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How to Reduce the Appearance of Scars

How to Reduce the Appearance of Scars
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Updated: 10/18/2021 | How to Reduce the Appearance of Scars

I have a keloid scar on my chest that is very visible. I’ve done almost everything to reduce the appearance of the scar and to make myself feel more “normal.” I’ve gone through over-the-counter treatments, laser and injection treatments, and wearing certain cuts and silhouettes of clothing to hide my scar.

raised keloid scar on chest schimiggy

Raised keloid scar on my chest.

I did so much to hide who I was because I was taught to believe a scar made you “ugly” and “disfigured.” Truthfully, the scar is what makes you unique. And, it’s not the end all be all of who you are and can become. You are so much more than your body right now and for eternity.

Regardless, exposing your scar is a personal decision and you’re welcome to finally show it to the world when you are ready.

If you’re not ready to show the world yet, here are hacks and tricks I’ve tried to reduce the appearance of my scars. I hope these hacks are helpful to you as well!

Things You Can Wear to Hide Scars

#1 High Cut Tops to Hide Chest and Decollette Scars

These types of high-cut tops are best for hiding chest and decollete scars. I remember limiting my fashion decisions to only items that hid my scar because I believed it would help me feel more accepted by my peers and professionally.

Items that I had in my closet were:

  • Crew Neck Tops
  • Turtle Neck tops
  • Mock Turtle Neck Tops
  • Halter Tops
  • Boatneck Tops
  • Dolman Tops

All these tops were high enough to hide my chest scar. I could also find the styles in many patterns and fabrics.

#2 Scarves and Bandanas

I remember wanting to wear something sexy and revealing to a rave. I wore it, but also wore a scarf and bandana to hide my chest scar. It seemed silly, but it actually brought my outfit together.

I kept tons of scarfs and bandanas to mix and match with my low-cut tops and dresses. This helped me be more comfortable engaging in large groups with people I was meeting for the first time.

#3 Jewelry of Certain Types

I’ve tried and tested tons of jewelry that could hide my keloid scar. What I learned is that cheap jewelry will also irritate your skin and cause discoloration and even more scarring!

What I’ve found is that certain metals and materials can cause skin irritation. I typically stick to metals like gold, silver, and niobium (black steel). These metals will not irritate my skin and cause further scarring.

Items I do avoid are steel, plastics, and other metals that I cannot identify or are cheap. If it’s cheap, it’s probably not good for you and can irritate your skin.

#4 Get a Tan

After my year’s worth of keloid treatments, I started to notice that if I got a tan, it helped to reduce the appearance of my keloid scar.

I could hear my friends and family say that it was barely noticeable. So go ahead and soak in the sunrays to help disguise your scar.

Use Skincare and Beauty Products to Cover-Up Your Scar

#1 Silc Skin

Silc Skin creates products that reduce wrinkles and aging. I tested their silicone wrinkle treatment pads to prevent and reduce chest wrinkles after extended periods in the sun. After 10 days, I could notice that my skin felt much more supple.

Use the pad prior to bed (on clean skin) and after 30 days you may notice a difference in the texture of your skin. If wrinkles were present, you may even notice that the wrinkles have subsided or even disappeared.

#2 Foundation and Powders

I would use foundations to hide my scar. Keloid scars on pigmented skin are often darker than the natural skin surrounding them. I use a lighter foundation to hide my scars and find that liquid foundations work best.

Use a flat foundation brush and a drop of liquid foundation to pat and cover the scar so that it is less noticeable. Sometimes you may need to use two layers to fully disguise the scar.

#3 Soke Skin Treatments

Soke Skin treatments are also great for preventing wrinkles and taking care of your skin. They have a chest/decollete treatment pad that helps with preventing wrinkles and keeps your skin plump. 

I often tan my skin so that I can camouflage my scar, so to reduce sun damage, using skin treatments is a must. It replenishes your skin and helps it stay youthful and clear.

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