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Best Casino Destinations in the World

Best Casino Destinations in the World
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When you tour a new gambling hub, you experience and learn new cultures, connect with new people, and even add new skill sets and memories to your life. Millions of players and enthusiasts from all over the world visit these casino destinations every year because of the extensive gaming options, the five-star entertainment services, opulent accommodations, and the groundbreaking attractions these destinations offer.

It is no secret that many casino players want to enjoy the experience of visiting these hubs at some point in their lifetime. Since touring these destinations could cost a fortune, we have come up with a list of the best global casino destinations you should visit.


Gambling has always been popular in the United Kingdom, which is why it is not surprising that London is home to some of the world’s most luxurious casinos. Whether you prefer the opulence of physical gambling houses with state-of-the-art facilities or the convenience of online gaming, such as at, where you can explore various slots in demo mode. On this website, you can enjoy the thrill of free playing slots and access a comprehensive list of top casinos and the enticing bonuses they offer.

Many of London’s casinos have a certain regal allure that will appeal to every gambler. However, you should know that some of London’s top-notch casinos are reserved for high rollers, and they have expensive membership fees. The good news is that some casinos welcome all types of players.

At London’s top casinos, guests get complimentary champagne and plush decors. Apart from gambling, there are several things for tourists to do in London. For instance, you can tour London’s most famous landmarks and historic sites. The city is regarded as one of the world’s most historically and culturally significant sites, so there are always excellent attractions.


Macau, China, is fast becoming the biggest and one of the most well-known gaming destinations in all of Asia. Macau is sometimes called the “Las Vegas of the East.” This is China’s sole special administrative region that allows gambling. In recent years, Macau has emerged as a serious contender for the title of the world’s preeminent gambling Mecca. The city’s casino sector is crucial to its economy. According to statistics, the gambling business in Macau is responsible for almost 40% of its GDP and directly employs about 60,000 people.

As a bonus, this area is home to the biggest casino resort in the world, The Venetian Macao. Sands China, the group that owns and manages The Venetian Macao, took architectural cues for the resort from its namesake, Las Vegas, United States. Visitors to Macau can do more than just gambling in the city’s many casinos; they can also see shows in the City of Dreams, see the gigantic panda pavilion, and explore Macau’s historic centre, which goes back to the colonial Portuguese era, a UNESCO historical site.

Monte Carlo

On arrival at its shore, Monte Carlo immediately conjures images of opulence. Visitors wishing to gamble like VIPs or watch vintage films will find their match in this historic city. Monte Carlo’s appeal extends beyond those with a penchant for gambling to those with an appreciation for the finer things in life. You may have seen Monte Carlo’s splendour on television and been impressed, but nothing can really prepare you for the sights, sounds, and experiences of the casinos here.

Do not leave Monte Carlo without seeing the stunning Casino de Monte Carlo, the city’s biggest and most spectacular casino. Monaco has been called “Vegas of Europe” because of its reputation for high-end casinos, particularly the famous Monte Carlo. Several James Bond movies and a slew of other movies and TV series have filmed here.


This is a city where adventurers go to get away from it all. Monaco boasts glamorous casinos, gorgeous beaches, and a world-class Formula 1 motor racing track. By visiting this city, you could find yourself playing alongside some real high rollers and celebrities.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City has been referred to as the poorer sibling of Las Vegas due to its former links with organized crime. However, it still offers an amazing experience for gambling tourists. Casinos in Atlantic City are as large as their counterparts in Las Vegas and Macau.

According to some studies, Atlantic City is the second most popular gambling destination in the United States after Las Vegas. In 2015, it was voted the finest place to gamble globally, beating both Las Vegas and Monte Carlo to the coveted prize.

Being located in New Jersey, a state where both physical and internet gambling are permitted, has been a boon to Atlantic City’s economy. There is nighttime entertainment, a wide variety of casinos, and excellent dining alternatives for those who need a vacation from gambling. Tourists have also claimed that the city is less expensive to visit and gamble compared to Las Vegas.

Are you planning a trip to Atlantic City soon? Here are some notable casinos you may want to visit:

  • The Borgata
  • Hard Rock Casino and Hotel
  • Oceans Casino Resort

Seven Best Casinos in the World

The essence of casino tourism is to enjoy a good time at a land-based casino while also engaging in other complementary activities such as fine dining, luxurious hotels and accommodations, music, and a tour of the historical sites that those destinations have on offer. In essence, identifying the best land-based casinos is at the centre of gambling tourism.

The table below highlights the seven best casinos in the world and their locations. Before arriving at these casinos, factors such as the number and variety of games offered, the aesthetics of the building’s interior and exterior, as well as the overall reputation of each casino were all taken into account. Much thought was also given to the building’s location, the available facilities, and the entertainment varieties.

Casinos Location Opened
Bellagio Las Vegas 1998
Venetian Macau Hong Kong 2007
Casino de Monte-Carlo Monaco 1863
Baden-Baden Germany 1824
Foxwoods Resort Casino Connecticut 1986
Sun City South Africa 1979
Caesars Palace Las Vegas 1966

Final Thoughts

Gambling tourism is now a vast industry; for interested players, there’s something special for everyone in this article. Whether you wish to visit the United States or prefer to tour Europe, Asia, or Africa, this guide has a destination for you.

If you haven’t been on vacation to any of these casino Meccas yet, and you’d like to visit, you should know that you won’t spend the whole time gambling there. Prepare for world-class entertainment, gourmet dining, and soothing spas at these locations.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.