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Glow Recipe Review: Anti-Redness Skincare Set

Glow Recipe Review: Anti-Redness Skincare Set
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Glow Recipe Skincare











  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Fruit Forward Scent
  • Free of Chemicals
  • Attractive Packaging
  • TSA Friendly


  • Bulky Packaging
  • Expensive

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I received complimentary products for this Glow Recipe review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% honest.

About Glow Recipe

In 2014, Sarah Lee and Christine Chang launched their Korean beauty brand, Glow Recipe. They combined their years of working in the beauty industry in both Korea and the USA to create an all-natural and fruit-powered skincare line that is good for all skin types.

They sell all products individually or in kits that help beauty enthusiasts achieve a specific goal, such as dewy face, anti-redness and more.

Glow Recipe Review

glow recipe review anti-redness skincare set

We received the Anti-Redness Kit ($148)which came with 7 skincare products. Below is a quick review of each product.

  • Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser – The cleanser lathers really well and leaves the face feeling squeaky clean.
  • Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist – For a quick pick me up throughout the day, use this watermelon scented moisturizing spray on your face and neck.
  • Avocado Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask – The sleeping mask applies smoothly and prevents wrinkles and puffiness.
  • Pineapple C-Bright Serum – The serum is silky smooth and absorbs quickly into the skin. 
  • Banana Souffle Moisture Cream – This daily moisturizer should be used after the serum to further keep the skin healthy and glowing. We love the banana scent and wish we could eat it!
  • Watermelon Glow Lip Pop ($22) – We are obsessed with this 3-in-one product. The lip pop smells like delicious watermelon and keeps our lips moisturized all day long. It also has a slight pink tint that is reminiscent of K-beauty.
  • Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Mask – The sleeping mask is worn while you sleep. We recommend a good facial cleanse with the banana souffle moisturizer prior to starting your day.

glow recipe review pineapple serum


  • Fun and eye-catching packaging that you’ll love to revisit each day. All jars are designed to be repurposed, upcycled and reused.
  • Leaping Bunny cruelty-free certified. No harm was done to any animals in the making of Glow Recipe products.
  • Fruit forward scents without being too offensive to the nose.
  • Free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. All-natural ingredients are used in their skincare line.
  • Partnered with TerraCycle to ensure responsible recycling of ALL Glow Recipe products. Containers are made from 20% recycled glass and are 100% recyclable. When you’re done with your product, simply send it back to TerraCycle to be recycled!
  • Glow Pro program for beauty professionals and estheticians. Join and receive 30% off all products. Apply here.
  • Students can sign-up to get 15% off Glow Recipe products. Apply here.

glow recipe review watermelon hydration spray


  • The jars are very heavy. They may be too heavy if you’re a light traveler, like me!
  • Expensive. If you’re on a budget you may want to look into affordable brands of skincare.
  • Leaves skin very shiny. I experienced a lot of shine after using the products. This is not bothersome for a night-time routine but I definitely would not use it during the day when I have to be client-facing at work.

glow recipe review banana face cream

Should I Buy Glow Recipe?

Yes! We are obsessed with their sustainable practices and amazing skincare products. Glow Recipe i really fun to use and complements any vanity.

Our favorite products were the 3-in-1 tinted lip balm and yummy pineapple serum. I use these literally every single day.

While they are not the most affordable skincare brand, you can buy one of their sets to save money. Use our $15 off coupon link below to save extra money.

Where to Buy Glow Recipe

Get $15 off your first purchase at Glow Recipe with this link.

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glow recipe review anti redness kit

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