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Forlegs Activewear Review: High Waist Shiny Leggings

Forlegs Activewear Review: High Waist Shiny Leggings
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forlegs activewear logo

forlegs activewear review high waist leggings shiny solid schimiggy

Forlegs High Waist Leggings

About Forlegs Activewear

forlegs high waist shiny leggings review schimiggy trikonasana triangle pose

Trikonasana or Triangle Pose in my Forlegs leggings

Forlegs Activewear is a Brazilian activewear company that has been making it’s mark in the USA for the last 20 months. The name is based on the idea that everyone has legs and their products are made “for legs.” The logo is a giraffe with four long legs and is the perfect mascot for a company focusing on leggings.

Forlegs started in Brazil making fashion leggings that are designed to be worn casually by women with action packed days who need both comfort and style. Leggings are a huge trend in Brazil! Brazilian lycra is absolutely the best, as it’s soft and shiny, and doesn’t shrink or fade. So, two sisters and (who are also mothers) decided to create the company and make their mark in different parts of the world – one in Brazil, the other sister in Miami.

For now Forlegs is only offering and mastering their craft in leggings, but I can’t wait to see what they come up with when the brand expands to other products. Forlegs launches new colors and prints every season after their conduct huge market research and turn their ideas into products. Forlegs leggings are made for all seasons and will always be exclusive!

Forlegs Activewear Review: High Waist Shiny Leggings

I was especially drawn to their High Waist Shiny Leggings. I’ve tried other brands (Alo Yoga and lululemon) and was always dissatisfied in the quality and fit. I ordered my leggings and received them within 3 days! They arrived in a plastic Forlegs logo’ed zip pouch that I would definitely reuse for swimwear and activewear. I pulled them out and was excited to feel how soft and shiny they were. So far so good! Let’s delve into the review.

forlegs review shiny cire leggings black schimiggy

Forlegs High Waist Shiny Leggings in Black (try on)

#1 Size: Per the Forlegs size chart, I went with a size medium. When I put them on they fit very well! The leggings were stretchy and form fitting. It did not feel super compressive but that is not something I expect in my activewear and is dependent on the activity. I would recommend either buying your true size (for a more compressive fit) or even sizing up for a comfortable and casual. The true size for me would have been a size Small in Forlegs. I am a size 6 in lululemon for sizing reference. The size medium would fit great on a size 6-8 body. Refer to the size chart below to determine your perfect fit.

Forlegs activewear size chart

Forlegs Activewear High Waist Size Chart

#2 Style:  Forlegs Activewear currently makes only long leggings. They make both printed and solid leggings with a wide and standard waistband (elastic). 

Note: The leggings look wrinkled when laid flat, but they’re smooth out when worn. 

forlegs review shiny high waist leggings front back

Forlegs Shiny High Waist Leggings (front and back)

#3 Inseam: The inseam sits just below my ankle and is a bunched a bit. I cannot wear these over my heels though. The leggings fit similar to lululemon High Times pants. The inseam is dependent on the size of the leggings. Below are the following inseam measurements.

  • Extra-small: 25.5 in
  • Small: 26 in
  • Medium: 27 in
  • Large: 27.5 in

#4 Rise: The leggings have a high rise. The front rise measures 7″ and back rise measures 9″. There is a lot of stretch in the fabric and will fit various body shapes and sizes.

#5 Waistband: Forlegs makes leggings with both standard and tall waistbands. In this review I am reviewing high waistband leggings. The waistband measures 4.5″ inches when lain flat. When worn, the waistband measured 5″. The top of the waistband also sits above my navel. I am very satisfied with the waist coverage and fit of the waistband.

Forlegs review high waist shiny leggings waistband back

Forlegs High Waist Shiny Leggings – Waistband (front)

Forlegs review high waist shiny leggings waistband front

Forlegs High Waist Shiny Leggings – Waistband (back)

#6 Fabric

  • Fabric Content: 86% Polyamid/14% Elastane, a high quality Brazilian fabric blend.
  • Fabric Feel: The fabric feels silky smooth. The leggings also had a lot of stretch. I would compare the fabric feel and quality to Candida Maria or Liquido Active. If you’ve never tried Brazilian spandex before, it’s time to get on the boat.
  • Fabric Performance: 
    • Fabric is quick drying and dry wicking.
    • Fabric has 4-Way Stretch, allowing the fit to contour against the body. 
    • The fabric is not very technical, however it is very comfortable. I would order your true size for a compressive fit for high intensity sports.
  • Opacity: Leggings are 100% opaque! I did not experience any see-through.
  • Fabric Features: 
    • No visible logos
    • No pockets
    • The fabric has a cire shiny look that gives the leggings a leather-like appearance. The leggings are great for wearing to the studio, gym or on a night out on the town.

#7 When to Wear: The leggings are great for wearing to the studio, gym or on a night out on the town. I would wear these leggings anytime!

#8 Cost: The leggings run from $79 to $94. The shiny cire leggings cost $94, which is a little more due to high quality of fabric. 

#9 Gusset: The leggings do not come with a gusset. There is a + shaped seam in the gusset area. I am glad to report that even with the lack of a gusset, I did not experience camel toe. 

Forlegs review high waist shiny leggings gusset inside

Forlegs High Waist Shiny Leggings – Gusset (inside)

Forlegs review high waist shiny leggings gusset outside

Forlegs High Waist Shiny Leggings – Gusset (outside)

#10 Stitch Seam: The leggings are constructed with plain seams. The plain seam appears to be very thin and fine, which allowed the pant to be form fitting against my body. 

#11 UPF Protection: Not disclosed.

#12 Made in Brazil. The sisters have offices in both Miami, Florida USA and Brazil.

#13 Care Instructions: Always wash your Forlegs with mild detergent and in cold water. Lightly wring and hang dry (avoid sunlight). I hang to dry on a foldable this one. Avoid ironing, drying, washing in warm water and fabric softeners, as these practices will break down the elasticity of the fabric. 

The leggings will look wrinkled when laid flat. The wrinkles will smooth out once they pants are worn.

Should I buy Forlegs?

You should definitley buy Forlegs leggings! I am obsessed with the high waist feature and how shiny and lightweight the fabric is. The fabric feels luxe and not cheap. I am definitely going to be wearing these often. They were easy to care for and go with everything else in my closet. I may even buy another pair in a smaller size for a more athletic and compressive fit. It’s a staple that everyone needs. 

I’ve tried the lululemon shiny leggings as well and those kept slipping off. I did not experience slippage in my Forlegs. I also tried SPANX faux leather leggings that had a similar look and felt they were too thick and thus uncomfortable for daily wear. The outseam on the SPANX leggings were probably to make it look more like actual pants. It also helped me realize that I prefer to not have the outseam present on my leggings.

My favorite way to wear my Forlegs shiny leggings is with a chunky sweater. Check out these recommended sweaters to wear with leggings


Wearing Forlegs Shiny High Waist leggings and Vivre Activewear Jumpstart Crop Top (one of my activewear favorites!)

Where to Buy Forlegs Activewear

  • Forlegs Activewear – Use coupon code SCHIMIGGY for 30% off your first order. Enjoy FREE shipping in the USA. Get free shipping internationally for orders over $150. (Code can only be used once per customer account.)
  • If you’re an instructor, enjoy 20% off on all your orders when you sign-up here.

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