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Brands Similar to Lululemon

Brands Similar to Lululemon
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Updated: 12/20/2023 | Brands Similar to lululemon

Cocora Valley Knix Activewear Wallaroo Hats lululemon blissfeel sneakers

lululemon is a Canadian-based activewear brand. They’ve been dominating the activewear market for years. 

Below we’ll share some brands that are very similar to lululemon and indicate if they’re cheaper or more expensive than the real deal.

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Brands Similar to lululemon

#1 CRZ Yoga

CRZ Yoga Naked Feel Leggings Savannah Camo front arm

CRZ Yoga Naked Feel Leggings and Sports Bra

CRZ Yoga is a brand that quickly rose to popularity because they introduced a Naked Feel fabric that was intended to be similar to lululemon’s Nulu fabric used for the Align Pants.

The Naked Feel fabric had more of a wet and plastic feel to it and was not brushed. Eventually, CRZ Yoga introduced their Butterluxe fabric which offered a brushed feel and is much more similar to lululemon’s Nulu fabric. 

We recommend going with your true size in CRZ Yoga.

We love all their styles and highly recommend them. Use code SCHIMIGGY to save 10% off at CRZ Yoga.

#2 Halara

Halara is another affordable fashion brand with a huge collection of styles. Their apparel is very versatile. They even make stretchy jeans. 

We recommend going with your true size in Halara apparel.

#3 Kyodan

Kyodan Aura Mock Neck Long Sleeve and Cargo joggers Set

Aura Mock Neck Top and Cargo Joggers Set

Kyodan is another dependable activewear brand. They have a great selection of activewear and athleisurewear.

We recommend going with your true size in Kyodan.

#4 Knix

Cocora Valley Colombia Knix Activewear Wallaroo

#5 OGL Move

Fall Outfit Spanx Plaid Mini Skirt Vivaia Thigh High Boots OGL Square Neck Top

OGLmove Square Neck Top

OGL Move is one of our favorite brands! Their fabrics are super soft and sustainable. 

#6 Gold Hinge

Gold Hinge is very similar to Halara. 

#6 Fabletics

Monochrome Spring Outfit lululemon APL Quay Balmain Fabletics Mono B -02

Fabletics Seamless Slit Dress

Fabletics is an activewear brand created by Kate Hudson. Since their start in 

#7 Vuori

Vuori Performance Jogger Review dancer pose natarajasana

Vuori Performance Jogger Set

Vuori makes activewear and athleisure wear for men and women.

Vuori Daily Legging Review Halo crop top

Daily Legging and Halo Crop Top

#8 Mono B.

#9 Electric & Rose


#10 Nike

Nike Review Womens activewear street wear apparel

#11 Under Armour


#12 Carbon38 

Carbon38 MELT Bootcut Split Hem Flare Pants Black

MELT Bootcut Flare Pants

#13 Popflex


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