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ALO Yoga Review: High-Waist Moto Leggings

ALO Yoga Review: High-Waist Moto Leggings
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ALO Yoga Moto Leggings













  • Very Stylish Design
  • Comes in Many Colors
  • Soft Fabric


  • See-Through
  • Expensive

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What is ALO Yoga?

ALO Yoga was created by Danny Harris and Marco DeGeorge. They recognized the rise of athleisure wear and started ALO in 2007.

ALO was created to spread good to anyone who is experiencing the transformative power of yoga, to the world’s best yogis like Talia Sutra, Ashley Galvin, and Dylan Werner who wear ALO to practice because it’s the only line that actually elevates their practice, to the celebrities and the fashion-forward who wear ALO because it’s the perfect street brand, comfortable, contemporary and decidedly not just for the mat.

Alo Yoga Leggings Review: High-Waist White Moto Leggings

I first tried ALO Yoga back in 2007 when they first came out. They offered their collection at Nordstrom and I was not immediately in love.

In 2010 I attended a conference in Boston, Mass. and found a cute Alo Yoga criss cross tank top that I fell in love with. I brought it home with me and later discovered that the label had fallen off after two wears and the trim used on the top was not stretchy and felt constricting.

I ended up selling the top. I also attended one of their samples sales in Los Angeles years later that year and found tanks, bras, tops and bottoms for an excellent deal! I still was not a huge fan of Alo due to the quality, but I couldn’t beat the prices! Afterward, I took a long hiatus from ALO Yoga.

Two weeks ago (fast forward 7 years) I tried on their High-Waist Moto leggings and fell in love. I could see an exponential improvement in their design.

The fabric was much softer and the silhouette was very slimming! I could see why there’s been such a huge rise in the popularity of ALO Yoga, aside from their Instagram sponsorships and challenges. So it warranted a space on my blog.

alo yoga high waist moto leggings white try on

#1 Size: I tried on the black Alo High Rise Moto leggings in a size small at Nordstrom. I am a size 6 in lululemon for reference. The fit was excellent! The pants held everything in and looked very slimming.

I decided to get the pants in white as well! I figured white would fit similarly, but boy was I wrong. The pants were tighter (felt like I was wearing an XS) and see through.

alo yoga size guide

#2 Style:  ALO Yoga makes apparel for both men and women. ALO Yoga long leggings come in both high and regular rise. They also make shorts, bras, tops, sweaters, and outerwear. They recently came out with puffy jackets that make you look ski resort ready. 

#3 Inseam:  The leggings are 29″ long and can be worn over the heel or ankle. ALO Yoga is great for tall gals! For petite gals, I recommend going for their 7/8 leggings.

alo yoga high waist moto leggings white front back

#4 Rise: High Rise pants sit above the navel.

#5 Waistband: I opted for the high waist moto leggings. The high waistband measures 4.25″.


alo yoga high waist moto leggings bend test see through

Try-on showing how see-through the white leggings are.

#6 Fabric:


  • Fabric Content: Moto leggings are composed of Alo’s Ultimate Performance Nylon Spandex (UPNS) + Glossy Performance Fabric (GPF).
  • Fabric Feel: The UPNS fabric feels similar to Lululemon Luon fabric but a bit thicker and softer. The GPF feels like Onzie material. The mixed matte and shine fabric panels provide the perfect amount of contrast, allowing the leggings to transfer easily between street to studio wear.
  • Fabric Performance:
    • Alo leggings are dry wicking with anti-microbial properties.
    • Fabric offers 4-way stretch, allowing the leggings to be form fitting. I did not find the leggings to be overly compressive.
    • No pilling! I’ve worn my Motos at least 5 times already. They’ve gone through the washer and come out still looking brand new.
  • Opacity: My black leggings were 100% opaque, however, the white leggings were see-through. A friend also mentioned that she experienced see-through in her navy Moto leggings as well. I have the moto pant in gravel (nude) and they are not see-through. 
  • Fabric Features:
    • Screen printed logo on back waistband of the pant.
    • No pockets.
    • Pleated and mesh panel details across the front of the pant.

