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How to Get Free Products to Review

How to Get Free Products to Review
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Updated: 9/5/2023 | How to Get Free Products to Review

Who doesn’t like free stuff? If you’re interested in getting free products in exchange for reviews on socials or platforms, you’ve come to the right place.

Below we’ll share our favorite places to request free products that you can keep in exchange for an honest review.

Some programs may require a follower minimum, but most are free to join! Free products will come to you as you review more often.

Where to Get Free Products to Review

#1 Stack Influence

Stack Influence is a great program you can join to get free Amazon products in exchange for social reviews on Instagram and TikTok. They will also ask for an Amazon review but it’s not always required.

Brands I’ve reviewed include Peppermate and popular Target beauty brands.

#2 Skeeter (formerly Octoly)

Skeeter is great for reviewing high-end beauty products from brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, Dior, Honest Beauty, Living Proof, AVON, and more.

They do require a minimum follower count of 1,000 on either Instagram and Tiktok.

#3 Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine Product Review Program

Amazon Vine is an invitation-only program which selects the most insightful reviewers in the Amazon store to serve as Vine Voices. Vine Voices have the unique opportunity to order items free of charge and share their product experiences with Amazon customers to help them make informed buying decisions.

How does it work?
Once enrolled in Vine, Voices may request products from thousands of brands selling in the Amazon store which are shipped to their doorsteps at no cost. They then use the products and provide insightful reviews that reflect their honest and unbiased opinions – positive, neutral, or negative. Reviews of a product ordered through Vine appear in the same location as other reviews. Amazon Vine reviews are distinguished with this special badge “Vine Customer Review of Free Product” for full transparency.

Thousands of products from all types of categories are added daily, ensuring that Voices always has something new to try!

#4 Try It Sampling

Try It Sampling is a very exclusive program where you can get to review some AWESOME high-value products from categories such as furniture, home products, beauty, health, fashion, and more.

It’s very hard to get accepted. It took me at least two years of waiting before a spot became available. 

Brands I’ve reviewed through this program include CVS, Yankee Candle, Serta, Anker, Cartier, Honeywell, Skullcandy, and many more.

#5 Influenster

Influenster is a platform that gives out Voxboxes, which are premium samples from various categories such as beauty, health, food, and more.

They require active participation in their App platform. It’s a bit tedious but the samples are eventually worthwhile.

#6 PINCHme

PINCHme sends you samples and requires a sweet and short review on their platform. Samples may vary from trial sized products to full sized. 

#7 BzzAgent

BzzAgent is a sampling program that’s similar to PINCHme in terms of product selection and size. 

#8 Smile360

Smile360 offers sample products that you can test. They often offer products for families.

#9 VocalPoint

The VocalPoint platform connects members with brands that offer samples. I rarely get samples from this platform, but it doesn’t hurt to apply.

#10 She Speaks

She Speaks is a platform for both product reviewers and influencers.

They do not give out samples as often and influencer opportunities often require a minimum of 40k followers.

#11 Find Your Influence (FYI)

Find Your Influence is a platform for influencers to connect and work with brands. I’ve worked with HOKA x Zappos through this platform. 

#12 Johnson & Johnson Friends and Family

Johnson & Johnson Friends and Family offers samples for their entire line of products. Sign-up to get products for your family.

#13 SampleSource

Become a member to get samples from their partners. They may require you to complete surveys to access samples.

#14 Ripple Street (formerly House Party and Chatterbox)

Ripple Street offers samples that you can use to host parties and promote the brands.

#15 Social Cat

Social Cat is a platform for micro-influencers (1,000 to 20,000 followers) to help small businesses grow. 

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