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Free People Movement Legging Review

Free People Movement Legging Review
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Free People Movement Leggings













  • Super Soft
  • Comes in Different Prints and Colors
  • Compressive


  • Fabric Pills
  • Fabric May Stretch Out

About Free People Movement

Free People Movement (FPM) is the activewear line under the Free People brand. FPM launched in 2012 and introduced soft yet technical looks to the athleisure-wear retail pool. They initially launched a line for yoga and low-impact activities. FP Fit was then created in 2015 to cater to those who prefer tougher workouts but still wanted a feminine boho look. The brand wanted to keep true to their aesthetic while providing gear to all women and their unique workout preferences. Many of their pieces are meant for layering and transitioning between activities and from day to night.

Free People Movement Review

I was on the fence with FPM for a while because the fabric appeared so soft and reminded me of Hard Tail fabric, which IMHO, I feel performs poorly and the lack of elasticity in the fabric would eventually lead it to stretch out over time. I wore some Hard Tail pants once and immediately sold them on eBay. I purchased a pair of FPM Virgo leggings from a local boutique offering them at 40% off! Regularly they are $78 which is still an affordable price point.

I chose the color Khaki (as listed on the tag) but it looks more of an olive green. I’ve been looking for an olive green pant to wear to yoga and casually. Now onto the review!

free people movement virgo yoga leggings review.jpg

#1 Size: Since I tried the leggings on in the studio, I found that size small fit me comfortably. I am a size 6 in lululemon. It did appear tight in certain spots, but like the rest of my leggings, I am hoping they give a little over time.

#2 Style:  The FPM Virgo leggings are crops. FPM also offers shorts and long length pants.

#3 Inseam:  Inseam is 23″ (I am 5’5″ for reference) and it sits a few inches above my ankle.

#4 Rise: High rise and sits above the navel. The FPM collection however offers various rises.

#5 Waistband: Tall waistband measuring 3″. The waistband is wide and hides the muffin top.


Free People Movement – Virgo Legging (back)


Free People Movement – Virgo Legging (front)

#6 Fabric:

  • Fabric Content: FPM uses their own Be Free Blend, a premium Italian-sourced tech fabric.
  • Fabric Feel: The fabric feels brushed and soft – it has a buttery feel to it. The Be Free Blend also has a lot of stretch. 
  • Fabric Performance: 
    • 2-way stretch
    • UV Protection
    • Breathable
    • The leggings are very durable and will not pill. 
    • Depending on size, you leggings can be compressive or more relaxed. I have several pairs of FPM leggings with different thicknesses and fabric feels which also influence the pant compression.
    • Fabric did not show sweat when I wore them to hot yoga.
  • Opacity: the leggings are 100% opaque (NOT see-through)
  • Fabric Features: 
    • I love the petal design at the leg opening. It’s very subtle yet feminine. I would want to wear these around just to feel pretty.
    • The FPM logo is printed on the back of the waistband. 
    • The pants have a waistband pocket.

#7 When to Wear: FPM products great for low-impact activities while FP Fit products are for high-impact activities. I found the Virgo crops suitable for both high and low impact activities, which I am sure is the case for the most of FPM’s products.

#8 Cost: FPM bottoms range from $78 for crops to $118 for long leggings. The Virgo Leggings were $88.

#9 Gusset: FPM leggings have a triangle shaped, single-layer gusset that is sewn into the pant using flat-fell seams.

Free People Movement Virgo Legging Gusset.jpg

Free People Movement – Virgo Leggings – Gusset (inside)

#10 Stitch Seam: Flat-fell seams are used throughout the pant. The curved seams make the pants look very flattering and feminine.

#11 UPF Protection: Be Free Blend provides UV protection.

#12 Made in Taiwan. 

#13 Care Instructions: Hand wash or machine wash on gentle. Hang dry or tumble dry low. I hang to dry on a foldable drying rack such as this one

Should I Buy Free People Movement?

Absolutely! I am a fan of FPM designs and the Be Free Blend fabric because it’s so SOFT. I have always wanted leggings that I could dress down and wear casually. The olive green color is gorgeous and goes with about everything I own. Pair it with some Chucks and a white tee and you’re ready to conquer the world! Check out their entire collection of leggings here.

free people movement leggings navasana yoga.jpg

Wearing Free People Movement Virgo leggings and Nike striped tank top.

Where to Buy FPM?

Did our Free People review convince you to give them a try?

You can buy Free People at the following retailers:

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