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How to Check for lululemon Uploads

How to Check for lululemon Uploads
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Updated: 4/13/2020 | lululemon Uploads

Die hard lululemon fans probably already have upload notifications on their calendars, but if you don’t, here are some pointers on when you can expect new product uploads on

We also included links to add upload reminders to your personal calendars down below. This way you’ll be automatically notified about new product drops!

What is an upload?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with lululemon lingo yet, an upload is when lululemon drops new products or merchandise onto their website. You will hear people ask, “What time does the lululemon upload happen?”

You’ll find new lululemon products on their “What’s New” section.

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When does lululemon restock?

An upload also might be when lululemon restocks a particular item.

Truth is, lululemon is constantly restocking current products.

Our best advice is to add items to your favorites list and check back to see when your favorites have restocked in your size and color.

When are lululemon upload times?

lululemon uploads new stuff to their site on Tuesday afternoons/evenings. The upload times are never exact, so you can expect them to happen on or around the times listed below.

Here are the upload times based on time zone (East to West coast):

  • 6:15 pm Eastern time
  • 5:15 pm Central time
  • 4:15 pm Mountain time
  • 3:15 pm Pacific Time
  • 12:15 pm Hawaii time

What about We Made Too Much?

We Made Too Much (WMTM or lululemon’s markdowns page) is updated on Thursday mornings around 11 am Eastern time and can be earlier or later in the morning.

You can check out WMTM uploads on their WMTM page.

Pro Shopper Tip: Ultimately, we prefer to shop at WMTM or at the lululemon outlets and apply our 25% off Sweat Collective discount on top for deeply discounted merchandise.

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