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Indestructible Hair Ties that Won’t Break

Indestructible Hair Ties that Won’t Break
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Updated: 2/4/2022 | Indestructible Hair Ties

Indestructible Hair Ties That Won’t Break

#1 lululemon

lululemon uplifting scrunchie formation camo

Uplifting Scrunchie

lululemon is an activewear brand that makes pretty awesome fitness gear and accessories.

Their hair ties are practically indestructible. They also offer generous warranties for products if they become damaged from regular wear and tear.

We highly recommend the following hair tie products from lululemon:

#2 Soulvation

soulvation hair tie braceletsSoulvation makes braided hair ties that also double as bracelets. They also have super cute and soft headbands and head wraps.

The company is woman-owned and operated by Leah Kay.

#3 Teleties

Teleties Spring Colors Pack

Teleties make coiled hair ties in three sizes (tiny, small, and large).  The coiled design prevents dents in your hair during wear and allows the hair ties to stay put.

#4 Invisibobble

Invisibobble coil hair rings

Invisibobble makes coil hair ties in many colors. Their coil design also prevents breakage and dents in your hair.

Use code ALEX15 to save 15% off your orders at Invisibobble.

#5 Ouai Condom Hair Ties

Ouai Hair condoms white

Ouai Hair Condoms are here to save the day! They are called condom hair ties because they’re meant to be stronger than condoms. They come in a pack of three in either black or white. 

We are huge fans!

#6 Gimme Beauty

Gimme Beauty Hair Bands Fitting Kit Black

Gimme Beauty sells hair bands, combs, and dry shampoo products. Their hair bands come in different sizes and colors and are seamlessly constructed. 

We love their thicker hair bands which keep thick hair up and are pretty indestructible.

They sell a band fitting kit that comes with 5 different band sizes you can try to determine your perfect hair tie match.

#7 Kooshoo

KooShoo Organic Hair Ties

We love KooShoo hair ties because they are made from organic and sustainable materials. They also offer their hair ties in many colors.

Use coupon code SCHIMIGGY to save 20% off your orders at Kooshoo.

#8 Half Asleep

Half Asleep makes sleepwear and scrunchies that are indestructible.

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