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Bluefin SUP Board Review | Best Stand Up Paddleboard

Bluefin SUP Board Review | Best Stand Up Paddleboard
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Updated: 6/20/2020 | Bluefin SUP Board Review
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I received my Bluefin SUP Board to review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine and honest.

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SUP’ing on Lake Kachess

About Bluefin

Bluefin SUP is a family-owned SUP provider based out of the UK. Together, Will and Charlotte took their love of water and turned it into a specialization for inflatable stand up paddleboards (iSUPs).

They worked tirelessly to create iSUPs that are high-quality and affordable. The team continues to improve their board designs and provide a way for people to get around on water anywhere in the world.

As a consumer, you can choose from a variety of boards made for sport, leisure and even tandem riding. You’ll be able to find a wide range of boards for any skill level and experience. There’s essentially a Bluefin for everyone.

All boards are sold directly to consumers through their website and on Amazon. This allows Bluefin to keep costs low for consumers and make SUP boarding accessible.

Bluefin SUP Board Review

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@ Lake Union in Seattle, Washington

I received the Bluefin Cruise 10’8″ SUP board to review. I chose this board for its stability and how easy it would be to store the board when not in use. I would be taking the board on lakes and practicing SUP yoga on it. The board costs $899, but is currently on sale for $599 with free shipping throughout the USA.

The Cruise 10’8″ board comes with the following accessories:

Bluefin SUP Board 10'8" Package

Bluefin SUP Board 10’8″ Package

The Cruise SUP board comes in three lengths: 10’8″, 12′ and 15′

This board was bigger than I anticipated! It’s made for a single rider but I was able to ride around with a friend on my board. I am 5’5″ for reference. Bluefin has an awesome SUP board fit guide to help you decide on which size and style of board to buy.

The SUP board was easy to inflate and take into the water. The stability was great. I was able to get a good yoga flow in on my SUP board.

I recommend wearing a life vest while you are using your SUP board. We prefer to wear our inflatable Mustang life vests.

bottom of bluefin cruise SUP board

Bluefin Pros

  • The cutting-edge EXO Surface Laminate Technology, our inflatable paddleboards are very stable, ultra-tough and very durable.
  • Crocodile-Diamond deck pad guarantees comfort support and a no-slip grip, making the boards perfect for yoga and balancing.
  • Comes with a mount for your Go-Pro.
  • Cargo area at nose and tail of the board.
  • Has a removable back fin.
  • Boards come with an awesome backpack to house and carry the SUP board wherever your adventure takes you.
  • All new boards come with a 5-year warranty. Their demo boards come with a 12-month warranty and do not come with an oar or kayak seat.
  • Join their Bluefin owner community and meet other Bluefin owners from around the world!
  • All boards purchased receive FREE SHIPPING.

Bluefin Cons

  • Very heavy. I cannot imagine actually hiking with the backpack carrier on for long periods of time.
  • Does not come with a life vest. You will need to buy separately. We recommend the inflatable Mustang life vests.

stand up paddle board on lake union washington

Where to Buy Bluefin

Buy Bluefin SUP boards from their webstore. You’ll find the best deals buying directly through Bluefin. Receive FREE SHIPPING on all US orders.

You can also buy Bluefin on Amazon. Check the Amazon coupon box to save an additional $100 off your Bluefin SUP board.

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