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Lavelier Review: Coraline Collagen Collection

Lavelier Review: Coraline Collagen Collection
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Update 11/21/2019: Wow! People have opened my eyes to how shoddy their brick-and-mortar business practices are. You can scroll all the way down to the comments section and read about other people’s experiences about Lavelier.

At this rate, I would probably steer clear of the brand and avoid their in-person associates at all costs. ????????

I tried $3,500 skincare products! ????

You might be asking why? And thinking, “that’s a hefty down payment for a car!” or “I could buy 3 laptops with that money!” Lavelier reached out to me to review their Coraline Collagen Collection. What did I think of the products? Read on to see how my epidermis fared during my 10-day skincare trial.

When the weather turns cold and rainy in Seattle, my partner and I book a trip to someplace tropical where drinking out of coconuts and wearing sandals are a daily ritual. This time we went to Costa Rica with our friends to celebrate birthdays and escape the cold. As I get older, I can feel my skin getting older too. I’ve read about the importance to skincare, but when you’re always on the go, it’s hard to fit in skincare unless it’s easy.

About Lavelier

Lavelier helps your skin recover from the summer’s UV rays, while also preparing it for the colder temperatures and drier air that comes with winter. Lavelier harnesses the restorative powers of the ocean for all your skincare needs. Featuring antioxidant-rich Corallina Officinalis (Coral Seaweed) & the healing properties of marine botanicals. No corals were harmed in the making of Lavelier products.

Below is a review of each of the products I received from Lavelier.

Review of Lavelier’s Coraline Collagen Collection

My skin is generally dry. In the Fall/Winter, my skin gets very dry and I develop seasonal eczema. I would not say my skin is sensitive, but it does require a lot of care if it wants to remain youthful. My current daily regimen (when I remember to do it) is:

Morning: Clean > Serum > Moisturize

Evening: Clean > Face Mask (overnight or 10-15 minutes) > Moisturize

I rarely wear make up (up to 5 times a year) and most of the time, just rinse my face with shampoo water in the shower. I know, it’s bad. I’m taking this time to review Lavelier to make a behavioral change on how I care for my skin.

Coralline Collagen Boosting Masque

The masque is recommended once a week. The masque is worn for 10 minutes and is meant to improve elasticity in the skin while preventing premature aging. The jar comes with an applicator wand to make product removal easy and controlled. The texture is similar to a clay paste and applies smoothly. The masque has an iridescent color to it. The product does leave a soft skin sensation after washing off. They recommend using it in conjunction with the Collagen Firming Complex for best results. This product cost $1,500.

lavelier coralline collagen boosting masque review schimiggy

Lavelier Coralline Collagen Boosting Masque

Face Masque time!

Look at how iridescent the masque is!

Post face masque application! Did it shave some years off our faces?

Collagen Firming Complex

The soluble collagen and hyaluronic acid in this daily moisturizer absorbs instantly. It creates a soft skin feel sensation and keeps me hydrated all day. Did I feel it was exceptional compared for my current AVEDA cream? Not really. I am sure this product is improving my skin in ways I cannot discern. This face cream costs $1,000.

Lavelier Collagen Firming Complex

Rapid Eye Collagen Contour

This was probably my FAVORITE product in the collection. My eyes literally tightened with each application. The acetyl hexapeptide-8 in the product creates a plumping effect to get rid of dark circles and smooth out eye wrinkles. It feels like instant Botox. I tried it on other areas of my face and felt the same tightening sensation, however, I’ll stick to the eyes for now since it seemed to work most effectively in that area. This eye cream costs $1,000.

Lavelier Rapid Eye Collagen Contour

Lavelier Rapid Eye Collagen Contour

Was Lavelier Worth It?

I am still not sure. I am not one to invest $3,500 in anything beauty related. My last beauty splurge was Lasik surgery for $1,500 (which is life-changing and something I HIGHLY recommend). Does my skin feel better? Yes, it does! 10 days with Lavelier actually made my skin feel healthier and more youthful. I recommend it based on the results I experienced, however, I can’t recommend other products that would produce the same results for less $$$.

If you’re able to splurge on Lavelier, I would recommend it. If it’s not within your budget, I recommend consulting with a dermatologist and beauty consultant for products appropriate for your skincare goals and budget.

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Thursday 30th of March 2023

Just retired. Everyone said "treat yourself!" In the hallway at the Maine Mall I was approached just to see how my dark circles could be taken care of. You deserve it! Treat yourself" By time I had had a minute to think, I purchased all this skin care product with no email to tell me how to use it. Tried to return the same day because it made my face itch. No deal, traded some items out and swore there were no ingredients that would bother me. I have not used it. Don't know what I was thinking. Live and learn.

