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How to Prevent Obesity

How to Prevent Obesity
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Updated: 4/17/2020 | How to Prevent Obesity

Obese is not a synonym for ugly. If you use social media, you must have seen that the words “fat” or “obese” get thrown around a lot. And usually, it is followed by a full-on ring match between “Fitness enthusiasts” and “body positive enthusiasts.”

It gets complicated to tell who is right and who is wrong, as each side presents pretty compelling arguments. Want to learn how to avoid obesity? We are here to help. We will take a look at the common causes of obesity, its physiological and psychological effects, and what is the best way to tackle it.

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What is Obesity

Obesity is a medical condition where excess fat is stored beneath the skin that causes severe medical issues. Obesity is measured by BMI that measures the amount of fat in the body according to the height and age of the person. Every individual will have a different BMI according to their built, their race, and their body type.

The Public’s Perception of Obese people

Now, more than ever, young girls are being targeted with advertisements that nitpick at their bodies to encourage the use of their products. Not only on conventional television, but social media is also filled with celebrities and influencers with “ideal” bodies.

This is the perfect time for con artists to sell their quick fix kits such as waist trainers or slimming tea or diet pills. Since any body type other than skinny is so heavily shamed and ridiculed that people do reach out to these products. These products are not safe to use. They deteriorate both your mental and physical health. There is no quick fix to a healthy lifestyle, and acknowledging that is the best thing you can do for yourself.

How to Prevent Obesity

1. Accepting who you are

First thing first, you need to realize that your body is yours and is utterly beautiful. If your motivation for weight loss is that your body is disgusting and you should change it for others, you won’t get very far. You may lose weight, but you will also lose yourself. You can find the best essay about obesity.

2. Searching for the underlying cause of obesity

Moving on, you must search for the cause of obesity or potential chances of obesity. Is it due to overeating? What is causing you to overeat? Is it because of excess dairy or sugar? Is it because you are a picky eater? Do about your routine to pinpoint the cause.

This will help you form a game plan. If you’re unsure, then that’s okay too. You can learn more about obesity and its causes online. Contrary to common belief, obesity is not always caused by overeating. There are several other causes. You can read the best obesity essay and learn more.


Some medications, such as anti-depressants and anti-seizure medications, can cause rapid and unhealthy weight gain in proper diet along with recommended exercise are not practiced. If you need help writing the obesity college essay, you can use a good writing service.

Physical inactivity

Lack of physical movement mixed with overeating not only leads to excess weight gain but also affects mental health. Physical activity not only changes the physical appearance of a person but also boosts your mental health. You can read how to prevent obesity essays online. This effect is due to the release of dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. All of these are mood-boosting hormones.


Children of obese parents are more likely to be overweight. But, what you eat and how you manage your health also has an impact. It comes down to the susceptibility of becoming obese quicker than an average individual due to these genetic factors.  

There are many childhood obesity essay online that you can read to know the stories of people struggling with obesity. You can read the childhood obesity essay samples online. There are tons of other factors as well, such as insulin resistance, increased sugar intake, lack of sleep, stress, nicotine withdrawal effects, etc.

3. Changing your diet

Steadily change your diet. Not all fat is bad for you. Some fat is good for you, and that good fat intake is what needs to be increased. This good fat will help reduce obesity and control your cholesterol. These foods include avocados, nuts, eggs, etc. Read the best essay on childhood obesity to know more.

Reduce the consumption of processed food

Reduce consumption of packaged and processed foods, especially sugary food. Instead, move towards proteins, vegetables, and fruits. Fruits will satisfy your sweet tooth and veggies will you stay energized and full. 5-9 servings of vegetables are usually recommended for adults. There are many ways to prevent obesity.

Dietary fiber consumption is also encouraged as they keep you full for a more extended period and also helps to improve bowel movement.

Change your meal plans

There are various foods that prevent obesity. Instead of eating 3 hearty meals a day, you should try to eat 6 meals a day if your routine allows it. This will encourage the body to utilize the energy from food rather than storing it. When you crash diet, rebound follows up behind.

This is due to the body storing everything you eat to make sure you have enough energy until next time you eat. So, try eating 6 meals a day with reduced portion sizes rather 3-course meals.

4. Exercise Regularly

You need to lose weight but not energy. So, exercise is a must. Cardio/aerobic exercise is always recommended. What type of exercise you should do depends on where on the body do you hold the most fat.   

This is something your trainer will have to help you with. Don’t be ashamed or intimidated to go to a gym; the trainers are there to help you. But, if you don’t feel comfortable, there are also personal trainers and online trainers that can train you in the comfortability of your home.

5. Stay Calm

Try to reduce the amount of stress from your daily life. Scientific studies have proven that stress is one of the leading causes of high-calorie cravings that will eventually cause obesity. Keeping a calm, balanced, and positive mindset is very important. The best essay on childhood obesity will help you understand obesity.


 A healthy weight will help you lead a healthy life where you can take part in a lot of your adventures and activities without your mind or your body holding you back. There are various obesity essay examples.

Physical trainers, gyms, and nutritionists can help you make your journey a lot better and quicker. Finding the right motivation and moving forth with baby steps can help you change your life for you!

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