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Landing Standby Review + $250 Discount!

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Updated: 4/4/2024 | Landing Standby Review + $250 Discount!

Griffis Waterfront Apartments Seattle wa Landing

About Landing

Landing is a flexible and temporary housing program created for people who want to live in fully furnished homes without committing long term. Currently, Landing is offered in 375 cities throughout the USA.

It’s a great program for nomads who don’t mind living out of their suitcases and for people who want to feel out a city prior to moving there permanently. 

Many corporations such as Amazon, Meta, or Facebook will use Landing units to house their corporate employees while they’re working away from home.

What is Landing Standby?

We used Landing Standby to explore and create content. We are full-time bloggers and found this program to be a great way to explore the states and cities we would normally not be inclined to visit. 

Landing Standby is a bit different from their regular service in that for $1,495 per month, you can stay in their furnished empty units in 40 major cities until someone books the unit long term.

It’s an apartment subscription service that allows you to move from unit to unit in 375+ cities!

Another caveat is that you will need to move once your unit is booked. They will give you 3 days notice to figure out your next destination in the App. 

Landing Standby also includes FREE standby flights with Frontier Airlines via their GoWild! program. This pass allows you to fly anywhere in the US to a new Landing Standby apartment.

This deal is seriously amazing if you want to travel more and can swing a nomadic lifestyle!

Landing Standby Review

We’ve been using Landing since March 11, 2024, and it has been great!

Our first unit was at Coppins Well in First Hill, Seattle, WA and we were able to stay there from the 11th through the 27th of March (16 days).

We then moved to Griffis Waterfront, which had an amazing rooftop gym and amenities. The units were all redone and looked very modern. I absolutely loved it here and would consider living here if we decide to settle down in Seattle.

We also have to live out of our suitcases but that is fine. I also have rented storage units from Stuf and can easily swap out things I need as the seasons change. This process really allows me to go full-nomad in the PNW!

Watch my Landing Standby video review on Instagram to see what it’s like to use the program.


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Below we’ll go over Landing Standby pros and cons so you can get an idea of what it’s really like to live out of your suitcase and/or car.

Landing Standby Pros

  • A very affordable way to rent! It’s only $1,495 and you get to share your unit with one additional person. In Seattle, that’s half of the cost of a one-bedroom luxury apartment with amenities and NO parking.
  • Wifi and Utilities are included! There’s no need to sign-up and pay for these separately. Landing takes care of it all!
  • Available in 375 cities! The units tend to be in very desirable locations. We love being able to explore all the different neighborhoods around Seattle. Other cities include Portland, Austin, Charlotte, Atlanta, Denver, etc.
  • Fully furnished homes. Homes are furnished and fully equipped with Landing furniture, kitchenware, and toiletries.
  • You can pick any units that are available. These units can be studios, 1 bedroom, or 2 bedrooms. 
  • The Landing App makes it very easy to manage your account. Here you can talk to customer service, view your billing, access all the information you need during your stays, and make bookings.
  • The cleaning fee is waived if YOU have to move. If a unit gets booked, Landing will absorb the cleaning fee of $150. If YOU decide to move, you’ll need to pay the $150 cleaning fee.
  • Most units come with in-unit laundry and parking. This was a huge plus for us because we have a car and it’s nice to have a place where you can conveniently do laundry.
  • Their 24/7 customer service is great! They have a team of employees who are always there to help and respond to customer needs. We never have to wait more than a few minutes for a response.
  • Landing and apartment complexes seem pretty streamlined. They have an entire process to help Landing Standby clients move in and out seamlessly. It’s similar to staying in a hotel, but you don’t get daily housekeeping services.
Landing Standby Available Cities flexible apartments

Examples of Landing Standby Units and Cities

Landing Standby Cons

  • Not all homes are updated. We were in some outdated units but still had all the amenities we needed.
  • Not great for families. Landing Standby only allows one additional guest, so it won’t work well for families of 3 or more.
  • Currently not available in California or New York. 
  • Landing Standby does not allow pets. You’ll have to figure out what to do with your four-legged pals.

Is Landing Standby Worth It?

We think Landing Standby is worth it!

If you’re comfortable with living out of your suitcase and hopping around town, we think it’s a great way to save money and explore more of the United States.

Landing Standby is GREAT for:

  • Students who are studying abroad in the US or studying in another state for a semester or two.
  • Nomads who don’t mind moving often.
  • People who can live out of their suitcases.
  • People who may be getting their homes renovated and need a place to stay during construction. 
  • People who want to check out different apartment properties in a city before committing.

Landing Standby is NOT GREAT for:

  • Families of 3 or more.
  • People with pets. 
  • People who aren’t adaptable to constant change.

It’s such a great program and we hope that we can participate in this program for as long as we need to.

How Do I Sign Up for Landing Standby?

It’s super easy to sign up for Landing Standby. 

Use our link to sign up for landing and you’ll receive a $250 credit towards your next Landing Standby reservation!

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