do with my Manduka or Yogitoes yoga mat towels. Throughout practice, no matter how much I sweated (and I sweated A LOT), my Namastay Towel remained very grippy and absorbent.

Towards the end of practice in Savasana (corpse pose), I noticed how comfortable the microfiber felt on my back. I also really appreciated that it worked as a barrier between my back and the mat to prevent Bacne!

I was totally digging that my Namastay needed ZERO re-adjustment throughout class and gave me excellent grip regardless what pose I was in during my practice.

I also love the Sky Blue color and OM symbol! The embroidered symbol doubles as a reminder and my drishti. You get my drisht? Heh. My colleagues were also complementing on the fit and color of the towel once they saw it. Nonetheless, my towel as a hit for my practice and aesthetically.

The towels also come in other bright fun colors (pictured are the Charcoal, Purple, Sky Blue, Coral and Ruby)!

Namastay Yoga Mat Towel

I am absolutely a huge FAN of Namastay and think everyone should give them a try!

Luckily for my readers, I’ve partnered with Namastay to do a Holiday GIVEAWAY! You will get to choose what color and size towel you want to further your OR your favorite yogi and yogini’s yoga practice!

Just head to my Facebook page and complete the following Rafflecopter steps and you’re entered to win. The more steps you complete, the better your chances are of winning!

The giveaway starts 12/10/2013 12:00 AM and ends on 12/17/2013 12:00 AM. Winner will be announced 12/18/2013 on my blog AND Facebook page!

If you can’t wait to find out if you’re the winner and need a Namastay towel ASAP, right now NamaSTAY is offering 30% off on their website! Just enter the code “YOGA” when you checkout on their website! Code expires 12/13/2013!


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