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Perrin and Co. Review | Flowy Instagram Dresses

Perrin and Co. Review | Flowy Instagram Dresses
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Updated: 7/19/2023 | Perrin and Co Review

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Peru Machu Picchu Perrin and Co Ella Dress Sunshine Yellow Lack of Color hat

Ella Dress in Sunshine Yellow

About Perrin and Co.

Perrin and Co. is a women’s clothing retailer based on Etsy. The designer and owner, Quinn, resides in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and has been designing women’s apparel for years.

Her popular Instagram dresses have been worn by influencers and regular customers alike. Many people are drawn to her elegant and effortless silhouettes.

We saw a great sale on Perrin and Co. and decided to review their dresses on our blog. Below is what we thought of their flowy travel dresses!

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Perrin and Co. Review

Perrin and Co Ella Dress Review Apple Red

Ella Dress

I ordered the following dresses to review:

  • Ella – I loved the high-low design of this dress. It helps to prevent the dress from dragging against the floor and getting dirty. I ordered it in the apple red color and it appeared more of a red wine color.
  • Anne – I ordered this dress in the sapphire color and it was also darker than I anticipated. The shoulders can be tied to your preferred length. The length of the dress is very long and shorter people will require hemming services. I’m 5’5” for reference and will need to wear the dress with high heels.

I’ve been eyeing these two styles because they seem to be the most popular with Instagram influencers. 

Choosing a color was the most difficult. The dresses come in 30 colors. When choosing my dress colors, I narrowed it down to colors that would be timeless and colors that would look best for taking photos at my travel destinations.

The package arrived quicker than I anticipated and the dresses were thoughtfully wrapped in tissue paper in a cardboard box. 

Perrin and Co Review Ella Dress in Apple Red

Ella Dress

Perrin and Co. Pros

  • The dresses have pockets! This is every girl’s dream come true. The pockets are built into the dresses and come in super handy!
  • Dresses run true to size (TTS) – I wear a size medium in Perrin and Co. and typically wear a size 6-8 in women’s dresses. The medium fit me perfectly.
  • 30 color options to choose from. 
  • Super flowy and durable silk fabric. The fabric is super soft and lightweight. It flows effortlessly when I walk and won’t weigh my luggage down.
  • Long length – The dresses are pretty long. I am 5’5″ for reference and the train of the Ella dress touches the ground while the Anne drags. I typically wear my dresses with heels so that they do not drag against the ground. You can also request hemming services (at an additional cost) by messaging Quinn.
  • Double-lined chest panel – This was my FAVORITE feature. I typically do not wear a bra and this feature allowed me to go topless in their dresses. Their breast panel is double lined and provides good coverage for those who want to free the nipple and go bra-less.
  • All dresses are hand-made to order. The dresses take a while to ship because the dresses are made to order.
  • Shipping was faster than anticipated. My order was estimated to arrive between November 28th and December 1st, but it arrived much sooner just before Thanksgiving.
  • They offer holiday sales. On Singles Day (11/11), they offered 20% off. On Black Friday they offered 30% off and on Cyber Monday the discount was reduced to 25%. Follow us on Instagram where we’ll share apparel deals from our favorite brands.
  • Free shipping on all orders! Does not matter the order size, all orders ship free regardless of where you reside.
Perrin and Co Ella Dress in Apple Red Dirt Waterfalls Kauai Hawaii

Ella Dress

Peru Machu Picchu Perrin and Co Ella Dress Sunshine Yellow

Ella Dress

Perrin and Co. Cons

  • Expensive – Dresses are expensive but they are of great quality when compared to other similar brands.
  • Colors are darker than what is pictured on their listings. The apple red looked more like wine red and the sapphire color looked more like a robin blue. I compared the colors to their color charts.
  • Pocket problems – While it’s super cool that the dresses have pockets, I’m constantly experiencing problems with them. I had my iPhone 12 Pro in my right pocket and the seams started tearing. If a pocket can’t handle a popular phone model, I’m not sure it’s worth the $140+ price tag. 
  • Orders cannot be canceled. You’re stuck with your dress once purchased. To forego buyers remorse, make sure you are absolutely ready to order.
  • Returns are accepted but under certain conditions. The buyer is responsible for return shipping (to Vietnam). You’ll need to contact Quinn to discuss whether an item qualifies for a return or not.
  • Dry Clean Only! Dresses can’t be hand or machine washed. They also recommend dry cleaning prior to wear but I found that was unnecessary.
Waimea Canyon Perrin and Co Ella Dress Kauai Hawaii

Ella Dress

Peru Machu Picchu Ella Dress Sunshine Yellow

Ella Dress

Should I Buy Perrin and Co?

Yes, we highly recommend their dresses for many occasions. They’re dresses are great for travel, formal wear, weddings, engagements, maternity shoots and much more. Everyone needs at least one Perrin and Co. dress in their closet.

 Order your true size, and if you want a deal, wait until a major shopping holiday or sales event to save money on your orders.

Not sure which dress you want? We recommend giving their most popular styles a try:

Perrin and Co Ella Dress in Apple Red in Waimea Canyon Kauai Hawaii

Ella Dress

Where to Buy Perrin and Co

Perrin and Co. dresses can only be purchased on Etsy.

We highly recommend waiting for one of their sales so that you get a beautiful dress for a fraction of the cost. And shipping is always free!

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