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How to Take a Weekend Road Trip from Dubai to Hatta Lake

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A weekend road trip to Hatta is one of the most stunning ways of spending some quality time with your loved ones in the city. It is located on a short drive to Dubai and is considered the mountainous little sister of the city of gold. You can certainly enjoy the striking mountains, kayaking trips, amazing picnic spots, beautiful hotels, resorts, and farmhouses, and wonderful natural pools.

This city is considered one of the most famous road trips destinations in the United Arab Emirates because of its incredible mountain views and winding route. You can book a car from Thrifty rent a car and enjoy a memorable road trip to Hatta. 

In this blog, we are going to share a short guide to you about your weekend road trip from Dubai to Hatta. 

Is Hatta located in Dubai?

Hatta is basically a part of Dubai city but it is not located within the boundaries of the main city. Hatta lies about 130 km southeast of Dubai within the Hajar Mountains. In the past, it was a part of Oman but this town was given to the UAE in the year 1850 when Omanis realized that they can’t longer defend it against Buraimi tribes. And nowadays it has become a famous spot for Dubai’s family to enjoy holidays and weekends because of its cool temperature. 

How can you get Hatta?

It may take you around one and a half hours (90 minutes) if you are traveling by car from Dubai to Hatta. The best route for you could be the Sharjah-Kalba route because it is the fastest one. And when you are traveling from the capital city that is Abu Dhabi it may be a two and a half hour road trip for you by your own car. Public buses commonly take two hours from Dubai to reach Hatta. 

Where to stay in Hatta?

Hatta has a lot of beautiful resorts, hotels, and farmhouses where tourists and visitors can stay during their trip. Here we are going to discuss some of the popular ones.  

  • Hatta Fort Hotel 

It is one of the oldest four-star hotels in the Hatta that is perfect for a family stay. Rooms and chalets of the fort hotel are quite wide and there are 2 outdoor pools in the resort that are temperature-controlled. So you can take a swim in them all year round. This hotel also has some indoor recreations like air hockey, pool table, foosball, and others. The Senses Spa is one of the good places to relax as it has a lot of activities for your whole family. These activities may include petanque, a zip line, air gun shooting, and a maze. 

  • Sedr Trailer Resort 

If you are looking for a place that is calm and away from the busy life of the city then Sedr Trailer Resort is the best place for you. This resort is nestled in the heightened mountains and you have to get a special approved 4×4 vehicle by Sedr Trailer staff for getting there. They will get you up there in the mountains along with your luggage and also aid you in settling down in your converted Airstream trailer. In this silver trailer, two adults can sleep very easily along with a kid. Moreover, it has a kitchen, bathroom, outdoor terraced area, and dining area. 

  • Happiness Farm Hatta

This farm is located less than five minutes drive further along the Dubai-Hatta road. One of the specialties of a happiness farm is that you can rent it on daily rentals. It has 4 bedrooms but you can sleep groups of more than 16 at a push. There is an outdoor play area for kids where they can happily play while the adults can enjoy the game rooms like an air hockey table, a dartboard, and a pool table. There is also a garden that can be a stunning place for the afternoon and ideal for enjoying a BBQ dinner. 

What to do in Hatta?

Here are a few of the activities that you can enjoy during your trip to Hatta. 

  • Mountain Biking: biking is one of the best ways to explore the rough paths of hills and wadis of Hatta. This city also has a center named Hatta MTB Bike Center for planned mountain biking along with professional races, endurance challenges, and amateur events. This center has set up numerous trails for beginners to advanced bike riders to enjoy mountain biking. 
  • Hatta Heritage Village: during your visit to Hatta witnessing Hatta Heritage Village is something very important. It is a village that is almost 3000 years old and can be a gold mine for explorers and history lovers. You may also see century-old houses and huts there. It is located in the central town and has a restored museum that will represent the lives of the locals in the past. 
  • Hatta Wadi Park: you can spend a marvelous family day out at Hatta Wadi Park. You may find there more than 900 trees, various green open spaces, a kid’s play area, a stunning mountain’s background, pits with sheltered picnic tables, and a beautiful running track. There are also a lot of water features and an amazing walkway in the park. 

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Final Thoughts

We hope that you know now why you should take a weekend trip to Hatta from Dubai and what are the important places to visit in Hatta. You can take your family or friends to enjoy a memorable trip. Also, it is the most ideal place if you want to explore natural sceneries, landscapes, and mountains. Happy Traveling!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.