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8 Fun Water Activities in Nantucket

8 Fun Water Activities in Nantucket
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Updated: 12/11/2022 Water Activities in Nantucket

8 Fun Water Activities in Nantucket

A trip to Nantucket will unearth all the fantastic things hidden on this small island. There is plenty to do here, and one trip may not be enough if you are an avid adventurer. 

When visiting Nantucket, you should have everything in order, primarily your accommodation. You can go for vacation rentals, which are the most popular on this island. Once settled, you can explore what The Little Grey Lady of the Sea offers.

As an adrenaline junky, you may fancy the many water activities in Nantucket. Let us see some of the things you can do in the calm waters of this island.

1.  Surfing

The place to be is Cisco Beach, Nantucket’s resident surfing hub. You will find many surfers chilled with their surfing boards, waiting patiently for the next big wave.

Summer is the best time to surf on this island, as the waters are warm, with gentle tides. The fall is also perfect due to the hurricane season. The waves are larger and ideal for pro surfers.

Do not worry if you are a novice; there are several nearby surfing schools where you can learn the skill. Moreover, you may ask other surfers to teach you the art. Several shops stock surfing gear, so you should not overpack your stuff when visiting Nantucket

2.  Kiteboarding

Most of us loved flying kites when we were kids. Imagine the thrill of flying a kite and surfing at the same time! This is kiteboarding for you, a fun water activity that you should try when in Nantucket. It is a form of extreme sport to try if you want a dose of adrenaline on your trip.

You must have some control skills before taking the kite to the sea. This is why you should first go for lessons at some of the finest kiteboarding schools on the island, such as Next Level Watersports and KiteTucket: Nantucket Kiteboarding School.

The best kiteboarding spots on the island are Jetties Beach, Eel Point, Water Tower Beach, Cisco Beach, and Miacomet. Book your kiteboarding experience in time, especially if you visit Nantucket in the summer.

3.  E-Foiling

Surfing needs you to wait for the wave to get on it, which requires patience. If you are not patient enough for a wave, you can go for e-foiling. It is a form of surfing where you ride the calm waters. You don’t need a wave for propulsion, as an electric motor on the surfboard does that. You can rent an e-foil and head to Jetties Beach for a fun-filled session on the sea.

4.  Swimming

Riding the waves may be too much for some, especially if you feel you are past your prime. Do not worry, as you can still experience the calm Nantucket waters via swimming. You can swim at any of the beaches, though you should be careful on those without an active lifeguard.

Swimming is an excellent pastime activity that you can have with your family. If you are with kids, you should go to family-friendly beaches, such as Children’s Beach, Surfside Beach, White Water Tower Beach, and Siasconset Beach. These beaches have active lifeguards who quickly come to your aid in case of a problem.

5.  Cruises

A cruise is an excellent way to tour Nantucket. The island is home to several cruises that will take you out to the sea to calm your spirit of adventure. Aboard the cruises, you can meet with other fun-seekers and interact with them as you share the provided refreshments like cocktails or wine. Some have live music to make the water excursion more exciting.

Alternatively, you might go for the more subdued boating, which is ideal if you are with your family or want a quiet time at sea. 

6.  Fishing

Nantucket’s waters are full of fish, which you may try catching for lunch or dinner. You , however, need to first get a permit online for $10 to venture into the sea. It is an excellent pastime activity where your kids or friends can join in.

Alternatively, you may opt for fishing charters, which are more like fishing tours. They have guides who will lead you through deep sea fishing and sports fishing.

Fish available within the island include striped bass, black seabass, bluefin tuna, bonito, and false albacore. With a guide, it will be easier to take a catch home for a grill.

7.  Family Scalloping

Fall in Nantucket ushers in the family scalloping season, which you can take part in if you enjoy scallops. Nantucket scallops are among the most delicious worldwide, so family scalloping is a big deal.

You can join the locals in harvesting scallops from the sea, but you will need a permit. Nantucket residents above 60 can get a Shellfish Permit for free, and it doesn’t expire. Nantucket residents aged 16-59 must pay $59 annually for the permit. Nonresidents can pay a yearly fee of $125 or $50 weekly..

You can get the snorkeling gear needed for scalloping from the stores on the island. The equipment includes a push rake, a wet suit, a clam basket, and waterproof gloves.

8.  Sea Photography

The sites in Nantucket are awe-inspiring: you can take photos of some of the striking sites on the sea if you are into photography. You can take snaps of your catch if you go fishing and share the pictures on social media to show your followers what you have been up to.

The tides and waves make up for amazing scenes, which you can record to give an essence of peace. You may also achieve a peaceful mood by targeting the sunrise and sunset. Remember to take group photos of your family and friends to etch memories of your Nantucket trip.

Final Word

Nantucket is one of the picturesque destinations you should visit at least once in your exploration endeavors. As it is an island, the ocean is crucial and ideal for several water activities. This article presents some of the water activities that you can participate in.

If you are an adrenaline junky, you should go surfing in Cisco Beach, where you can meet with other surfers. The surfing schools in the vicinity can help you grasp the art of wave-riding. Other things to do in Nantucket waters include fishing, swimming, and family scalloping.  

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