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Best Spots for Pasta in Seattle

Best Spots for Pasta in Seattle
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Updated: 4/23/2024 | Best Spots for Pasta in Seattle

Restaurante Rosetta fresh Pasta Mexico City soup

When we think of the best pasta spots in Seattle, we think of restaurants that freshly extrude pasta that’s then cooked to perfection (hopefully al dente).

The sauce is also very important. We love variety and these spots tend to deliver the perfect plates of pasta.

These Italian restaurants come to mind.

Best Spots for Pasta in Seattle

#1 Tavolata

Tavolata is part of the Ethan Stowell Restaurant group, but they serve amazing handmade pasta dishes. 

We highly recommend trying their Tonnarelli, Conchiglie Nero, steak tartare, and Papoardelle pastas.

They have restaurants in Capitol Hill, Belltown, and the Wallingford/Fremont area.

#2 Spinasse

Spinasse is a special occasion Italian restaurant located on Capitol Hill. They serve Piemontese cuisine and their pastas are made fresh daily.

It’s considered a special occasion restaurant, so be sure to make reservations ahead of time!

#3 Ristorante Machiavelli (NOW CLOSED)

Ristorante Machiavelli is regarded as one of the best pasta spots in Seattle and a favorite among locals.

They have a location in Capitol Hill and Edmonds (opened in December 2023). 

#4 Darkalino’s

handmade italian pasta seattle pomodoro with pappardelle

Handmade pappardelle pasta in pomodoro sauce

Darkalino’s is more than an Italian restaurant that offers handmade pizza, they’re also a community center, art gallery, boutique, and bar. 

We love their pastas, deli sandwiches, and you HAVE to sample their desserts. We were blown away with everything and so glad it exists in Pioneer Square.


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#5 Il Nido

Il Nido is located in West Seattle and serves freshly made pasta and other Italian dishes. They were also James Beard Award finalists in 2020.

Reservations are required and typically need to be made months in advance. 

#6 G.H. Pasta and G.H. Pasta and Pizza

Tonnarelli pasta from GH Pasta and Pizza

We’re huge fans of G.H. Pasta! Their pastas are made fresh daily and now they offer amazing sourdough crust pizza at their West Seattle outpost.

Their Downtown Seattle location is only open during lunchtime, but you can also get their pasta and pizza for dinner at their West Seattle location.


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#7 San Fermo

San Fermo serves handmade pasta out of a little cute house in the Ballard neighborhood. They also serve an amazing Caesar salad with anchovies. 

Reservations are highly recommended as they tend to get busy in their small space.

#8 mkt.

bucatini pasta from MKT in Greenwood Seattle

Bucatini Pasta from mkt.

mkt. is an Italian fine dining restaurant located in Greenwood known for their handmade pastas.

They offer a variety of modern and classic Italian plates including osso bucco (our favorite!), bucatini pasta, campanelle, and the most perfectly seared scallops.

They also offer refreshing and unique craft cocktails such as the Italian Cowboy and Villa Antiga cocktails.

It’s perfect for date nights and special occasion dinners. Their patio is open during the spring and summer and allows dogs.

Reservations are highly recommended in this cozy and intimate spot.

Location: 2108 N 55th St, Seattle, WA 98103

#9 Von’s 1,000 Spirits

Happy Hour Mac and Cheese sourdough pasta from Vons 1000 Spirits in Seattle

Mac and Cheese made with sourdough pasta

We are obsessed with their freshly made sourdough pasta! Their scala pasta has little ridges that soak up all the sauce. They also have a variety of sauces including a vegan option.

We love coming for happy hour because they have a selection of discounted full-sized plates and offer amazing beverage deals such as $6 scratch martini made with gin or vodka.

Locations: Downtown Seattle and Woodinville

#10 Stoneburner


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Stoneburner is known for their handmade pizza and pasta and cozy location in Ballard, Seattle! 

Their menu changes constantly because they only use locally sourced products to create their amazing food. 

Items that we highly recommend include the bucatini, uni arancinu (it’s so creamy!!!!), farm chicories salad, gems and radishes Caesar salad, triangoli pasta, skirt steak, black cod, and basque cheesecake.

They also offer amazing craft cocktails and a kid-friendly menu.

Reservations are highly recommended. 

Location: 5214 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

#11 List

List is one of our favorite spots for happy hour! We love their truffle cream gnocchi! It’s half off during happy hour and tastes amazing.

The gnocchi can only be described as small pillows of heaven. Trust us, you have to try List at least once.

Location: 2226 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121


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#12 Don Lucho’s

Don Lucho’s is a Peruvian restaurant that has their own take on pasta. They offer a dish called pasta a la Huancaina, which is a spaghetti noodle dish covered in a creamy yellow pepper (aji amarillo) sauce and then topped with savory slivers of tender steak in a soy sauce marinade known as lomo saltado.

We are obsessed with this dish and think that any pasta lover needs to give this a try.


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#13 Due Cucina

cacio e pepe spaghetti pasta from Due Cucina Seattle

Cacio e Pepe Spaghetti

Due Cucina makes their pasta fresh daily and all their ingredients are freshly prepared. You can choose how you want your pasta cooked (we prefer al dente) and 6 different pasta options. Our favorite pasta dishes were the Carbonara and Bolognese. 

Their pasta are also very reasonably priced! Don’t forget to add on a bottle of Peroni for only $3.90!

They have multiple locations in Capital Hill, Roosevelt, West Seattle, and Totem Lake. 

Other Notable Pasta Restaurants

  • Altura
  • Assaggio
  • Carrello
  • Cornelly
  • Cortina
  • La Fontana Siciliana
  • Limoncello
  • Mezzanotte
  • Pasta Casalinga
  • Rione XIII
  • Serafina

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