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Makeup Mistakes to Avoid When You Wear Glasses

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid When You Wear Glasses
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Updated: 10/17/2021 | Makeup Mistakes to Avoid When You Wear Glasses

It does not matter if you love glasses or you cannot wear contact lenses because of an allergy. When you wear glasses, you need to make sure your makeup matches or you cannot stay flattering. When you avoid the makeup mistakes mentioned below, your style will instantly stand out so let’s discuss what you need to absolutely avoid. 

Matching The Color Of Your Frames With Your Eyeliner

Many believe that the best choice is an eyeliner with the exact same color as eyeglass frames. The truth is that this does not work. In fact, when you do this, there is a very high possibility focus is lost and your eyes are going to look blurry. 

With most frame colors in the history of eyewear fashion, you just need to go a lighter color. When you wear light frames, just go for something a little darker in your eyeliner.

Going Dark

There is nothing wrong with smokey eye makeup and many women love it. The problem is that this will not work great with eyeglasses. Because eyeglasses naturally project shadows, it is a much better idea to opt for lighter color when you choose eyelid color. Choose something just a tad darker in the corner of your eye. 

Keeping Eyelashes Too Subtle

You might not like volumizing mascara or maybe you never curled your eyelashes. Even so, this is something to consider as you put on your glasses. The reason for this is that spectacles can make eyes look smaller. If this is the case, you want to have eyelashes with more definition. Such a makeup does counter the problem and makes you look better. 

Not Considering Frame Thickness

This is one of the worst mistakes you could make since ignoring frame thickness can lead to you looking bad and you most likely do not even know why as you use your eyeliner. When your frames are thick and you use thin eyeliner lines, your eyes end up looking smaller. If you wear thick eyeliner with some dainty frames, your eyes end up looking too big. 

Incorrectly Using Concealer

Not choosing the right concealer or using way too much is another mistake to avoid. It is better when you just use a little corrector right at the inner corner of the eye. Think about where eye circles begin and add a smudge there. After, blend and use concealer. For most women, yellow tones look great as they balance out darkness present in the area. 

Trying Bold Looks When You Do Not Need Them

This applies to wearing colorful frames. You can go for a very bold lip but your eye makeup should stay minimal. If eyeshadow colors compete with eyeglass colors, the result is looking like you wear way too much makeup. This is especially true when you chose a very vibrant shade for your hair. 

Neglecting the Eyebrows

Eyebrows cannot be ignored. Use clear brow gel after you draw in your eyebrows according to face shape. We find that thicker and darker shades for the eyebrows stand out against eyeglasses more.

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