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Must-Pack Fashion Essentials For Your Beach Vacation

Must-Pack Fashion Essentials For Your Beach Vacation
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Updated: 8/30/2022 | What to Pack for a Beach Vacation Packing List

You’ve booked your plane tickets and hotels, and all that remains is to decide what to bring. Knowing that plenty of resort-ready accessories, outfits, and swimwear are made for a summer beach vacation can make deciding what to wear on vacation an enjoyable endeavor. 

Summertime and living are easy–especially if you’re headed to the beach! But as you bring sunscreen, pack these fashion essentials to help you look and feel your best. From comfortable swimwear to basic crop tops or tank tops and chic coverups, these pieces will help you enjoy your time by the water. 

Beach Vacation Packing List

Beach Tops

When selecting beach outfits, tops are necessary. Try to choose pieces you can wear in various ways without anyone knowing. You can stick to basic crop and tank tops with neutral tones and plain designs. 

A tank top or two are great base pieces that can be paired alone with shorts, skirts, or slacks or layered with a long-sleeved button-down. You can also include a short-sleeve loose shirt and one long-sleeve tee. These are ideal for shopping and cooler morning outings and can be worn over your swimwear or tank top and removed as the day gets hotter.

Beach Dresses

Bring the laid-back vacation vibe into your closet with dresses that need minimal to no thought. Dresses are a handy item that should not be forgotten while planning your beach trip wardrobe. You may dress them up or down or use them as a beach coverup. 

Additionally, you could purchase at least three dresses. One romper, one simple cotton dress, such as a simple white dress that can be worn at the beach, during the day and evening, and another for formal events. These might be either short or long.

Wear dresses made of natural fibers to avoid being irritated by heat and humidity. Choose a style that you feel more comfortable in and flatters your body.

hawaii outfit idea leopard print romper with wide brim straw hat


Whatever your trip plans include, there is certainly ideal swimwear for the occasion. With the right swimwear, you can enjoy your time at any beach without worrying about sunburns or suit failure. All it takes are tips on staying safe from UV rays and what type of clothing will best protect against them. 

Beautiful swimwear is a must whether you’re lounging around the pool or sailing through clear blue waters with friends, but make sure that whatever style suits you. 

You could bring two to three bikini bottoms, tops, and one-piece swimwear based on your trip duration. Try to choose bottoms and tops that you can mix and match. String bikinis, tankinis, ruffled bikinis, strapless bikinis, choose whatever suit. Mixing up may create a variety of swimsuit combinations in addition to your one-piece.

The one-piece suit is ideal for scuba diving or snorkeling, as well as going to the beach, and may be worn as a top with your maxi skirt and shorts.

sexy swimsuit bikini poses schimiggy at kaan luum lagoon in Tulum Mexico


Coverups are the true secret to having limitless wardrobe choices. Choose neutral patterns and colors that will go with everything you carry. They are simple, easy-to-wear garments that you can wear over your swimsuit. You can bring one to two beach coverups to spice up your outfit as you stroll the beach.

Also, A beautiful denim jacket is a basic way to cover up your previous night’s attire. Consider items that you can wear in multiple ways. A button-down shirt, for instance, can be utilized as a swimming coverup while providing a stylish layer to wear over a dress or a tank.

Trousers, Shorts, or Skirts

Shorts are a must-have piece for your beach trip outfit. Pants are too hot in summer, dresses are sometimes inappropriate, and you want more protection than a swimsuit. They are useful for hiking, riding, golfing, and other outdoor activities. Additionally, they are suitable for breakfast, lunch, and even bar hopping.

You could also bring trousers and skirts that you could wear during the day and night as you explore the beach. Just make sure you’re comfortable and that the item fits you properly.

Beach Shoes

Shoes are a must-have for any holiday trip. Bringing athletic shoes enables you to explore, go on treks, ride your bike, and climb steep slopes to isolated beaches. To be comfortable on your feet, you should wear flat sandals. This will help with any outfit and keep them from getting wet or dirty while out in the water.

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Road to Hana Maui Hawaii Monstera Deliciosa Plant


While the list of fashion essentials we’ve provided is comprehensive, it’s by no means exhaustive. If there’s something you feel is essential to your beach vacation style, go ahead and pack it! The key is to be comfortable, look great and have fun.

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