Lynne Schneider

Friday 20th of January 2023

I recently visited Mexico. In the airport in Cancun I was approached by a salesman from the lavelier company. He handed me a packet of cream and lead me to a sales area. Before I realized what was happening he was putting on cream under one of my eyes. Then he began to insult me by pointing out how baggy my eyes were. Then said they weren't as bad as this person and showed me a picture of another woman. All I could think of was how disrespectful he was acting toward that other person. After a few minutes of badgering me including bringing my boyfriend over to look at the bags under my eye, I told him I had to go catch a plane he refused to put cream under my other eye. In the end it didn't matter because after 10 minutes both eyes looked the same. A Horrible and embarrassing experience.


Thursday 2nd of March 2023

@Lynne Schneider, I had similar experience I don’t buy this product and they ask me to pay $50 for your time

I paid $2 and ran away


Thursday 22nd of September 2022

Same experience at the Ventura, CA mall. Super pressured but I did not take the bait! I told them I couldn’t afford it multiple times and they just kept lowering the price. And when I said no they said you regret not taking this offer!?!? Lol It was an awful sales experience and I feel really bad for people they are taking advantage of!


Sunday 5th of December 2021

I’m currently at the Denver airport and was flagged over to the pop up store. I have a long wait so I was like sure, I’ll try. I’m 59 years old with normal looking age skin. The two women were nice but OMG, I about flipped when the eye serum was $500 then the other two products were each $200 (which of course IF I did buy right then and there I would receive those two for free). I also said I had to think about it, but then the offer wouldn’t be there if I came back) I decided to google them and found this article with the comments, so thank you ladies. It was an uncomfortable experience for sure!!


Friday 4th of March 2022

Same as all of the above comments. Also there is one comment that states the product is high end and you get what you pay for. Also in the comment the person said if you don't want to buy something then just say no and used the word "magic" twice in the comment, just as the sales rep used for me today when I encountered Lavelier. I got sucked in with the eye cream that did wonders for my dark circles. My card was charged $547 for one product and two free gifts. Before I recieved a receipt or any products in hand, I was taken to the back for the big sales pitch. I felt like it was all a bit much so while I waited with the cream on my face I got on my phone and started researching the product and reviews. The sales rep kept trying to get my attention away from my phone. I told her I was looking up some reviews on the product. Of course she explained that everything out there has good and bad reviews. Any time I tried to look down at my phone she would start on something else and ask for my attention. The whole package went from $5500 to $2300 (after making a private call to get a discount approved). Finally I asked her to step out of the room and give me a minute to think it over. She left her iPad on my lap with Laveliers website reviews pulled up. It all felt wrong when she kept pushing after I told her that I didn't even have that much money to my name and when she continued to hold me up when I told her I needed to leave to pick up my child from school. So I found all of these comments. Thank you everyone who has left one. So I walked out of the room and told her I did not feel comfortable getting anything this day as she rushed to get the products that my card had already been scanned for. I had already read that I would find "no refund" on the receipt so I refused to let her hand me anything as she got closer and closer to me lol. I told her I wanted a refund (one of the first things I was told was I could get a refund within 30 days). She had to make another special call and needed up swiping my card again and giving me a receipt for my refund. Hopefully it does go back into my account and if it doesn't then at least I will be able to dispute it with my bank givin a refund receipt. Listed to your gut. If you feel like you are being pushed or rushed to make a decision then somethings probably not right. I hate to read so many people paid out so much money. It's always okay to ask for a few minutes alone to think a big purchase over. Thanks to every single one of you! The product did give AMAZING instant results.. truly amazing.. but I've seen quite a few products do the same only to last a short while. It's praying on people's desires to instantly improve a flaw/flaws that one may have been living with ones whole life. It's sad.


Sunday 22nd of August 2021

My mom , daughter and I were in Breckenridge , CO.. Same thing offering samples as you walk by.. then offered a eye sample. Oh come in it takes a few minutes to work.. UGG.. Then he offers to try it on my 78 yr old mom. Who I love has no problem saying whats on her mind. She made sure he did both eyes before she walked out . He was really pushy , insisting we both buy one. He would throw in a facial for us.. of course we would have to come back for that. Im sure that would be more items he would pressure us to purchase. I said we would think about it, we will be back since our car was near by. We didnt go back. So irked by the pressure buying. I did like how my eyes looked. He put way to much on my moms face thou.. She said it was sticky and her eye lashes were sticking to each other and her skin.

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