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Los Angeles Travel Guide

Los Angeles Travel Guide
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Updated: 5/29/2023 | Los Angeles Travel Guide

About Los Angeles

In LA mainly you wanna check out beaches, eat Mexican and Korean food, bar hop, see museums, go luxury shopping, and maybe check out a concert or show. sunsets from LA are the BEST. you’ll get cotton candy skies most of the time.

How to Get to Los Angeles

The best way to get to LA is via plane through the Los Angeles Airport (Airport Code: LAX). From there we recommend renting a car as Ubers can get expensive. There is street parking if you can find it. 

Best Things to Do in Los Angeles

#1 Hike to the Hollywood Sign

You can take a hike to the Hollywood Sign. That is our preferred way to see it.

#2 Check Out the Walk of Fame

See the stars on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame!

#3 Visit the Santa Monica Pier

A visit to LA is not complete without seeing the famous Santa Monica Pier.

We like to stick around the pier to catch the cotton candy sunsets.

Pacific Park Wheel in Santa Monica California

Pacific Park Wheel in Santa Monica, California

#4 People Watch in Venice Beach

You could spend an entire day in Venice Beach. There is many things to do such as people-watch on the Venice boardwalk or stroll down Abbott Kinney lane shopping and eating.

Venice Beach Street Art

Venice Beach Street Art

#5 See the Famous Palm Tree Lined Road

Check out the famous palm tree-lined road at N. Beverly Drive and Carmelita Way. 

Los Angeles Travel Guide MAP

Use our Los Angeles Travel Guide MAP to find things to do around the area. Open this link and then Google Maps on your mobile phone and the landmarks should show up. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.