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6 Amazing Benefits Of Thai Yoga Massage

6 Amazing Benefits Of Thai Yoga Massage
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Thai massage is not like the other typical massage and is performed with the covered body. It is a traditional Chinese Massage that is actually beneficial for the masseuse and receiver both; how peculiar. The stronger the mental connection is between the receiver and the masseuse, the stronger will be the effects of the massage. Thai massage is great for physical and mental health so getting one will relax your body and bring peace to mind. 

If you are thinking about getting a Thai Yoga Massage, have a look at some of the advantages it has.

#1 Relieves Stress

Stress is experienced by everyone, whether it is about studies, career, or some personal matter. A massage, especially a Thai massage, is a must for anyone who can get it as it helps reduce your cortisol level which is a major cause of anxiety. The masseuse twists the limbs and pulls, so a different kind of relaxing sensation is produced in the body of the client. Once in a while, you must loosen up those tight muscles.

#2 Anti-Aging Qualities

Thai massage is a combination of meditation and yoga which makes it a perfect tool to nourish your soul and freshen up your body. This combination helps cause regeneration of blood cells and hormones through the blood pressure. When these new cells are formed in a large quantity, which is when the anti-aging happens. Face lifting is also a Thai massage which is not unheard of, and is in fact, quite popular in the west.

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#3 Good For Diabetes

Thai Yoga massage can be advantageous for type 1 diabetic patients. Thai massage is a great way to help the body maintain its normal sugar level. The Thai massage increases insulin in the pancreas, which is necessary for fighting off diabetes. The clients are also motivated to follow a healthy exercise which leads to a healthy life.

#4 Weight Loss

There are people who spend half their lives struggling to lose weight with impossible and cruel diet plans. A better way to achieve your goals would be to get Thai massage regularly as practitioners also recommend it. By regularly participating in these massage sessions, they would quickly lose carbs and fats because the consumption of energy is high during massage therapy. Burn the rest of the calories by stretching and other Yoga activities.

#5 Improves The Immune System

Thai Yoga Massage increases the immune cell response to pathogens and people who get massages regularly do not get ill frequently. We recommend 1-2 massage sessions each month. Look into your insurance plan and see if you can get a massage prescription from your chiropractor. Depending on your insurance plan, you may qualify for reduced massage sessions of up to 90% off.

#6 Reduces Heart Diseases

Because the Thai Yoga Massage improves blood circulation, it cancels out the levels of heart diseases. The massage enhances the oxygen and nutrient transfer in the body. It will also protect the heart cells from any damage, all of which reduces risks of heart diseases.

For people who do not prefer to get a massage from someone, you can consider bringing the spa quality massage to you. Try the human touch massage chair that will give you an equally soothing experience in the privacy of your own home.

Do we have you convinced? You can start getting Thai yoga massage and experience these benefits yourself! Use Google and search for “Thai massage” or “yoga Thai massage” to find a studio in your area.


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Guest Contributor: Sara is a psychologist by profession, and she loves massage therapies. She enjoys home-based work and travelling. She is obsessed with massage chair therapies and other relaxing techniques. She regularly writes blogs at MyMassageChairs.

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