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Caroline Constas Review

Caroline Constas Review
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Updated: 6/20/2023 | Caroline Constas Review

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Museo Quinta Bolivar in Bogota Colombia Caroline Constas Dress Bzees lack of color hat

About Caroline Constas

Since 2015, Caroline Constas has been drawing from her Greek American background to create fashion that is effortless and travel-ready for the modern woman. Many of her pieces are lightweight, figure-flattering, and fun.

Caroline Constas Review

I purchased a Caroline Constas Bardot polka dot midi dress and it was PERFECT for my trip to Colombia. I absolutely loved the brown color with white polka dots evenly placed throughout the fabric. 

Colorful doors and walls of Getsamani neighborhood in Cartagena Colombia

Caroline Constas Pros

  • Fits True to Size (TTS) – We recommend going with your true size in Caroline Constas. I wear a size 6 US women’s size and wear a small in Caroline Constas. If you’re in between sizes, we recommend sizing up.
  • Lightweight Fabric – Their fabrics are super lightweight and easily packable. 
  • Durable Fabric – We found our fabric to be very durable. We did not have to worry about it snagging or easily tearing.
  • Easy to Care For – We simply machine washed and hung our pieces.

Caroline Constas Cons

  • Expensive – Pieces will cost anywhere between $150-$595. It’s out of budget for many, but if you find a good deal, I highly recommend going for it!
Cerro Monserrate Hill in Bogota Colombia Caroline Constas Dress Lack of Color Hat Bzees wedge sandals

Monserrate Hill in Colombia

Where to Buy Caroline Constas

Shop for Caroline Constas directly on their website

You can also shop for Caroline Constas from the following reputable retailers:

Colorful Umbrella Street in Getsemani Cartagena Colombia

Colorful Umbrella Street in Getsemani

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