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Best Leather Handbag Brands for Traveling

Best Leather Handbag Brands for Traveling
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Updated: 5/11/2023 | Best Leather Handbag Brands for Traveling

Leather handbags are more durable than other types of materials, which makes them great for traveling. They may be a little heavier, but they will outlast any other type of materials on the market.

A leather handbag is an investment that will last you years.

Below are some of the best leather handbag brands we think you should consider shopping from.

Best Leather Handbag Brands for Traveling

#1 Portland Leather Goods

Portland Leather Crossbody Tote review

Portland Leather Goods (commonly referred to as PLG) is a sustainable and affordable leather goods brand for men and women. 

They have a bit of a cult following and I know some people who own more than one (sometimes upwards of 10!) PLG bags. If you’re familiar with Rothy’s sustainable footwear, PLG is their leather handbag equivalent.

We love their leather backpacks, waist bags, big and small totes, and circle crossbody bags.

Read our PLG reviews here.

#2 Kodiak Leather

Kodiak Leather Huslia Backpack Review one shoulder

Kodiak Leather

Read our Kodiak Leather review here.

#3 The Sak

Sak Filmore Hobo Crossbody Bag

Filmore Fringe Hobo Crossbody by The Sak

The Sak is a huge accessory brand that adheres to sustainable practices within their supply chain. We love their leather goods which have lasted us years!

The Sak offers handbags, small leather goods, backpacks, home goods, footwear and more. They also make woven handbags from recycled materials. Their bags are great for traveling and beyond. 

Right now, our bag on rotation is the Mariposa shoulder bag.

Use code ALEX25 to save 25% off your orders at The Sak.

Also, check out our Sak reviews here.

#4 Viscata

Viscata is a Barcelona-based footwear and handbag brand. They offer very flattering shoes and bags that are sustainably hand-crafted by Spanish artisans.

Their handbags are made from, sustainably sourced leather or with canvas and leather trim.

You should also check out their resale program where you can buy deeply discounted and gently used Viscata products, which ensures that their products never enter landfills. We always love a closed-loop supply chain!

#5 Wildwood Oyster Co.

Wildwood Oyster Crossbody Tote Bag with Teal Dock LIne and Gold BrassOur jaws nearly fell off when we stumbled upon the Wildwood Oyster Co.

Their crossbody totes are to DIE for. They’re made of leather, rope, and metal, all sustainable materials. And their chevron design is definitely eye-catching.

Use this link to save 20% off your first order at Wildwood Oyster Co.

See how we styled our Wildwood Oyster Co. Crossbody on our trip to Hawaii!


AZARIA is a great grand for moms. They specialize in diaper bags as well as casual bags such as backpacks, purses, belt bags and more.

#7 KMM & Co.

KMM & Co. is another leather brand that offers a variety of handbags and leather goods. Kyle Martin wanted to offer heirloom quality goods that would last a lifetime, and that’s exactly what he did.

#8 Go Forth Goods

Go Forth Goods sells sustainably made leather goods for men and women.

We love their Celeste hobo bag because it can also be worn as a crossbody bag.

Other Leather Brands that Almost Made the List

These brands almost made the list. They are still worth checking out.

  • Odin Leather Goods – A Texas-based Black owned and operated leather goods store. They offer workshops, custom orders, and handmade products through their website and retail stores.
  • Olpr –  Sells leather goods for men and women.
  • Oughton – Equestrian-inspired handbags for men and women.
  • Saddleback Leather – Sells leather goods for men and women.

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