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High Quality and Cheap Bikinis and Swimwear Brands

High Quality and Cheap Bikinis and Swimwear Brands
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Updated: 9/30/2022 | High Quality and Cheap Bikinis and Swimwear

One of the biggest struggles I run into when shopping is finding high-quality apparel at an affordable price. I love swimwear and hope to live permanently in a place where wearing only swimwear makes sense one day.

Our team has shopped many brands to find the top picks for high-quality yet affordable swimwear without compromising style. Check out our picks!

And if you’re looking for sustainable and cute swimsuits, check out our sustainable swimwear article.

High Quality and Cheap Bikinis and Swimwear

#1 Cupshe

spaggio positano beach italy schimiggy cupshe scallop swimsuit

Cupshe swimsuit

Cupshe is a famous swimwear and apparel brand. They offer inclusive swimwear in many styles and silhouettes. We recommend sizing up in Cupshe swimwear.

#2 SeaFancy

SeaFancy Peach Print Tie Strap One-Piece Swimsuit

Peach Print One-Piece Swimsuit

SeaFancy sells swimwear for sizes XS to 6XL. Their swimwear is very comfortable and cute.

#3 Walk On Beach

Walk On Beach Green Ruched Monstera Bikini Set

Green Ruched Monstera Bikini Set

Walk On Beach sells swimwear and also offers some plus-size options.

Use code SCHIMIGGY10 for 10% off.


ASOS crinke swimwear pastel green bikini set

ASOS sells a huge variety of swimwear. They carry their own brand as well as other brands such as Nike, Superdry, Missguided, and more.

#5 CRZ Yoga


CRZ Yoga leopard one piece swimsuit cross back

CRZ Yoga swimwear is very affordable and beyond comfortable. Their pieces run true to size and run out quickly. We also highly recommend checking out their amazing activewear that is super comparable to lululemon.

Use code SCHIMIGGY to save 10% off all your orders at CRZ Yoga.

Read our CRZ Yoga reviews here.

#6 Dippin Daisy’s

schimiggy on beach in waikiki dippin daisys euphoria swimsuit

Dippin Daisy’s Euphoria Swimsuit

Dippin Daisy’s makes affordable AND sustainable swimwear. We are obsessed with their swimsuits and bikinis that look great underneath shorts or coverups.

#7 Victoria’s Secret

Victorias Secret Wrap Brazilian Bikini Butterfly Floral

#8 Old Navy

Old Navy Swimwear for the whole family

Old Navy swimwear 

#9 Aerie by American Eagle Outfitters

Aerie crinkle barbie pink bikini set

Aerie Barbie Pink Bikini Set

Aerie Swimwear

#10 Target

Target offers a great swimwear collection that is super fun and size-inclusive. They also offer special collaborations with designers, influencers, and artists. 

When you’re short on time, Target is a great place to find high quality and affordable swimwear.

#11 Amazon Brands

Amazon is a marketplace so naturally, you’ll find tons of swimwear, but not all brands are created equal.

Swimwear brands we recommend buying on Amazon include:

Brands that You Should AVOID

These brands have been tested by our team and are terrible. Please don’t bother buying swimwear from them. They are cheaply made and do not fit properly. I call them single-use swimwear brands.

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where to buy high quality and cheap swimwear schimiggy

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