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Great Gifts for the Foodies in Your Life

Great Gifts for the Foodies in Your Life
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Updated: 1/9/2022 | Great Gifts for the Foodies

Trying to think of a unique gift for a loved one can prove challenging, especially for those who seem to have everything already. With Christmas coming up, you might be feeling added pressure to get someone something special, but if they are crazy about food, you should have no problems finding a gift that they will love.

Foodies love to eat, but most of them love cooking as well. There are several modern kitchen appliances, tools, and other equipment readily available. Whether you decide to buy the gift online, or at your local store, you should have plenty of options. 

Instant Pot

It seems like every man, woman, and child has used an instant pot by now. A recent survey showed that almost twenty percent of American adults own an instant pot. It might be worth looking into whether or not the person you are buying the gift for already owns an instant pot before buying one. If they don’t have one, there are several benefits to cooking with instant pot such as:

  • Cooking with an instant pot is easy: Just because the person enjoys eating food, doesn’t necessarily mean they are good at cooking. Cooking ingredients with an instant pot is straightforward. All you have to do is put the ingredients in the modern kitchen appliance, press a few buttons, and the device will do all the work for you.
  • Recipes: Instant pots have generated a cult following on the internet. Instant pot lovers post recipes on social media platforms and websites to encourage others to use this easy-to-use kitchen tool. One Facebook group that is dedicated to instant pots has over two million followers. 
  • Eco-friendly: Unlike traditional kitchen appliances, instant pots don’t consume a lot of electricity. It is a great gift for those looking to minimize their carbon footprint and cut the cost of their utility bills. 
  • It cooks ingredients quickly: The word “instant” isn’t just a publicity stunt. These devices allow you to reduce the amount of time you spend cooking in the kitchen. Instead of spending several hours cooking a stew, an instant pot will have the ingredients cooked in forty minutes. It’s a great gift for those who are always on the go. 

If you don’t have bundles of cash to spend on gifts this Christmas, don’t worry, you can purchase an instant pot for less than $100!

We highly recommend the original Instant Pot.

Sous Vide Cooker

Sous vide is a method of cooking used by professional and home chefs across the globe. By putting ingredients in silicone or plastic pouches, releasing the air, and cooking it in heated water, you can produce finger-licking food. 

Sous vide cooking methods are all the rage at the moment, so it’s not surprising that sous vide cookers are in high demand. If you are thinking about giving the gift of a good sous vide cooker to a friend or family member this Christmas, here are a few ways they can benefit when using one:

  • These cookers manage to retain the ingredients original flavor
  • Reduce the amount of moisture loss in the ingredients
  • They can help keep nutrients in the food
  • They can help keep the ingredients stay fresh

In the past, most people experienced sous vide cooked food while dining at high-end restaurants, but more home chefs are experimenting with these methods today. If the individual you are buying a gift for enjoys cooking and trying out new cooking methods, a sous vide cooker might prove to be an ideal gift. 


A blender is a perfect gift for a person who doesn’t already own one. It can be used to blend fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients. For those who lead a busy lifestyle, making time to cook healthy meals on the go can prove challenging.

Unlike other kitchen appliances, a blender will be able to blend ingredients without destroying the fiber found in both fruits and vegetables. A blender is able to slice up the fiber and blend it with the other foods. Fiber is of vital importance because it can help keep our digestive system strong. Not only can it help stabilize our sugar levels, but it can reduce the risk of being diagnosed with a long list of chronic diseases. 

People who focus on their fitness, like bodybuilders or other athletes, often blend ingredients with protein powders, and other supplements to develop muscle or to lose or gain weight. If you are buying a gift for someone who hits the gym on a regular basis, a blender might be the best gift they will get this Christmas! 

Air Fryer

Just like instant pots, air fryers have grown in popularity over the past decade. These multifunctional kitchen appliances are easily accessible and affordable. Most well-stocked electrical stores sell a wide variety of air fryers. 

Home chefs often rely on their beloved air fryers to cook great tasting meals in a short space of time. You don’t have to use any oil whatsoever to produce finger licking food, so they are a healthier option in comparison to traditional cooking appliances. Air fryers will do all the work for you, so you can focus on other tasks around the kitchen while it is doing its magic. They are designed to make cooking easy, so as soon as you understand what each button does, you’re ready to start using it. They are extremely safe to use, so it is an ideal present for teenagers who aren’t used to cooking for themselves. 

These low-fat pressure cookers are really easy to keep clean, so you won’t have to spend all day in the kitchen scrubbing them down the different parts of the device. On top of this, air fryers are dishwasher safe! 

We highly recommend the air fryer by Okaysou

Online Cooking Course

Some of the world’s best chefs provide cooking courses online. Why not enroll your loved one in an advanced cooking course online to help them bring their cooking skills to the next level.

An online cooking class will give the person the opportunity to learn how professional chefs cook ingredients. They might learn how to cook new and exciting meals during these classes. A lot of the cooking classes online are pre-recorded, so they can take the class whenever it suits them. Learning how to cook different ingredients from the comfort of their own home can help them stay focused. Virtual classes mean they don’t have to go anywhere to take the class, so they won’t have to spend time traveling. 


You don’t have to invest in modern cooking appliances or online cooking classes as a present for a foodie. Most people who love spending time in the kitchen have a variety of cookbooks. Most foodies can never have enough cookbooks, and you can find tons of different books online, especially for sale in online marketplaces like Amazon. 

If the person is an avid traveler, why not look for a cookbook that teaches them how to cook local cuisine in the countries they have visited. Keep your ears open, and if you hear them discussing the delicious food they ate while on their travels, why not look for a cookbook with recipes in that region. If you are on a tight budget, a cookbook won’t’ break the bank!

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