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ECooking Review: Skincare + Bodycare

ECooking Review: Skincare + Bodycare
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eCooking Beauty











  • All Natural
  • Moisturizing
  • Lightly Scented


  • Expensive
  • Plastic Packaging

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Disclaimer: I was given ECooking skincare and bodycare products in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and as always, 100% honest.

About ECooking

ECooking is a Danish skincare line created by Tina Søgaard in 2015. It all started in her kitchen. She took natural and organic ingredients and began concocting a skincare and bodycare line that works for everyone regardless of skin type, age and gender.

Now ECooking is sold throughout the world. Their products are simple and contain ingredients that you can pronounce.

ECooking Skincare and Bodycare Review

Skincare products reviewed in this post:

  1. Cleansing Gel ($32) – Creates a creamy lather and leaves skin feeling squeaky clean.
  2. Multi Oil ($27) – Great for use all over the body. We love using it between hand washes. The oil absorbs immediately and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.
  3. Day Cream ($45) – Their day cream is so creamy and moisturizing! I love the light and clean scent.
  4. Moisturizing Mask ($45) – Use this overnight for plump and dewy skin all day long.
  5. Super Serum ($66) – Super moisturizing. I use two pumps daily for my face and neck.
  6. Peeling Mask ($45) – Use alone overnight as an exfoliator. It makes my briefly skin tingle. Use the serum and day cream after washing off the mask.
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ECooking Skincare Products

Bodycare products reviewed in this post:

  1. Shower Gel ($25) – Creates a clean and gentle lather. The scent is super delightful and transforms you into a different setting in the shower.
  2. Body Lotion ($34) – Creamy and fast absorbing. Comes in a fragrance free option.
  3. Hand Soap ($22) – This is my new kitchen favorite! I love the refreshing scent and smooth lather.
  4. Deodorant Roll-On ($17) – Aluminum-free and keeps me fresh all day long. Comes in a fragrance free option.

ecooking bodycare products


  • Made from natural and organic ingredients. Ingredients are labeled on each bottle and are pronounceable.
  • Select products come in fragrance-free options.
  • Reusable and recyclable glass packaging.
  • High-quality ingredients that absorb quickly and effectively.
  • Products are sulfate free and paraben free. Surfectants used in products is Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA), which derived from coconut and palm oils instead. It should not be confused with SLS. Read about the differences here.
  • Free shipping worldwide!


  • When I received my peeling mask, I was disappointed to find out only half of the jar was full (see image below).
  • Certain products can be expensive (upwards of $66 USD) when the brand claims affordability as one of its values.
  • Majority of their products are vegan. Some products (i.e. lip balms) use beeswax.
  • Certain products contains palm oils, which can be a deterrent to some people due to the detrimental affects of deforestation.
ECooking Skincare Peeling Mask Container

Peeling Mask

Should I Buy Ecooking?

Yes! We love the organic and natural products that are unisex and made in small batches.

The products are moisturizing and are not artificially scented, which is a huge bonus in our household. My partner and I are both sensitive to smells so these products work great!

The price point is a bit high, but considering the high caliber ingredients used, it is worth investing in.

We hope our ECooking review helped you determine your next purchase!

Where to Buy ECooking

You can buy ECooking directly from their webstore. Sign-up for their newsletter to receive promotions and updates.

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