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Best lululemon Dupes | Affordable lulu Copycats

Best lululemon Dupes | Affordable lulu Copycats
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Updated: 1/26/2021 | Best lululemon Dupes

While we highly recommend buying from lululemon directly, sometimes it can be hard on the wallet. lulu is by no means the most affordable, but it’s one of the best activewear brands on the market.

If you want to stay fashionable without breaking the bank, we’ve rounded up some options for those who love lululemon but need to stick to a budget.

Here is our roundup of the best lululemon dupes. You’ll find that they’re high-quality, significantly cheaper, and come in many colors and patterns to choose from.

#1 Align Pants

crz yoga naked feel versus lululemon align pant

We compared the CRZ Yoga Naked Feel leggings ($30) and lululemon Align pants ($98) side by side.

The price and performance of CRZ Yoga were impressive. It’s a great budget legging with a soft fabric that can easily replace Align’s Nulu fabric.

Personally, we prefer Aligns better due to the buttery, matte fabric and naked sensation fit.

Use code SCHIMIGGY for 8% off all your orders at CRZ Yoga.

You may also want to check out Colorfulkoala, their leggings came in a close second to CRZ Yoga.

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#2 Cates Tee

CRZ Yoga Crop Tee versus lululemon Cates Crop Tee

CRZ Yoga Crop Tee VS lululemon Cates Crop Tee

The lululemon Cates Tee ($48-$58) is probaby one of the best investments we’ve ever made. 

When we saw that CRZ Yoga made their own rendition of the Cates Tee, we had to give it a try. At only $20, we were impressed that it offered the same performance for a fraction of the cost.

#3 Energy Long Line Bra

crz yoga strappy longline bra versus lululemon energy longline bra gray sage

CRZ Yoga’s strappy long line bra ($24) is a great dupe to lululemon’s Energy Bra ($58-$68).

It’s a fraction of the cost and the fabric is buttery soft, yet offers a lot of support and comes with removable cups.

#4 Free to Be Wild Bra

CRZ Yoga strappy bra versus lululemon free to be wild FTBW bra

CRZ Yoga’s Free Feeling Strappy Sports Bra  ($22) is an exact dupe of lululemon’s Free to Be Wild FTBW bra ($48).

We definitely consider this bra one of the best lululemon dupes.

#5 Swiftly Long Sleeve Top

CRZ Yoga long sleeve seamless top versus lululemon swiftly long sleeve

CRZ Yoga’s seamless long sleeve top ($24) is a dupe of lululemon’s Swiftly Long Sleeve tops ($78-$88).

From the marled fabric, knit design, logo placement, and even including the thumbholes.

CRZ Yoga also makes dupe versions of the Swiftly Short Sleeve ($18) and Sleeveless ($16).

#6 Power Y Tank

CRZ Yoga versus lululemon Power Y Tank dupe

CRZ Yoga makes an exact dupe of the lululemon Power Y tank top ($54).

Their Cottony Soft Y-Back Tank ($24) and Speedy Seamless Y-Back Tank ($22) are identical from the cut and even some colors of the Power Y tank.

They also make a dupe of the Power Y bra ($22).

#7 Define Jacket

queenieke vs lululemon define jacket dupe

Queenieke didn’t’ even bother giving their Define Jacket dupe another name.

It’s an exact replica of the lululemon Define Jacket. It has the OM shape in front and even the top yoke flap in the back of the jacket.

#8 Scuba Hoodie Jacket

CRZ Yoga and lululemon Scuba Hoodie dupe

CRZ Yoga’s Cotton Terry Full Zip Hoodie ($48) is a dupe of lululemon’s Scuba Hoodie ($118). 

#9 On the Fly Shorts

crz yoga vs lululemon on the fly shorts dupe

CRZ Yoga’s Stretch Drawstring Travel Shorts ($22) is a dupe of the lululemon On the Fly Shorts ($58).

#10 Speed Shorts

crz yoga vs lululemon speed shorts

CRZ Yoga’s feathery-fit shorts ($24) are almost an exact dupe of lululemon’s Speed Shorts ($58).

#11 Align Jogger

crz yoga jogger vs lululemon align joggers

CRZ Yoga’s feathery-fit joggers ($30) are an exact dupe of lululemon’s Align Joggers ($98).

#12 Fast & Free Tights

colorfulkoala vs lululemon fast and free tights dupe

Colorfulkoala makes a pocket legging ($28) that is very similar to lululemon’s Fast & Free tights ($128), however, there are some noticeable differences such as no outer waistband pockets and front seams that do not extend onto the waistband.

They’re a UK based brand that is known for emulating many of lulu’s popular silhouettes.

#13 Align Crop Tank Top

Promover versus lululemon Align Tank dupe

When lululemon Align crop tank tops ($58) were released, they flew off the shelves quickly. They also came in limited colors.

I opted for a dupe made by Promover and have worn the top pretty often! The fabric is not as buttery soft, but the silhouette looks almost identical.

I finally got a chance to compare it to the real deal and the quality and fit are very close. The only difference is lulu’s version is made with the buttery soft Nulu fabric.

Other brands that sell similar Align Tank dupes include CRZ Yoga, Lavento, The Gym People, and Raisevern.


lululemon Align Tank Dupe Promover crop tank top

Wearing Promover Align Tank Dupe

CRZ Yoga Naked Feeling Longline Sports Bra Padded Align Tank Dupe

CRZ Yoga Align Tank Dupe

#14 Crescent Tee

Baleaf versus lululemon Crescent Tee Knockoff

Baleaf‘s crewneck mesh cross wrap crop top ($19) is a great dupe for lululemon’s Crescent Tee ($48).

We recommend sizing up in Baleaf apparel.

Use code SCHIMIGGY15 to save 15% off all your orders at Baleaf.

#15 On the Fly Pants

Baleaf versus lululemon On the Fly OTF Pant dupe

Baleaf has tapered pocketed ankle length pants ($32) that are similar to the lululemon On the Fly (OTF) Pants ($98).

Use code SCHIMIGGY15 for 15% off your orders at Baleaf.

#16 Hottie Hot Shorts


CRZ Yoga also makes a dupe of lululemon’s H0ttie Hot Shorts ($58). Their Feathery Fit Running Shorts are a near exact rendition and even comes in 2.5″ and 4″ lengths.

#17 Pace Rival Skirt


CRZ Yoga Feathery Fit Mid-Rise Tennis SKirt ($32) is a dupe of lululemon Pace Rival Skirt ($58).

#18 Wunder Under Pant

90 Degree Reflex versus lululemon Wunder Under Pant Dupe

90 Degree Reflex makes dupes of the lululemon Wunder Under Pant (WUP) and crop (WUC). Their fabric is similar to Luon but does not pill as easily or hold its shape as well.

90 Degree Reflex leggings can be purchased directly from their website, on Amazon and Nordstorm Rack.

Another brand that makes a good WUP/WUC dupe is Baleaf. We recommend sizing up in Baleaf. You may want to give them a try too!

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