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Tips for Cleaning Your House Before Leaving on a Long Trip

Tips for Cleaning Your House Before Leaving on a Long Trip
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When you’re getting ready to leave for an extended period, it’s important to give your home a quick general clean-up. Helping prevent dust and dirt from accumulating while you’re gone, making cleaning more manageable when you return. 

Additionally, it will help to keep your home looking its best in case you have unexpected visitors. Taking a few minutes to tidy up before you go can save you time and effort later.

Reasons to Tidy Up Your Space

There are plenty of reasons to tidy up your home before you leave for vacation. For one thing, it can help to deter burglars. 

A messy home is a telltale sign that no one is home and can be an open invitation for thieves. In addition, coming home to a clean house can help you relax and enjoy your time off. 

Is there anything worse than spending your first day back from vacation cleaning up. Finally, taking the time to tidy up before you go can help you come back to a comfortable and organized home.

A clean slate can be just what you need to jump-start your productivity and creativity. So next time you’re getting ready to head out of town, don’t forget to take a few minutes to tidy up first. Your future self will thank you for it.

How to Clean Your Home Before Leaving on Vacation

Sweep The Floor (or Run a Quick Vacuum)

It would be best if you considered running a quick vacuum or sweeping the floor before you leave for vacation for a few reasons why:

  • Helping you keep your home looking clean and inviting while away.
  • It will help to remove any potential hazards that could cause an accident.
  • It will help prevent unwanted pests in your home.

By taking a few minutes to tidy up before you leave, you can rest assured that your home will be safe and clean when you return.

Unplug All Appliances

Worst case scenario: come home from a relaxing vacation to find that their home has suffered a power outage – or worse, a fire. One of the best ways to prevent this is to unplug all appliances before you leave for vacation. 

Even if your home is equipped with circuit breakers, an appliance turned on can overload the circuit and cause damage. If you’re worried about forgetting to unplug something, consider plugging all your appliances into a single power strip. 

Then, flip the switch on the power strip before you leave. It will ensure that everything is turned off and make it easy to turn everything back on when you return. Taking a few simple precautions can protect your home – and your peace of mind – while you’re away.

Automate Your Heating System

Who wants to come home from a relaxing vacation to a cold house? No one. And no one wants to waste money heating an empty home. 

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to take care of both problems. If applicable, set your heating or AC system to “away” mode before you leave. Away mode is a special setting that lowers the temperature of your home while you’re gone, which also helps save energy and money. 

And, because it keeps the temperature low, it also helps prevent frozen pipes and other problems that can occur when a boiler is turned off for an extended period. 

So, if you’re planning a trip, set your boiler to away mode before you go. It’s the best way to save money and keep your home safe.

Take Care of Plants and Pets

When you’re getting ready to leave for vacation, your plants and pets are the last things you want to worry about. But unless you take care of them before you go, they may not be there when you return. 

Three reasons why it’s important to take care of your plants and pets before you leave for vacation:

  1. They’ll be more likely to survive if they’re well-cared for. If you give your plants a good watering and ensure they have enough light, they’re more likely to survive while you’re gone. The same goes for pets – if you leave them enough food and water and ensure their environment is clean and comfortable, they’re more likely to stay healthy while you’re away.
  2. They’ll be less stressed if they’re well-cared for. Plants and pets can sense when something’s not right, and if they’re left alone in an unhealthy or uncomfortable environment, they can become stressed. It can lead to health problems down the road. So, taking care of them before you go will help reduce their stress levels.
  3. You’ll come home to happy plants and pets. Nothing feels better than coming home from vacation to find that your plants and pets are healthy and happy. So do yourself (and them) a favor, and take care of them before you go!

Keeping Your Garage Door Clean

As much as we all love a good vacation, the preparations before we leave can be daunting. Packing our bags and making travel arrangements, we also have to think about the safety of our homes. 

One often-forgotten task is cleaning the garage door. A clean garage door is not only aesthetically pleasing but also helps prevent criminals from targeting your home. 

A dirty garage door suggests that the homeowners are away and that the house is easy to break into. By taking a few minutes to clean the garage door before you leave, you can help to deter would-be burglars and give yourself peace of mind while you’re on vacation.

And who knows, by cleaning your garage door, you might find out that you’ll need to recheck your garage door installation

Final Things to Check Before Leaving

  • Clean your house before you leave on a long trip to avoid coming home to a mess. 
  • Start with the bedrooms and work your way out of the house. 
  • Pack up any dirty laundry and take it with you. 
  • Clean the kitchen and bathroom counters, as well as the floors. 
  • Make sure all appliances are turned off and unplugged. 
  • Turn off all lights in the house except one in each room you will use when you return home.   
  • Lock all doors and windows when you leave.

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