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Benefits of CBD To Treat Anxiety and Destress Your Pets

Benefits of CBD To Treat Anxiety and Destress Your Pets
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Humans and pets share a great bond. A 2018 study shows that there are numerous benefits of keeping a pet. A pet can improve mental and heart health by reducing stress and boosting mood. But like humans, these calming pets are also vulnerable to various mental health issues. Stress and anxiety are prevalent among them.

Causes for Anxiety and Stress in Pets

Any behavioral change exhibited by the pets can be the reason for underlying anxiety and stress. There may be situational anxiety, which may include a change of place, or loud sounds like thunderstorms, fireworks, automobile horn, or even music. Sometimes a distant trip can also trigger anxiety issues in the pets.

There is separation anxiety, which is induced by separation from the owner or death of a family member, which can increase the stress level in pets. Also, illness-induced anxiety, where pets suffering from various health problems like cancer, diabetes, hypothyroidism, or any other medical conditions, can face stress due to related inflammation and pain. 

Symptoms of Anxiety in Pets

Anxiety in pets can show a host of symptoms including the constant howling or whimpering, panting, pacing, hiding, uncontrolled urination, diarrhea or constipation, decrease in appetite, and sometimes trembling. Aggressive behaviors towards people around and destructive behavior at home are also major signs of anxious pets.

CBD and Anxiety

CBD oil is becoming a fast-growing holistic approach of treatment for numerous medical problems related to the physical and mental health of pets. It is non- psychoactive, and it doesn’t have a strong effect on the brain. Another compound found in hemp plants is THC, which is associated with the euphoric feeling of Marijuana. But the controlled dosage of THC, say less than 0.3% can provide relief in many medical conditions. 

The main reason for CBD oils treating anxiety in pets lies in the fact that CBD affects the endocannabinoid system of the body, just like humans. The internal Endocannabinoid system responds to the external cannabinoids like CBD, and impacts the endocannabinoid receptors present inside the body. These actions thus control several physiological processes and help in the smooth functioning of the body. CBD oil thus alleviates pain, inflammation, blood pressure, and can show potential benefits for various nerve-related disorders, heart-health, and other grave medical conditions.

While administering CBD oil for pets to reduce anxiety, the perfect dosage and proper timings are the key factors to keep in mind. For situational anxiety, it is advisable to provide the dose at least 30 minutes before the circumstances that trigger the mood swings so that CBD can react with the Endocannabinoid system.

As pets rely on their owners to manage their health, remember to read the label of the product carefully, and administer the recommended dose. In confusion, it is better to play safe by starting low and find the correct dose eventually. CBD is worth it for dogs and other pets.

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3 Amazing Benefits of CBD Oil in Anxiety

  • CBD oil can help calm the nerves. Per a recent study that involves the Veterinary Information Network(VIN) of the US, CBD has been found to possess therapeutic effectiveness to treat anxiety and stress-related disorders in pets and can calm their nerves and help them to relax. CBD stimulates the Endocannabinoid system and impacts the cannabinoid receptor to regulate the body’s functioning of pets. This process works through the nervous system providing relief to the affected body part and directing the brain to release happy hormones to soothe and calm anxiety.  
  • CBD oil can promote better sleep. An adult dog can sleep up to 14 hours. But, stress and anxiety often lead to restlessness and sleep deprivation. CBD oil can relieve the symptoms associated with anxiety and stress like an increase in heartbeat and positively affects the sleep cycle. Thus, your pet gets ample rest, which ultimately heals his ailing mind and body. 
  • CBD oil alleviates mood disorder– Like humans, pets are also susceptible to stress and anxiety related to illness. Chronic pain, inflammation, nausea, and other conditions can instigate mental tension and can even lead to depression. The non-inflammatory nature of CBD oil is effective in reducing pain, swelling, soreness, and other related problems. CBD promotes good hormones that improve the mood of the pets, appease their mind, and helps alleviate the symptoms of depression. Alternatively, you can give your dogs their favorite dog food to alleviate mood disorder.

While treating mental health-related issues in pets, CBD can be useful as the all-natural treatment by plant-based compounds. Although more studies are going on to understand the effect of CBD on anxiety in pets, anecdotal references by pet users claim more success using CBD oils on various symptoms of illness.

The next time when you see the slightest change in behavior of your pet, take him to a vet for a thorough check-up. Besides this, you should feel good about giving your dog CBDfx gummies and I am sure your furry friend would cherish this gift.

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