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Products that Will Improve Your Personal Wellness

Products that Will Improve Your Personal Wellness
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We’ve all heard of products that are meant to boost your physical health: exercise balls, protein powder, health foods, Fitbits. But what about your mental health? Your mental wellness is just as important as your physical health. There are lots of great products on the market that’ll help you boost your happiness and declutter your brain.

Here are 5 fun (emphasis on fun!) products you can use to boost your personal wellness. Give these gifts to a friend or shamelessly buy them for yourself. Give them for a birthday, a special occasion, or “just because.”

Products to Improve Your Personal Wellness

#1 Journal

Lots of us are mental hoarders. That means that we keep all our thoughts and emotions locked up in our brains. Do that for too long and your mind becomes a messy pile of cluttered ideas that wreak havoc upon your happiness and clarity of thought.

There’s a simple way to declutter your mind: write out your thoughts in a journal. Writing in a journal is the equivalent of tossing out all those needless thoughts that you’re hoarding.

Not all your thoughts are needless, of course. Some of them may be very important or urgent. But, by writing them out on paper, you won’t fixate on them, and you can stay better focused on your everyday activities, like work. According to the American Psychiatric Association, “journaling can provide general wellness and self-improvement benefits, such as making you more self-aware, boosting creativity, and helping you build better habits.”

A journal can be a fundamental element of your self-care routine. And, let’s be honest, writing in a journal is a much better alternative to vague-booking your stresses on social media.

journal writing self care

#2 Kirlian Camera

According to researchers, those who take a large number of selfies are more likely to suffer from anxiety and low self-esteem. A selfie is often used to cure such deficiencies by gaining attention from others. Unfortunately, people usually post their selfies on social media, a platform which has been proven to cause even more crippling anxiety and low self-esteem.

Moral of the story: take a break from the selfies!

Here’s a new kind of portrait you can take: an aura photo. What’s an aura photo, you ask? It’s a photo of your aura. According to some eastern religions and holistic medicine, everyone has a unique aura that surrounds the body. It’s like an energy field, invisible to the human eye, but actually quite colorful. Supposedly, everyone’s aura has a different combination of rainbow colors depending on what their personality is and on what their mental state is.

Use Kirlian cameras to take your aura photo. It’s basically a selfie that has a colorful interpretation of your aura surrounding your image. They’re fun to share with friends or hang in your home, and your aura will look completely different from everyone else’s. It’s a fun way to show off your unique qualities in a pleasant visual format.

aura body energy chakra

#3 Candles and Incense

Candles and Incense have long been used by Monks for meditation purposes. It’s believed that these types of burners help to calm you and relieve tension. This is due partly to the lovely aromas that they release when you light them, but also because a small flame is a perpetually elegant image.

What’s fun about both candles and incense is that they come in a large variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and, most importantly, smells. Whether you use them to create a soothing atmosphere or to freshen up the air in your home, or simply for decoration, they’re an eternally popular mood-booster. You can also opt for eco-friendly candles made from soy or coconut wax.

Just remember to blow them out when you’re finished!

room candle relaxing area window view

#4 Coloring Book

Yes, a coloring book. Once a staple of early childhood, coloring books have now grown in popularity with adults, too. The adult coloring books offer designs are more intricate so it isn’t overly simple to do. Not making this up. How does a coloring book improve your mental health? Here’s how. When you fill in a coloring book, you’re usually coloring in one box at a time. You’re focusing on one thing at a time. This is one of the basic concepts of meditation. While you’re coloring, you’re tuning out most of your other sensations and anxieties and focusing instead on a rather simple task. When you finish coloring an image, you’re also given that slight boost in happiness that comes from being creative and from completing a task.

Try it for yourself. You’d be surprised at how such a simple task can do wonders to ease any palette of complex emotions.

#5 Gravity Blanket

A gravity blanket is a blanket that’s specially designed to reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia. The blanket is weighted and is stitched in such a way that it feels as if it’s “hugging” you while you’re wearing it. If you’re feeling lonely, wearing a gravity blanket can give you that warm sensation you get when you cuddle up next to someone. This can aid in sleeping and deep sleep.

Icing on the cake: some gravity blankets are machine washable!

gravity blanked weighted comforter to help with sleep and insomnia

Gravity Blanket

#6 Essential Oils and Diffusers

essential oil and relaxation kits my heal shop

Essential oils combined with diffusers are a great way to add aromatherapy to your daily life. Different scents have different effects on your body.

My Heal Shop makes profile essential oils that are blended to create an experience or result that you’re looking for. Add 1-2 drops and rub them between your wrists. You can rub the oils on your chest or neck. Lean back, take a few deep breaths and relax.

If you’re looking to a kit to help you relax, My Heal Shop also seels a Sleepy Time and Stress Relieving kits.

Don’t let yourself suffer from stress, anxiety, or low self-esteem. Improve your mental wellness today by bringing home any of these 5 fun and happiness-producing products.

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