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What to Wear to Play Tennis

What to Wear to Play Tennis
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Updated: 7/28/2022 | What to Wear to Play Tennis

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by lululemon. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine and honest.

Picking a tennis outfit is all about style, comfort, and performance. You’ll want to wear apparel that you can move in and get you into the mode of playing to win.

While there are lots of options to choose from, we’ll go over the best pieces of tennis apparel for women.

Be sure to check out the lululemon tennis collection for the latest in sports apparel technology and performance.

What to Wear to Play Tennis

#1 Tennis Skirts

Tennis skirts are great because they cover your bottom and are super breathable. lululemon makes cute tennis skirts the come with pocked shorts underneath.

#2 Tennis Skorts

For added comfort and protection, opt for tennis skorts (a portmanteau, or combining of the words shorts and skirts). Skorts look like skirts but have built-in shorts underneath.

The shorts often come with outer pockets to hold your keys, mobile phone, and tennis balls. Shorts also prevent you from chafing while moving around the court.

We love the Court Rival High Rise Skirt  ($88) by lululemon. It has an inner short liner with pockets and is super flowy and cute. It comes in many colors as well as regular (15″) and long (17″) lengths.

lululemon Court Rival High-Rise Skirt Long dark red

Court Rival High-Rise Skirt (long)

#3 Shorts

Don’t like wearing skirts? Opt for shorts! lululemon has plenty of activewear shorts that you can choose from to wear to your next tennis game.

We love wearing Speed Up shorts ($58-$68) because they have pockets, are super breathable, and come in longer lengths.

lululemon Speed Up Shorts Incognito Camo Multi Green ICMG

Speed Up Shorts

#4 Shirts and Tops

Whether it’s a sleeveless tank top, a polo tee, or a crop top, a shirt is a great item to wear with your tennis outfit. T-shirts are often worn by most men and women.

Find shirts made with sweat-wicking and anti-microbial properties like lululemon’s Silverescent fabrics. 

Short sleeve tops such as polo shirts and crew neck shirts are great for playing tennis. Sleeves also keep your shoulders protected from the sun.

#5 Sports Bra

On hot days, we like to wear a supportive sports bra. Bras offer a lot of breathing room and are sufficient enough to wear on court.

Don’t forget to use sunblock to protect your exposed skin.

lululemon has bras created for low, medium to high impact activities. For tennis, we recommend checking out their medium to high impact bra selections.

#6 Tennis Dress

Tennis dresses are a great option if you want to look put together from head to toe. It’s also very convenient because you have an entire one-piece tennis outfit that won’t shift while you play.

Dresses are often lined and have built-in shorts.

We love the Court Crush tennis dress ($138) by lululemon. It also comes in different colors and patterns.

lululemon Court Crush Tennis Dress review black

Court Crush Tennis Dress ($138)

#7 Socks

Compressive, sweat-wicking socks are an essential companion to your tennis shoes. They’ll help support your foot and cushion it as you dash and slide around the court.

We love wearing cushioned socks when it comes to tennis. Playing tennis can cause a lot of wear and tear on your shoes. Wear cushioned socks to protect your feet and shoes.

You can choose from no-show, low-cut, or calf-length socks. Be mindful of sun exposure and tanning when playing outdoors. You don’t want to get a gnarly tan line from your socks.

#8 Proper Tennis Shoes

You’ll want lightweight shoes that allow you to move quickly. Many athletes prefer shoes that are lightweight with a slim profile. 

#9 Visor or Baseball Cap

lululemon Fast Paced Visor Incognito Camo Multi Grey ICMI

lululemon Fast Paced Visor

Use a visor or baseball cap to keep your hair up and out of your way and your eyes protected from the sun. 

lululemon offers headwear in many colors and styles so you can find a hat that fits perfectly.

#10 Sweatbands

Sweatbands can be worn on your wrists or around your head like a headband. Sweatbands prevent sweat from dripping onto your face and are worn by athletes in many sports. 

If you don’t like sweat dripping into your eyes during play, wear a sweatband to absorb the droplets.

#11 Jackets

For the colder months, a jacket or sweats will keep your muscles warm, which is important to prevent injury and to ensure that you don’t catch a cold.

Jackets with a lining will help keep you warm and protect your body from extreme temperature changes while you play.

We highly recommend checking out jackets by lululemon and finding a windbreaker or down jacket to up your game.

lululemon Pack It Up Jacket incognito camo grey icmi

lululemon Pack It Up Jacket in Incognito Camo Grey (ICMI)

#12 Hair Ties and Scrunchies

You’ll want to use a dependable hair tie or scrunchie to keep your hair up and out of your way. lululemon makes awesome hair accessories that are practically indestructible.

lululemon uplifting scrunchie dark prism pink

lululemon Uplifting Scrunchie

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Final Thoughts

Remember to pick out tennis clothes that are comfortable but also represent your style and personality. Find what makes you feel good and confident on the court and you’ll see how it impacts your playing.

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