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How to start writing a journal to reflect and manifest your goals and dreams

How to start writing a journal to reflect and manifest your goals and dreams
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Journaling can be a beneficial habit in general, but it can play an incredibly powerful role in your manifestation journey. It is no secret that written words hold power. By merging journaling and manifestation, you can create a powerful and effective routine that will help you reach your life goals. 

While you can do a few things to start your journaling off on the right foot, don’t think you should become an essay writer to know how to journal. Journaling is profoundly personal, and you should do it however you feel and think is best. You can let your creative flag fly, but if you want a couple of general tips for starting journaling to manifest, you are in the right place.

Set an ambiance

Set your journaling and manifesting environment with intention. As you might already know, emotions play a significant role in the success of manifestation, so make sure you are doing everything you can to bring yourself in a mindful state. People do this in different ways, and you know what makes you feel most comfortable. It might be lighting a few candles, making some tea, or playing some music that you like. It might be dimming the lights or doing it while in a bubble bath. Whatever it is, don’t take shortcuts when you are setting the scene for life-changing rituals. 

Find the right journal

Having the perfect manifestation journal can be very important. What you write your thoughts and affirmations on might or might not hold meaning to you, but some people might find it easier to connect to a journal that specifically fits their likes and needs. It can be a blank piece of paper, an old notebook, or a fancy new writing journal that you fell in love with when you saw it on Etsy. You might even go for printable journal patterns. They are customizable and usually don’t cost much. Whatever you choose, remember that this personal journal of yours will be your partner on the journey to your perfect life, so make it unique and choose what feels best.

journaling and adding images and to your diary

How to start

The front page of your journal can give a jump start to your affirmations. One of the most common affirmations people choose to write is “everything that I write down in this journal becomes true with ease.” You don’t have to stop there; you can write any and all affirmations that you want to see and repeat every single time before you start journaling. Think of them like sigils that will support everything that is written on the inside.

Then, a manifestation journaling routine should contain a bit of freewriting. 

To truly become in tune with yourself and your feelings that day, take a couple of minutes to just free-write whatever comes to mind. Basically, put your stream of thoughts on paper and see what happens. Sometimes you might surprise yourself with what pops up from the unconscious when your thoughts are not restrained, and you spill your soul on paper. 

Script your day

Then, script. Scripting is a form of visualization and a powerful tool that people use to manifest the life of their dreams when journaling. It is the diary entry at the end of the perfect day but written before it even happens. You write an ideal case scenario script of your day present tense, intending to actually manifest it.

It is a form of short term and practical manifestation. Much like journaling, it shows its best effects when done regularly and mindfully. Journaling, in general, should be a habitual thing. Whether you do it every day or once a week, it should be a ritual that you do diligently if you want it to work. 

When scripting, an important thing to remember is that affirmations that are written from the emotional point of view are most likely going to happen. Look at your affirmation from the emotional point of view and concentrate on how it would make you feel to achieve that. The more you emotionally invest yourself into your affirmation, the closer you are to attaining your life goal and all of the success you wish for.

All in all, if you haven’t yet incorporated journaling in your manifestation routine, I hope I convinced you to do so and helped you with your first steps. Journaling alone is scientifically proven to alleviate stress and anxiety, but when coupled with daily affirmations it can have an incredible effect on your life and kick your manifestation into a higher gear. So light a few candles, center your mind and start materializing the life that you want and deserve with the help of a pen, a journal, and the ambition you nurture in your heart.


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