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World Market Fashion Review

World Market Fashion Review
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Updated: 9/27/2023| World Market Fashion Review

World Market Monstera Jumpsuit Oaxaca Mexico Blue Brick Walls

Jumpsuit from World Market

About World Market

World Market is a retail store known for procuring unique artisan goods and handicrafts, international food favorites, and design inspiration for our furniture and home décor. Their main tenants are offering unique products at an affordable price, making their store very accessible to everyone. 

It all began in the late 1950s when a San Francisco businessman turned traveler and importer began selling shiploads of hand-woven wicker from one of the city’s piers. As crates were unloaded, customers lined up and loaded up. He turned his shiploads into a storefront on San Francisco’s famed Fisherman’s Wharf in 1958 and it quickly became a destination for those who craved original and handmade items from around the world.

Today, World Market sells products across 258 stores in 39 states and online. 

World Market Fashion Review

I stumbled upon the apparel section while perusing a World Market store in Seattle. Their gorgeous jumpsuits and kaftans caught my eye and I knew I had to give them a try. 

I purchased the following styles to review in this post:

  • Monstera Jumpsuit ($40) – I get SO MANY compliments on my jumpsuit. It’s super lightweight, breathable and so comfortable. The only gripe I have is that the jumpsuit was advertised with pockets and it doesn’t have ANY pockets. I still wear it often and with a crossbody bag to hold my belongings.
  • Striped Kaftan ($45) – I got this kaftan for my trip to Oaxaca, Mexico where it’s hot. Surprisingly, it kept me shielded from the hot sun and was super comfortable to wear throughout Mexico’s different climates.

I immediately became a fan of World Market fashion and hope you will too! I’ll share the pros and cons below to help you decide if it’s worth buying.

Oaxaca Day Trip Mitla Templo Católico de San Pablo Villa de Mitla World Market Dress

Templo Católico de San Pablo Villa de Mitla

World Market Pros

  • Very Affordable – The dresses and jumpsuits do not exceed $50 USD. They are very affordable!
  • Fits True to Size (TTS) – Their apparel runs true to size. I wear a size 6-8 in women’s apparel and a size S/M in World Market apparel.
  • Comfortable – Their apparel is super comfortable. 
  • Lightweight – The fabrics are surprisingly lightweight, making them great for travel. 
  • Timeless Styles – The styles are timeless and can last you years and be worn year round.
  • Shop Online or In-Store!
  • Rewards Program – Their generous rewards program offers occasional coupons and discounts. Sign up here.

World Market Cons

  • Repeating Styles – The styles tend to repeat, but the prints don’t. World Market will release the same silhouettes in different prints and colors each season.
  • Low Stock – Their apparel runs out quickly. Stores may help you find products if you call or go in person and ask them to do an inventory check. They can ship you the item but there will be a shipping fee.
  • Fast Fashion – The apparel is made in India and is part of the fast fashion problem.

schimiggy alex tran Mezcal agave fields oaxaca mexico gigi pip zephyr hat world market kaftan dress

Running through agave fiels in oaxaca mexico

Mezcal Tour Oaxaca World Market Dress Gigi Pip Zephyr Hat

Linen kaftan dress from World Market

Pink wall in Oaxaca Mexico World Market Monstera Jumpsuit Gigi Pip Zephyr Hat

Pretty doorway in Oaxaca Mexico World Market Monstera Jumpsuit

Where to Buy World Market Fashion

You can shop for World Market apparel in-store or online

Join the World Market Rewards program to get coupons and earn points towards discounts on future purchases.

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