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Which Is Better? Air Drying versus Blow Drying Your Hair

Which Is Better? Air Drying versus Blow Drying Your Hair
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Updated: 1/25/2021 | Air Drying VS Blow Drying Hair

You’ve probably got friends that tell you how bad blow-drying is for your hair. You’ll also have some that say it’s great for your hair. You’ve probably decided whether to blow dry or not based on your hair type and the style you’re going for.

Of course, blow-drying can also be the only option when time is limited and you want to leave the house looking good.

Unsurprisingly, both have their pros and cons. You’ll need to weigh these up and decide which works best for you. However, one thing that you should start doing is using high-quality hair products. You’ll find the best hair products, such as this Kevin Murphy range, don’t just avoid harsh chemicals when washing. They also protect the hair from heat and other damage.

Why Should You Be Blow Drying Hair

Blow drying means using a hairdryer to dry your hair. The movement of the air encourages the water to leave, drying your hair and allowing you to style it at the same time.

You should note that blow-drying isn’t the issue, it’s the heat that you use which damages hair. This is why many experts recommend you turn the heat down on your hairdryer. Cool air can be just as effective at drying and doesn’t risk damaging your hair.

Heat removes the moisture quickly, it can also cause the natural oil on your head to evaporate. This reduces the protection of your hair. The removal of moisture also causes your hair to be dry and brittle. In turn, you’ll find an increase in split ends and breakage.

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You’re also styling while drying. If you use a brush to style, you’ll be pulling on wet hair which can cause cuticle damage. This makes your hair more likely to break. It’s important to choose hair tools that will prevent breakage. We love this  Tangle Buster brush by KareCo, which contours to your head and works with loosening tangled hair.

KareCo Tangle Buster Brush Hair Detangler

KareCo Tangle Buster Brush

However, you should note that using the cool setting or no heat minimizes the risk of damage and that blow-drying can actually close your cuticles and help your hair shine and stay healthy.

Don’t forget the convenience of blow-drying, it allows you to wash and style your hair quickl, which is very important when you’re in a hurry.

woman scratching her scalp and hair from behind

Reasons You Should Be Air Drying

Air drying is when you avoid the hairdryer and allow your hair to dry naturally. This approach allows your hair to adopt its natural shape helps it stay healthy.

Here are some things to be aware of when air drying. Wet hair will pull on your scalp as it’s heavy, which can cause breakage. It is also harder to brush wet hair, as it may tug on your hair, potentially causing more breakage. If you decide to air dry your hair, we recommend using a leave-in conditioner prior to brushing and styling to prevent any damage.

While blow-drying can remove moisture from your locks, air drying can do the opposite and leave too much moisture in your hair. This can lead to bacterial growth which can destroy the natural balance of your hair and weaken it.

The Bottom Line

Understanding how your hair responds to different treatments is very important. The best approach to drying your hair is to use high-quality hair care products and find a balance between convenience and hair health. Over time, you’ll know your hair best and exactly what it needs.

This can mean that you switch between air and blow drying your hair. Determine how your hair needs to be today and create a regimen for when you need your hair styled a particular way.

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