#7 When to Wear: Alo Yoga products are designed for yoga. They’re also great for casual wear and other exercises as well.

#8 Cost: Alo’s long leggings range from $88 to $129. The High Rise Moto Leggings cost $114. I’ve included some discount codes below so you can get it for below retail.

#9 Gusset: The moto leggings are constructed with an H-shaped gusset with a floating layer of fabric to protect and cover your crotch area.

Alo Yoga Moto Leggings White Gusset

Alo Yoga High Waist Moto Leggings Gusset

#10 Stitch Seam: Flat fell seams line the inseam of the pants, front and back rise, and waistband of their leggings.

#11 UPF Protection: Not disclosed.

#12 Made in China.

#13 Care Instructions: I recommend washing your ALO leggings inside-out and on delicate in the washer. Definitely separate the white from the the colored fabrics.

Afterwards, I hang to dry on a foldable drying rack such as this one. The leggings will dry very quickly overnight. When hang drying, the fabric will feel a little stiff the next day. It will soften up with wear.

Should I Buy Alo Yoga Leggings?

Yes, you absolutely should get some moto leggings! I would recommend going with a colored or black option for your the moto leggings as they are less see-through. ALO Yoga offers the moto leggings in a variety of colors and sizes. I currently own both the black and gravel moto leggings and they are both 100% opaque.

I have met other people who complain that their black moto leggings were see through. I would order your true size in this particular pant.

I initially thought the Moto leggings were too busy for daily wear due to the piping design. But I find myself wearing them all the time. They bring the right amount of flair to my casual outfits.

I can dress the leggings both up and down and I absolutely love the fit. The pants are slimming, slightly compressive and very comfortable. I am glad I gave ALO Yoga another try!


Where to Buy Alo Yoga Leggings?

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Monday 7th of November 2022

Made in China? What the f???? People like me prefer to pay premium partly to avoid products made in a genocide-committing oppressive regiem. These company claims to have moral standard and yet they are indirectly supporting human-rights violations by manufacturing in countries like these.

This is insane. I am glad I did some research before wasting my time to buy it than to return it.

Lynda From Paris

Monday 24th of February 2020

Thank you for this precise objective review of Alo Yoga leggings... I never saw any yet, I just ordered a bunch on eBay and I’ve been thinking over and over if it is worth the price since I read a review mentioning they showed the ???? crotch sweat ???? or see through ! Which is totally unacceptable for the price they cost and since they have been studied specifically for Yoga, the least we can ask is that they do their job as good as famous sport brands. ???? Crotch sweat ???? or see through is a problem I ve never had or not even thought about before, given I always use renown brands Adidas Nike Puma which are a sure value, even if I buy online without seeing the article, I’m never disappointed by the quality. I m an unconditional fan of Adidas climalite/ Adidas Stella Mc Cartney for years, the cut is one of the best, the material does not outstretch before 2 years of almost daily intensive yoga classes.

So now I just took the risk to spend 450$ to order 5 Alo Yoga leggings from USA with heavy 40% import taxes to Vietnam, knowing that half of them were made in Vietnam and I gotta pay 40% to import them back to where they were initially made ! I ordered 2 smoky quartz which look blush pink on official pictures or completely ”brown purple” on other pictures: it’s gonna be the surprise. I m a little stressed about what is it I’m gonna receive cuz right now is Mercury Retrograde, for those who know about Astrology it’s a time to avoid purchases cuz we may get disappointed, change our mind or not receive what we thought we’d get... wish me good luck !


Thursday 1st of June 2017

Thanks for the review and the honesty about see-through. I especially appreciate knowing the inseam. 29" on my 33" legs will fall a bit short of the mark for me. Keep reviewing for all of us!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.