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Cards for Connection Gets Us Talking Deeper

Cards for Connection Gets Us Talking Deeper
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Cards for Connection – game of positivity and meaningful relationships

I was following #rainbow on Instagram when I found out about Cards for Connection. My first thought was how cool! A friendlier version of Cards for Humanity. If you know what Cards for Humanity is you are probably my type of human. I dug deeper and saw how impactful the positivity of Cards for Connection could be. They would make great intention cards for yoga classes and workshops and allow me to connect with my friends on a deeper level.

About Cards for Connection

Cards for Connection was started by Erin Hickok. She wanted to bring positivity between strangers near and far. Erin grew up dealing with anxiety. She eventually honed into the practice of creating meaningful relationships with others and create a game to do exactly that – create deeper level relationships. Erin launched an IndieGoGo campaign and to date has exceeded her ask by 4%. There’s still time to support the cause for a brighter humanity here.

I reached out to her and she sent me a deck to review.

cards for connection white dark deck

Cards for Connection – Black and White Deck with instruction Card

cards for connection rainbow hands schimiggy reviews

Cards for Connection – 1 rainbow deck.

I initially played it with my neighbors and then with my co-workers. Immediately I could see the different types of levels that people will share depending on how well or how long you’ve known them or in what setting they’re played. That happens when you’re placed a situation that incites vulnerability and that’s exactly what these cards do. It’s also more of what the world needs – authentic, unreserved connection with another human being.

I totally support this game and hope more expansion packs are released! If you’d like to play with me, just send me an e-mail. I’m based in Seattle but we can even get a group going online. Holler at me!

How to Play Cards for Connection

Cards for Connection - How to Play Instructions

Cards for Connection – How to Play Instructions

I read the instructions and didn’t really understand how to play. Erin created a video below totally clears it up.

What’s in the Deck

  • White cards are EVERYBODY CARDS that allow you to discuss or take action.
  • Darker colored cards are fill-in-the-blank cards and questions (better for smaller groups or one on one). These work like a mini-expansion pack.

How to Win?

Everyone literally wins in this game! As a team, you will collect rainbows (ROYGBIV) and play up to a triple rainbow if you want to keep the game going for as long as possible. I played it two ways, having everyone answer the same questions and having the person who draws the card be the only person answering that specific card. By the end of the game, hopefully you will have gotten to know your current friends better and makes friends with new people.

You can still sign-up for a deck via their IndieGoGo campaign (cue discounts and perks) or buy a deck through the Cards for Connection website. You can also buy decks to print on your own. The ways to connect are endless!

Hope you enjoyed this review. Have fun connecting friends!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.