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Dollar Flight Club Review – Is It Worth It?

Dollar Flight Club Review – Is It Worth It?
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Dollar Flight Club Subscription

$Free and up to $99 Annually



Ease of Use





  • Tiered Membership Program
  • Book Flights Easily
  • 60-90% Discounts on Flights


  • Useless Free Membership

Updated: 1/31/2022 | Dollar Flight Club Review

Dollar Flight Club LogoDisclaimer: I received a lifetime premium membership to the Dollar Flight Club to conduct this review. All thoughts, opinions are 100% my own and always honest.

There is no doubt cheap flight deals are a great way to travel the world on a budget! Travel does not have to be expensive, especially with all the travel deals that can be found nowadays.

Today we will review the Dollar Flight Club. Read on to see if the program is worth subscribing to.

About Dollar Flight Club (DFC)

Dollar Flight Club, often abbreviated as DFC, is a subscription travel service that alerts 1,000,000+ members about the worlds cheapest flight deals from their preferred airports. DFC’s goal is to people across the globe see more of the world while on a budget. Members can save up to $500 on average per ticket booked.

Jesse Neugarten started the company to help people save 60-90% off their next flight. Members simply pick their departure airport, watch for email or app alerts, and then book their dream vacation. DFC does all the hard work so that you can spend less and travel more!

Dollar Flight Club (DFC) Review

DFC offers three memberships:

Here is a quick breakdown of all the different tiers and their benefits.

E-Mails 3 Weekly Emails Receive daily e-mail alerts. Receive daily e-mail alerts.
Departure Airports 1 airport 4 airports 4 airports
Mistake Fare Deals Not Included Included Included
Business and First Class Deals Not Included Not Included Included
Domestic and International Deals Only international deals Included Included
Partner Perks Not Included Included Included (more partners than premium)
Ads Included Ad-Free Ad-Free
Mobile Passport Plus Discount Not Included Not Included Receive 20% off
Group Pricing Not Applicable Available to First Responders and Students and Teachers Available to First Responders and Students and Teachers
Free Trial Not Applicable 14-Day Trial N/A
Cost $0 $69 annual fee $99
example flight deals from dollar flight club premium membership

Example flight deals in the Dollar Flight Club portal

Dollar Flight Club Pros

  • Free to sign-up. Premium and Premium Plus+ tiers will cost an annual fee.
  • Awesome e-mail deals sent to premium members with pre-populated booking options on both Google Flights and Skyscanner. You’ll get 2-3 daily e-mails with domestic and international flight deals. Here is an examples of one of their deals.

Dollar Flight Deal Premium E-mail Sample Flight Deal to Hawaii

  • Free gift for premium members when you book their flight deals. Simply send in a screenshot to receive your gift.
  • Employers can apply for a free year of premium membership for their employees as part of DFC’s employee benefits program. If you’re an employer, sign-up here to give your employees free access to DFC’s premium e-mails and more.
  • Premium members receive partner perks. DFC works with a network of partners in the travel space to get you member-only discounts of up to 50% off on products, services, and experiences for your next adventure.
  • Memberships can be auto-renewed.

Dollar Flight Club Cons

  • DFC limits your profile to 1-5 airport hubs. I wish they offered unlimited hub options for premium and Premium Plus+members.
  • Cannot search for flight deals. Their online portal cannot be search. You can use control + F but that only helps you so much unless you expand all their flight deal offerings.
  • Free membership is very limited. The best deals typically start with premium memberships. I find the free membership very limited and not a good representation of all that the DFC membership offers.
  • No free membership details page. They do have details for the premium and premium plus+ memberships.
  • Requires credit card information to trial the premium membership for 14 days.
  • Flight deals are sent in separate e-mails by the cities you select (examples below). This creates a lot of emails in your inbox. We prefer if the emails were condensed by destination, but that does not work with DFC’s current model. An example of a company that sends a condensed list with multiple departing cities is Scott’s Cheap Flights.
dollar flight club example subject lines from newsletters

DFC Flight Deals

Which DFC Membership is Right For Me?

Here is a quick recap of each DFC membership plan that will help determine which membership is right for you.

Free Membership: Free members choose one departure airport to receive deals from and only receive a fraction of the deals that premium members do. Luckily, the majority of free member deals are international flights.

Premium Membership: Premium members can choose to receive deals departing from up to 4 departure airports. When a deal is found for one of your departure airports, you’ll receive an e-mail alert for the deal. It’s best to book the deal within 48 hours. Deals typically expire after 3 days. Deal destinations will be random because they are cheapest available deals. Premium members receive both international and domestic flight deals.

Premium Plus+ Membership: Premium Plus+ members will receive all of the benefits included in the premium membership plan. Premium Plus+ members will also receive Premium Plus+ business and first class deals, Premium Plus+ Partner Perks, and a 20% discount to Mobile Passport plus. 

We highly recommend starting with a free 14-day trial of the Premium membership and then upgrading to a Premium Plus+ membership once you start seeing the value of DFC and how much money you will save.

What If I Need to Cancel My DFC Membership?

If you need to cancel your Dollar Flight Club account, you can do so online in your account without speaking to an agent. Head over to “Settings”, “Billing and Pricing” and then “Cancel/Update Plan.” You can 

The membership is charged annually with notices going out 7 days before the automatic renewal. If you cancel within 24 hours of the renewal you get a full refund, otherwise, they’ll give you a prorated amount. 

If any issues arise, you can easily get in touch with customer service and they can support you in canceling your membership.

How to Sign-Up for the Dollar Flight Club

The process to sign-up with Dollar Flight Club is super simple. Just click on the link below, enter your email and, voila, you’re subscribed to their free services!

The premium subscription is only $99 a year and you’ll get around 3-5 emails daily with flight deals that will keep you traveling regularly! We totally think their premium membership is worth it and for only $69, you’ll save HUNDREDS of dollars while seeing the world!

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Friday 19th of January 2024

Just curious, what is the free gift for premium members that book their flight and send a screenshot?

Kapra Fleming

Thursday 17th of August 2023

No where does DFC or your review clarify whether you can book for more than one passenger at the special offers they send you. Is it per person, or can you book for 2 or 3 people?

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