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Travel Hacking Tips: How to Make a DIY Hat Clip Tutorial

Travel Hacking Tips: How to Make a DIY Hat Clip Tutorial
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Updated: 1/11/2022 | DIY Hat Clip for Your Bag

In my search for a way to hook my hat to my bag, I found many options. There are expensive brands such as Lindsay Albanese and Klipsta that came up in my search. I also found some more affordable hat bag clips on Etsy, Amazon, and even a hat clip made by the San Diego Hat Company.

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Before buying anything new, I always try to make an effort to use things that are around my home. It helps prevent waste, unnecessary purchasing of things I don’t need, and to save money.

So found a few things laying around the house and came up with a creative and easy way to create your own DIY hat clip. Hopefully, you have these items laying around in the home too!

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DIY Hat Clip Tutorial

Below I’ll go over the steps on how to do this so that you can carry your hat hands-free without having to spend too much money.

How to Make a DIY Hat Clip For Your Bag

Supplies You Need

This is an incredibly easy tutorial. You literally only need these two items

IKEA curtain rings with clips 2 inch long

Curtain rings with clips (2″ long)

They sell the curtain rings with clips in packs, so I highly recommend contacting your local Buy Nothing Group (on Facebook) to see if anyone has these laying around. I was able to get 20 units of these from my local group. If you’re in Seattle and want one, please hit me up!

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DIY Hat Clip Tutorial

Step 1: Clip the curtain ring onto the carabiner.

DIY Hat Clip for Bag

We used the S-Biner by Nite Ize on the left and a Heroclip (size small) on the right.

Allow the curtain ring to fall to the bottom of your carabiner. The added weight of the hat will keep the hat clip in place.

Step 2: Clip the Carabiner onto your favorite bag.

DIY Hat Clip for Purse

You can attach the clip to any bag of your choice.

We do recommend using a bag with a metal hoop like our The Sak Filmore Hobo Crossbody bag (image above). Hooks allow your DIY hat clips to stay in place, otherwise, the carabiner can move along the strap of the bag.

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And if you need some pizzazz, you can decorate your hat clip with a scarf or purse charm. See? Not so plain anymore.

DIY Hat Clip with Panda Charm San Diego Hat Company Twill Garden Hat

DIY Hat Clip with Panda Charm

DIY Hat Clip Tutorial Nosara Straw Hat from Wallaroo

DIY Hat Clip with Panda Charm

Step 3: Clip Your Hat Onto your DIY Hat Clip

DIY Hat Clip for your bag tutorial

When your hat is not being used, clip your hat onto your DIY hat clip and continue exploring! 

And that’s it! It’s a super easy yet useful hack that you’ll be able to use any time. We also use the clip for other items such as gloves or scarves. You’ll find that it comes in super handy!

And before you leave, we highly recommend using our guide on how to find the perfect hat size prior to shopping online or in-person for your next favorite hat!

If you found our DIY Hat Clip tutorial helpful, please share it on Pinterest! Thanks for your support!

DIY Hat Clip for Bags Tutorial

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Thursday 6th of October 2022

I was able to do this with a curtain clip I had lying around at home. I would have never of thought of it if it weren't for your tip. Thank you!


Sunday 22nd of January 2023

yay! glad I could help!

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