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See The Best of Melbourne on a Budget

See The Best of Melbourne on a Budget
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Most Americans don’t know a lot about the kangaroo’s native land.  Australia is exotic and mysterious. It is called the country of contrasts which proposes to its guests the unforgettable and fascinating adventures in natural parks with koalas and sea bears. And of course the variety of beautiful landscapes.

One day and night in Melbourne for an average American with a hotel, excursions and tasty food will cost near 150$. But if to put oneself on a budget, by spending the night in a hostel or a pen-friend, or traveling with the back-pack, you can travel in Melbourne almost for a trifle.


The covering of a flight to Australia will be one thing which is really high-priced. 

From New York to Melbourne you will get for 4.30 – 7 hours. The tickets both ends will cost you $1.200.  

There is a common stereotype that if you buy the tickets beforehand, you’ll save some money. It is actually not for every destination and company. 

However, it will be useful to look for low-cost flights, but remember but this philosophy does not apply to research papers of the highest quality. Of course, you will not get free food onboard and maybe you will be forced to pay for a suitcase. But most of the time, the cost of such flights will be very favorable and this is exactly what you need for planning your budget Melbourne.  Don’t forget to take food and as much as possible of your things with you on board!


In case of booking a house the rule “the earlier the better” works. You can also find housing cheap if you rent one day before or now at the moment. As for long-term rent, it is advantageous to book private apartments or rooms.

Living in a hotel may cost you 100 $ and this is not what we want saying Melbourne on a budget. It is expensive, boring and won’t show you real Australia from inside. You need to find locals.

For 30$ you will get a bed in multiple rooms with the public shower and toilets.  In general, the level of such places in Australia is sufficiently high. Don’t think that for this price you will get bearable overnight shelter. Quite the opposite – in a hostel you will be able to use additional benefits such as a kitchen, dining room and veranda. This variant is mostly for young folk and this is a good possibility to find new acquaintances.

Traveling with a company you have an option to search for rent of private apartments. The price tag of a separate room for two persons starts from $30 and can achieve $70. The whole flat can be rent for $70-120.

The universal appeal works in Australia, but not in Melbourne or Sydney. The reason for this – far too many tourists. You think it’s unfair and you have no other similar options? Not likely! A lot of Americans live in Australia. Ask your friends and relatives if they have any pen-friend living there. Be sure you will find someone. These people always miss their native land and will be happy to meet some fellow-countryman.

Drink water from the tap

All water in Australia is potable. Take the reusable bottle with you and fill it at every petrol station, cafe or special drinking fountain all over the city. In different ways, you’ll have to pay $5 for 1,5 liters and this is an absolute waste.

Forget about eating in cafes and restaurants

Do you know that the official minimal salary in Australia is $17,7. It is paid to everyone without exceptions – from waiters to cleaners. That is why the sphere of the services sector can’t be cheap. The most affordable variant is A$10 for a person and this is a hamburger in McDonald’s. 

What’s interesting in Australia – the prices in cafes are not connected to their location or status. They are practically equal everywhere. Fast-food is cheaper, the restaurant is more expensive. To save money – buy products in the supermarkets. Aldi is the cheapest. In Tesco in the evening, you can buy a product with yellow discount labels.  If you don’t have a place to cook, here you can buy already prepared grill-chicken for $10 and Greek salad only for $5.

The main national dish of Australia is fried meat. Everything else – seafood and poultry, exotic fruits and local cheese serve as a supplement. You will meet such delicacy as shark lips, crocodile meat, blue crab and fresh-water oysters.

There a lot of barbecue grill – you will stumble over them in the park, parking and even on the child playgrounds. In the same place, you will find the tables and benches for a picnic. This is also a good variant for those who don’t have a kitchen. You can buy the marinaded meat in a shop and make it to your heart’s content.

For last, do not pay money for the parks with animals. We know that you expect to see them on your trip and you will see just in a live version everywhere. The kangaroo will be jumping on the road behind your car. So be careful! The koalas are sitting on the high gum-trees. The seals are taking a tan on the wild beaches. Ask local folks where you can see the penguins – they will generously share with you this information.

And finally – if you don’t have money at all but you want to visit Australia badly – go for gathering harvest on a farm for several months. And after work travel to your pleasure!


Hannah Bolling is a passionate freelance writer and keeping on travel all over the world. In her stories, she shares little tips that help to be at your best in any unpredictable situation. She also gives useful pieces of advice on how to make any trip low-cost but still pleasant and comfortable. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.