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Best Tulip Farms in Washington State

Best Tulip Farms in Washington State
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Updated: 5/6/2023 | Best Tulip Farms in Washington State 

Rows of colorful tulips tulip town

The Skagit Valley tulip festival runs April 1-30 of every year in Washington State.

The blooms are typically the most vibrant during mid-April. The flowers smell amazing and you get to frolic through the colorful fields and enjoy all the pretty flowers.

Below are the best tulip farms to visit in Washington State.

Best Tulip Farms in Washington State

#1 Roozengaarde

Tulip Festival Skagit Valley

Roozengaard Tulip Field

Roozengaard is the biggest and probably the most popular tulip farm. Here you can catch fields of colorful tulips. Be mindful of crowds as this farm can get very busy.

Tulip Town farm Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Selkie Angel Delight Dress ASN Hats straw boater

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#2 Tulip Town

We love Tulip Town because they have Instagram-worthy swings and allow dogs (on leash)!

We recommend buying tickets online because the ticket booth line can get very long.

Tickets are $15 and include a ride on their trolley around the farm.

Selkie Angel Delight Puff Dress ALOHAS boots Zanatany Straw Hat Skagit Valley Tulip Farm

Tulip Town Swing

#3 Garden Roselyn

Garden Rosalyn features acres of tulips in intricate designs. Enjoy picnic tables and on-site food trucks. Well-behaved dogs on leashes are welcome!

Admission is $12 and children five and under are free. Parking is free.

Garden Rosalyn is located at 16648 Jungquist Rd, Mount Vernon, WA. 

red purple tulips tulip town

#4 Tulip Valley Farms

Tulip Valley Farms is a great option but be mindful that their rows are more spread out, so if you’re looking for a continuous field of flowers, you may not get that here. 

Nonetheless, it’s a great farm to visit and great for families with kids as there is plenty to do onsite.

Selkie Angel Delight Puff Dress ASN Hats Straw Boater pink dress

See Tulips for FREE!

And if you’re on a budget, you can easily see the tulips for free. Simply drive by anytime (24/7) to see the tulips located between La Conner and Mount Vernon.

tulip town fields of tulips

skagit valley tulip festival selkie angel delight puff dress asn boater hat

Bloom Map

Here is a bloom map to help you find the best tulip farms.

To know exactly when the tulips bloom and which fields are blooming, keep an eye on the Bloom Map for updates! The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Bloom Map tulip icon will be in color (not greyed out) once the field blooms.

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