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How to Connect with Friends and Family While in Quarantine?

How to Connect with Friends and Family While in Quarantine?
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Lack of communication and a feeling of social isolation are now becoming a new normal we are getting used to.  What is more, most experts note that self-isolation can benefit and get closer to family and friends, even in the face of the fact that personal meetings are impossible.

Keeping in touch with family during quarantine is not as difficult as you may imagine, and here you will find many useful applications and ideas on how to have fun communicating. With these tips, you will not feel a lack of communication and significantly improve relationships with loved ones.

Best Apps to Stay Connected with Family and Friends

Today, there are many apps and social networks that allow you to stay in touch with your loved ones. Here you will find 4 tools that are most often used to communicate with relatives, although some of them may be useful to you for business conferences.


Using modern online communication tools, you can make the quarantine period more enjoyable and always stay in touch with your family or friends. How about morning coffee with family or a lunch online? All this is possible with the Zoom application. It is free and allows you to create a group video chat. So breakfasts or lunches with your relatives and friends are very real during the quarantine. Choose a day when it would be convenient for everyone to phone and spend time with loved ones forgetting about the borders. We will tell you even more – Zoom would not have become so popular without this quarantine. For comparison, in March 2013, this application had 3 million users. Today, this figure has reached 200 million.

zoom calls to connect with people online and professionally

Google Hangouts or Google Meet

This tool is available to all who have a Gmail profile. This application is one of the easiest to use, which may be the best tool for video communication with all relatives. Moreover, a person can participate in a video call even if he/she does not have a Gmail account. By the way, this tool can be used on mobile devices and even PCs, and the number of participants in video calls is up to 10-25 people (this depends on how many users have an account). As many users note, the quality of communication is pretty good, which allows communicating without any problems.

Facebook Messenger

Today, most people actively use Facebook, and this applies even to those who are older. Therefore, if your older family members actively use Facebook, then there is no need to train them in another application for communication. During quarantine, messenger began to be actively used as group video calls and allows to display up to 6 people at one time. Sometimes the quality may not be the best, but in this messenger, you can use various funny filters and even play games.


As the last app, we would like to note this entertaining one. This modern application is a great option for a family who would like to have fun. The bottom line is that you can gather a group of people and compete together in the game. The minimum number of participants is two, but as many users note, the more participants, the more interesting it is to play. The essence of the game is similar to a quiz in which you need to confuse the participants with all sorts of tricks.

How to Creatively Keep in Touch with Relatives and Friends

Now you know with what tools you can comfortably communicate with family and friends. Let’s talk about creative ways to stay in touch with friends and relatives. Here are some ideas. 

Online Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Who said that during quarantine you can forget about family gatherings or parties with friends? The only thing that will be changed is the format of such meetings. Use the above apps to get together and have an enjoyable time with your family and friends even though you will be at different tables.

Create a Family Blog

Quarantine is a great time to try yourself in something new. Why not try creating your family blog? For example, you can write interesting stories of your family or share how you spend time on self-isolation. Who knows, maybe your family will become an object of interest of the multi-million audience. What is more, you can get some help from freelance authors. Compare their ratings on Online Writers Rating custom writing reviews platform and find the best companies that offer assistance in writing different texts. Choose a company that you like and order a text to understand what the texts should look like for a professional blog and repeat this. Then you can make your blog catchy and interesting.

Cook Something Together

Do you miss mom’s cakes? Or dream about a meat pie according to the secret recipe of your granny? Why not cook it yourself under the clear guidance of a professional? Call mom with Facetime and suggest this format for co-cooking a recipe. A good mood and a delicious dish will be provided to you.

cooking pizza with family

Come up with Your Family Challenge

There are a lot of different challenged launched during quarantine, why don’t you and your family come up with the same one? For example, you can use the above idea with cooking online. For instance, it is possible for each family member to come up with a recipe that all other family members should prepare online. Create your own hashtag and post your results on Instagram or Facebook. Maybe someone wants to repeat your recipes and join your challenge.

Watch Movies Together

Watching movies and TV shows together is quite real. For instance, Netflix Party allows you to synchronize accounts and watch your favorite movies or shows at the same time with friends or family. It is also possible to create a group chat to share experiences.

Remember to Connect with Elderly Relatives

Stay in touch with older relatives daily. You can communicate both by phone and video. The more often you communicate, the less anxiety they will have. Be sure to ask how they spent the day, whether they have food or whether they need any other goods or medicines.

Be sure to remind your family to observe the quarantine rules and stay at home. Try to discuss positive topics during a conversation, remind your loved ones about a hobby, or advise them to watch a fascinating movie. Try to discuss less COVID-19 news so as not to increase anxiety.

If you go shopping for your relatives, then make some surprises for them. Buy something tasty that’s not on the list they made up.

elderly woman talking on the phone with family

The Final Thoughts

Now you have learned some ideas that will help you stay in touch with loved ones. Such communication will brighten up your relationship and pastime on self-isolation. Remember that you need to be careful during quarantine to protect not only yourself but also all your loved ones. Keep peace of mind, enjoy a new way of staying in touch with family, and then you will spend time with benefits and maintain relationships with everyone dear to your heart.

What are some ways you’ve found work great for connecting with friends and family while in Quarantine? Tell us in the comments below.

Guest Author Bio: Tiffany Porter has been working as a Chief Writer at Online Writers Rating reviewing a variety of writing services websites. She is a professional writing expert on such topics as digital marketing, blogging, design.  She also likes traveling and speaks German and French.

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