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Rid Bad Juju with these Dream Catcher Leggings

Rid Bad Juju with these Dream Catcher Leggings
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Another legging obsession of mine is finding the perfect dream catcher leggings. A dream catcher is a small hoop containing a horsehair mesh, or a similar construction of string or yarn, and then decorated with feathers and beads. It is believed that the dream catcher captures negativity and leaves only good dreams to its owner.

Dream catchers were originally made by American Indians but are now prominent in both “bohemian style” or “Native American” style attire and decoration.

Below are leggings with Dream Catchers. I love them all to be honest. Which ones would you try?

#1 My Mantra Activewear “Wild Soul” Dream Catcher Leggings ($50 GBP or $63 USD)

my mantra activewear dream catcher leggings yoga.jpg

Love the ombre colors on this My Mantra printed leggings! My Mantra is a UK Based brand that offers a variety of clothing and props. The cascading dream catchers look “dreamy!” I tried their green starfruit ombre leggings and needed a medium. Definitely size up if you try out My Mantra. The fabric is brushed on both the inside and outside and the fabric was pretty thin.

#2 Onzie Dream Catcher Leggings ($65)

onzie-dream-catcher-leggings-multicolor yoga.jpg

I’ve bought and tried the Onzie Dreamer leggings. The S/M is too tight on me. I definitely needed to size up to a M/L. Love the design and the watercolor background is gorgeous. This style is currently out of production.

#3 Arthletic Wear Free Spirit Leggings ($79)

arthletic wear dream catcher leggings yoga.png

Love these Arthletic Wear dream catcher leggings! The fabric is super soft and the colors never fade or stretch. Use coupon code YOGANEWS for 20% discount off any of Arthletic’s products!

#4  Altar Ego Dream Catcher Legging ($88)

altar ego dream catcher legging.jpg

Love the dream catcher design. I am not so fond of the dream catcher being cut off/hidden by the waistband. Love the sunset detail at the calves. Use code YOGANEWS for 15% off your purchase at Altar Ego.

#5 Re3 Dream Catcher Legging in Blue or Grey ($78)

RE3 dream catcher leggings in Grey yoga.png

Tall waistband, full print of the dream catcher on left side of thigh. I like the simplicity of these leggings.

#6 Grizzy Love Flower of Life Dream Catcher leggings in black and gold ($42)

grizzy love dream catcher leggings.jpg

Love the simple design of Grizzy Love leggings. The fabric is a cotton spandex blend so it may be very soft to the touch.

#7 Body Angel Activewear Dream Catcher Leggings on CLEARANCE ($48)

body angel activewear dream catcher leggings blue.jpg

I have never tried Body Angel leggings yet. These look fun and the length is long. Maybe I will try them while they’re still available on clearance. Only color they have available is pink though.

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Mary naranjo

Wednesday 14th of June 2017

Can I get the #6 grizzly love flower of life black and gold by friday, June 16 if I order today?

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