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Best Snowboarding Gear for Women + Girls

Best Snowboarding Gear for Women + Girls
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I’ve been snowboarding for over a decade and people are always asking me about snowboard attire. They want to know what to wear and which brands to buy. Here is a list of my FAVORITE snowboarding products and brands.


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What to Wear While Snowboarding

Here is our list of the BEST Snowboarding Gear for women and girls. As a woman, you want apparel that will perform well so that you can kick ass on the slopes and now have to worry about adjusting.

Use this as a checklist when assembling your snowboarding gear + attire.

  • Snowboarding Jacket – I love PWDR Room (a hard to find brand nowadays), Nikita, and Special Blend jackets. These brands are super warm and stylish. If you want something more practical and comes with a limited or lifetime guarantee, we recommend North Face, REI and Patagonia.
  • Snowboarding Pants or Bib – I have snowboarding pants by Special Blend and a bib (they look like overalls) by North Face and Obermeyer Felicity Bib. The bib is my favorite because it doesn’t slide down easily and prevents snow from getting into your pants.
  • Long Sleeve Shirt – You want something that is form-fitting and can easily tuck into your snowboard pants.
    • Lululemon Swiftly Long Sleeve Shirt ($78) – The Silverescent technology will prevent stink. It’s also lightweight and great for boarding when it’s sunny or warm out.
    • Rest Less Pullover ($88) – The Rest Less Pullover is thicker and much warmer. Choose this option if you tend to run cold.
  • High Waist Leggings
    • I am obsessed with WERKSHOP Athleisure leggings. They’re lightweight, have 4-way stretch and won’t slide down. You do not want leggings that tend to slide down or else you’ll have a bad time.
    • We also love Zella high waist leggings. These will STAY PUT no matter what.
  • Snowboarding Gloves OR Snowboarding Mittens
  • Giro Helmet – Giro makes the best helmets for snowboarding and biking.
  • Snow Goggles


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  • ALO Yoga City Scarf Mask ($24) – This mask is AWESOME. It doubles as a scarf bandana and has two loops so that you can wear it over your face as a mask. Alternatively, you can look up the term “balaclava” to find mask coverings that will keep your face shielded and warm from cold weather.
  • Small backpack for essentials. We love our Nathan backpack which is large enough to hold all our essentials for the day. It also has a space for a water bladder and is super lightweight so won’t weigh you down.
  • Beanie or Headband or Mad Bomber Hat to keep your noggin warm.


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Snowboarding Outfit and Gear Nikita Schimiggy

Wearing my Special Blend Jacket and North Face Bib Pants

Other Gear

  • Snowboard
  • Bindings
  • Snowboard Boots
  • Snowboard Bag
What to Wear While Snowboarding Nikita Schimiggy

Special Blend Jackets!

Best Places to Buy Snowboard Gear

Below is a video my friend and I made of us snowboarding Crystal Mountain with his GoPro Hero camera.

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