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How to Become a Full Time Nomad

How to Become a Full Time Nomad
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Updated: 4/9/2024 | How to Become a Full Thereime Nomad

Here is our guide on how to go full nomad and live anywhere you desire!

If you told the younger Alex that she’d be living nomadic full time one day, she would not have believed it were possible.

We’re raised to believe that a job requires us to stay put and plant our roots in a specific city. 

Wufenpu Shopping District garment district in taipei taiwan cheap korean and chinese fashionNowadays, that is no longer the case. Many employers offer remote jobs, you can create your own online business, and you can find ways to trade your time for experiences and services.

In our modern world, the possibilities are truly endless!

Below is our guide on how to become a full time nomad.

How to Become a Full Time Nomad

Step 1: Create or Find a Remote Job Opportunity

Don’t quit your day job yet! 

Yes, all nomads typically earn money somehow.

They can do this with a remote job, creating their own source of income, or by trading their talents and services for other resources such as housing or food. 

Getting a part-time job is a good idea too! 

Step 2: Downsize!

Everything is replaceable! Now is the time to differentiate between your needs and wants. 

Needs are things that you can not live without. These are nonnegotiable and may include things like toiletries, a duffel bag or suitcase, clothing, shoes, etc.

Learning to find the things that you can’t live without becomes very important, as you have limited space to travel with everything.

Wants are things that you do not need but desire. This can be a cute gown that you’d wear only on special occasions and probably only 1-2 times a year or an impractical pair of high heels that you can’t walk in but looks great with all your outfits. 

I typically try to wear something a few times and then resell it on Apps like Mercari, eBay, and Poshmark, This helps to keep my belongings slim as a full-time content creator.

Anti-Theft Clothing & Accessories | How to Prevent Pickpocketing

Traveling with only a backpack and crossbody purse.

Step 3: Find Affordable Storage

After I downsized, I found that I still needed storage for some things. I was able to find affordable storage in Seattle through Stuf Storage. They have storage units in South Lake Union and Pioneer Square that I could access with a digital key.

This made it easy for me to keep items that I may need seasonally such as a paddle board, clothing, shoes, and accessories.


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Watch our video below to see how we utilized Lugg to move all our belongings to our Stuf unit!

Lugg offers local moving services. Their team was very fast and professional! Their services can be booked via their App.

Movers will come and take care of moving your products so that you can easily transition into a new home or lifestyle.


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Step 4: Find Flexible Housing

Griffis Waterfront Apartments Seattle wa Landing

Landing Property in Seattle, WA

Flexible housing is the trick to living a comfortable nomadic life. Finding the right places to stay is key. 

We typically look for lodging that we can easily cancel without penalties. 

We found a program called Landing Standby that allows us to live in furnished units in 357 cities for a flat fee. The only caveat is that it does require us to move out with 3 days’ notice to another Landing Standby unit. 

This means that we have to be VERY FLEXIBLE with our living situation. 

It’s very affordable and also includes internet, utilities and sometimes parking.

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Step 5: Set Up a Digital Mail Box

As a nomad, you will need a place to send my physical mail and packages. 

I highly recommend Ipostal1. For only $10 a month, you can get your mail sent to over 3,000 locations worldwide. 

You can also update your mailbox destination as you move around the world. There is a cost to pick up packages and you can only hold your packages at their facilities for up to 30 days. Afterward, packages are returned to the sender.

mail letter being opened

Step 6: Learn to live out of your suitcase!

You’ll have to learn to live out of your suitcase plus another bag! This can be tricky but it’s entirely doable. 

I typically travel with a laptop backpack and my carry-on suitcase. When I need to freshen up my wardrobe, I head over to my storage units and switch everything that I would need for that season and destination.

Wondering how we live out of a suitcase? We have a guide on how to pack for a long-haul trip using only a carry-on suitcase.

Use it to pack efficiently for your journey as a full time nomad!

Quince carry on luggage review black suitcase

If you found our guide on how to become a full time nomad helpful, please share it. Thanks for your support!

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