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Best Places to Buy iPhone Cases and Accessories

Best Places to Buy iPhone Cases and Accessories
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Updated: 3/2/2024 | Best Places to Buy iPhone Cases and Accessories

Looking for dependable and attractive iPhone cases? Here are some of our top picks and why we think you should try these iPhone accessory brands.

Best Places to Buy iPhone Cases and Accessories

#1 Ecoblvd

Ecoblvd Sustainable Phone Cases

Ecoblvd makes super cute and sustainable phone cases and accessories.

Their products are made from plant-based materials and there are plenty of colors and prints to choose from.

#2 Case Mate

case mate iphone cover

Case Mate has been a long time player in the game of phone cases and accessories. Their case designs are unique and there is a huge variety to choose from.

#3 PopSockets

Popsockets mushroom phone case and smiley face grip schimiggy

Popsockets are my favorite!

I am obsessed with PopSockets!

Their phone cases are designed around the iPhone’s Magsafe feature. They have Magsafe compatible cases and accessories, which make connecting your mobile phone seamless wherever you go.

They also have many designs to choose from as well as an AI art feature for customized designs.

Their styles do run out quickly, so if you see something, get it ASAP before it’s gone. 

#4 Clckr

clckr phone stand and caseWe love Clckr because their cases are so beautifully made and come with a built-in stand and grip feature. You can also buy their stand and grip tool separately and add it to any case or directly onto your mobile phone. 

And if you have a car, we highly recommend their car mount accessory. Its design is very low profile and phones stay put. 

Clckr also makes cases for Samsung Galaxy phones.

#5 Sonix

Sonix Polo Lounge Magsafe iphone case

Sonix Polo Lounge iPhone Case

Sonix makes beautifully designed cases with Magsafe features.

Shop Sonix at their store or on REVOLVE.

#6 Castify


#7 i-Blason


#8 Velvet Caviar

velvet caviar nebula hologram phone case

Nebula Case

Velvet Caviar makes super fun and cute iPhone cases with matching accessories. Their motto is pretty yet protective. 

#9 Patina

patina leather iphone cases

Patina sells leather shoes and accessories. They are the sister brand of Portland Leather Goods. 

They sell lightweight and and gorgeous leather cellphone cases. 

Use this link to save 30% off your first order at Patina.

#10 Flaunt

Flaunt square iphone cases

Flaunt makes square-shaped cases for iPhones and Galaxy phones. They’re a favorite brand for many influnecers.

Use this link to save $10 off our first order at Flaunt.

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