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Baabuk Review: Sky Wooler Wool Shoes | Sustainable Shoes

Baabuk Review: Sky Wooler Wool Shoes | Sustainable Shoes
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Baabuk Sky Wooler Sneakers













  • Temperature Regulating
  • Sustainable
  • True to Size
  • Machine Washable
  • Traceable
  • Family Owned
  • Water Repellant


  • Expensive
  • Flat Insoles

Updated: 6/4/2020 | Baabuk Review

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About Baabuk

Baabuk is a sustainable shoe company started by Dan and Galina. 

Baabuk was inspired by Valenkis, traditional felted footwear favored for centuries by Russians. Wool is not only great for keeping warm, it’s also great at temperature regulation.

In 2015, Dan and Galina launched a Kickstarter campaign which earned them $54,000 to launch their sustainable and fashionable shoe company!

Now, Baabuk shoes are sold all over the world and continue to deliver style and sustainability.

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Baabuk Review: Sky Wooler Wool Shoes

Baabuk Sky Wooler Sneakers

Baabuk Sky Wooler Sneakers (in Concrete Lime)

I received the Sky Wooler sneakers to review in this post. I went with Concrete Lime and super glad I did! The lime green adds a pop of color to any outfit and the gray upper material is comfortable and goes with any outfit.

Below are the things that I liked and did not like about the Sky Wooler sneakers.

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  • B-Corp certified since 2017
  • Family Owned business
  • Wool is great for all wearing year-round due to its temperature regulating properties.
  • Water repellant wool as it has a waxy coating.
  • Unisex and European sizing. I am a size 7.5 in US womens and 38 in Baabuk shoes. Their shoes run true to size.
  • Designed in Switzerland and made in Portugal with traceable and ethical wool from the Burel Factory. The wool comes from happy sheep living in the Serra de Estela Natural Park, a large protected area in the country.
  • Machine washable. The wool material is washed and felted, so your shoes will not shrink. They do advise avoiding the dryer as it can damage the rubber.
  • Shoes you don’t have to tie! The shoes will simply slip on and you’re ready to go! The elastic laces are perfect for those who are always on the go.


  • Flat insoles. You can use custom insoles in place of the ones provided with your Baabuk shoes.
  • Expensive. The Baabuk Sky Woolers will run you $125 USD.

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Should I Buy Baabuk?

We highly recommend Baabuk! The Sky Woolers are stylish and the colors highlight any outfit I wear.

I am also super impressed with how well insulated the shoes are. The shoes are super comfortable and great for wearing all year long.

Some of the features that we love the most are their sustainability, they’re machine washable and do not need to be laced up. This makes them easier to slip on and off as you go about your day.

Where to Buy Baabuk

You can buy Baabuk shoes on their webstore. Sign-up for their emails for deals.

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