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Home Bar Essentials + Checklist

Home Bar Essentials + Checklist
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Updated: 4/22/2024 | Home Bar Essentials

Having a home bar can be a great way to entertain guests while bars are closed due to the Coronavirus.

So while we can’t bar hop or meet strangers at the bar, it’s a great time to bond with those you’re already close to over a cocktail or more.

Home Bar Essentials + Checklist

Here are our top picks for bar essentials to help you set up your home beverage station.

#1 Crew Bottle

Crew bottle barware

We love using Crew bottles to infuse our favorite beverages. We infuse our vodka with jalapenos to add a kick to our Gimlets.

They unscrew from the bottom which makes for easy infusing and cleaning.

#2 Gentleman’s Trove

gentlemens trove art deco bottle whiskey glasses

Elevate your bar game with classy and sophisticated barware from Gentleman’s Trove. We love their art deco bottles and unique whiskey glasses.

Use this link to get $5 off your first order at Gentleman’s Trove.

#3 Engraved Glassware by OneBttl

onebottl monogrammed wine glass A Schimiggy

OneBottl makes personalized glassware easy. Get them as gifts or stock your own bar with personalized messages.

#4 Cocktail Box Co

Bartender Crystal Glass Cocktail Stirring KitThe Cocktail Box Co sells mini cocktail kits along with bar kits so that you can make cocktails anywhere you go. While their stuff is very portable, it also makes a great addition to any home cocktail bar setup.

#5 Highball Glasses

JoyJolt Cosmos Highball Glasses

Highball glasses by JoyJolt are a great addition to any bar. Highballs are a whiskey cocktail mixed with a soda (typically club soda or ginger ale).

The Emperor’s Lane sells high-quality highball glasses fit to complement your beverage station.

#6 Well Told Bar and Glassware

Well Told Seattle WA etched cheese board bar

Well Told makes personalized and etched glassware and barware from wood and glass. We are in love with their bar boards which also doubles as a personal charcuterie plate.

#7 Pratt Standard

Pratt Standard cocktail syrup earl grey vanilla

Pratt Standard makes some tasty syrups and cocktail mixes that are sure to up your cocktail game.

Use our link for 20% off your first order at Pratt Standard.

#8 Asobu Double-Walled Whiskey Glasses

A whiskey glass is perfect for drinking whiskey straight, on ice, or in a cocktail. We love the iridescent double-walled whiskey glasses by Asobu. They keep your drinks cold and spruce up any cocktail.


#9 JoyJolt Martini Glasses

Afina Stemless Martini Glasses for Cocktails

JoyJolt makes awesome STEMLESS martini glasses. These can be stacked in your cabinet and take up less space than traditional martini glassware.

They are also super durable, attractive, less prone to spill and break, and come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty!

Use coupon code SCHIMIGGY for 15% off your orders at JoyJolt!

#10 ArT Wine Preserver

art Wine preserver

The ArT Wine Preserver keeps your wine fresh by removing oxygen from the bottle before it can be ruined. Simply spray the preserver into your half-filled bottles and close them until the next serving.

We love using preservers to prevent waste and keep our wine tasting great.

#11 Cocktail Kits 2 Go

cocktail kits 2 go old fashioned drink kit

Cocktail Kits 2 Go are a great way to learn about the type of drinks you like before committing to larger portions of ingredients.

They’re also compact and perfect for traveling. Take your favorite cocktails with you wherever you go.

Disclaimer: The kits do not come with alcohol.

#12 Festive Glassware from Mignon Faget

Mignon Faget makes fun home decor and glassware for any occasion. They also make jewelry to match their home goods!

#13 WineGrasp

winegrasp wine holder clip

The WineGrasp ($19.99) clips onto your lawn chair so that you never have to worry about tipping your glass over and spilling your wine ever again. Take it to concerts, outdoor parties, events and more.

If you would like to add your product to this list, please e-mail us to discuss if it is an appropriate opportunity to collaborate.

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